Games that you find more fun when your cheating.


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Jun 24, 2013
I can't help to cheat regularly in strategy games (in any other game only if I struggle or want to get some shiny armour or sword the easy way lol). I know I won't have much fun in strategy game if I cheat, it will start to bore me rather soon, but I never resist when some things go bad and need to stop invasion or whatever (and when reloading stops being fun anymore, too). So yes, I cheat in Total War or Europa Universalis but then, have no patience to finish the game if it's cheated (because then, everything's too easy). Am I girl bimbo or what? :)

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Mar 16, 2011
dudagato said:
I very rarely cheat in game, but recently i got my hands on Animal Crossing: New Leaf

And i just find myself constantly abusing time travel, meaning changing the game's date and time, because the game's time is the real world time, and having to wait a whole day in real time just so the stores get new wares, or diging up new fossils can be very frustating, mainly because the game revolves around collecting stuff, not to mention that you have to wait a few days just so some stores will open, most animal crossing fans say that they don't use this method, but to me it just makes the game more fun.
I have no problem with people tting but it annoys me when people come to your town and say things like:

'Omg don't you have this yet?'

and they only have it because they cheated....


I have played the game constantly with no time travel and I always find plenty to do. I have no idea why someone would do it.

I never have a problem with video game cheaters as long as they don't act like it makes them awesome for having an items or finishing it through cheating.