Games that you will never play. Ever.

Poppy JR.

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Jun 25, 2013
lawrencein said:
Tuesday Night Fever said:
6. Music Games
I love music, don't get me wrong here. But why do I want to spend hours upon hours of my life mastering a fiddly little plastic guitar for the dubious honor of being able to pretend I can play a classic rock song when I could just spend hours of my life mastering a real guitar and play the song for real?
You could try Rocksmith or Bandfuse, both of which use real guitars and are a strange hybrid of game and teaching tool.
Or you could try Patapon (PSP), which is a game about using a drum rhythm game about leading a tribe of eyeball men into battle with other tribes.


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May 26, 2011
Poppy JR. said:
shrekfan246 said:
All cartoony games which feature less culturally-influenced aesthetic designs. A Link to the Past's pink hair is probably the most "anime" thing out of any of those games.
The pink hair wasn't a design choice though. It was a technical limitation in the color palette of Link's sprite. They needed the pink for the bunny sprite when you go to the dark world without the pearl.
I realize that.

I fail to see how it changes what Link's sprite comes across as looking like to the average player, however.

I doubt most kids under ten were going to say "I bet they did that because of the SNES' technical limitations".


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Apr 15, 2009
In general I mostly refuse to play any sort of online multiplayer unless I'm playing it with friends. If I'm playing with friends, even a losing game of Titanfall, League, Smite, DayZ (hell, when aren't you losing in DayZ), etc really isn't that bad. All of the harsh community stuff kinda also falls by the wayside when your entire team is in voice chat with you and you know most of them personally.

I will say one thing though...even with friends, I will generally refuse to play shooters with a high TTK. Even Titanfall is over the limit of what I find enjoyable in terms of TTK. It's only exacerbated by the whole jetpack thing...which, while I understand that it's an integral part of the game, I really don't like. So, basically high-mobility, high-TTK shooters I'll generally try to avoid.

Last but not least, I generally try to avoid cell phone point and click gimmicky little things. I was begrudgingly drawn into Clash of Clans at the behest of many of my friends, but overall I can't really see the appeal in things such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush or...well, Clash of Clans.

Fighting games I'll play in a group setting, but I don't seek them out in any way to try and master them or anything. As for JRPGs, I don't mind the aesthetic at all (hell, I watch anime all the time...or at least try to) but I just don't have the damn time to invest in a gigantic game like that usually.


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Feb 9, 2010
AnthrSolidSnake said:
Halo. Seems way too generic for how much people boast about its setting. Technically I played the first one for an hour or so, the second one I watched a friend play and played a little bit of multiplayer with him, and the third I again just watched. I know watching and playing are different things, but after playing the first and second one a bit, I just couldn't see what the big deal was. Even the multiplayer felt...meh, and that's what pretty much everyone talked about.
I won't argue that Halo is the best, most fun game ever - it isn't, but as far as generic goes, them's fightin words :p

I'm also not usually one to tell people to explore the expanded universe. It is seldom I find a scie-fi game that is adapted so well into artwork and literature and just other stuff beyond the game. Have you read the ME books? Awful. But the Expanded Universe for Halo is... precious to me.

I can totally get how you would find the multiplayer meh though. Shooters are like that for me too, but I'll be the first to defend CoD and Halo's stories.


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Sep 27, 2010
Raku-Gosha said:
Once you open your eyes to the meta- innocence is lost man. You can never go back.
All you'll see is counter champs, fotm, cpm, tried and true builds ad nauseam. it's no longer a game but a job, you need to maintain to feed your inner elitist.
Nah, just do what I do and play stuff like a botlane with no ADC or support and watch your opponents cry themselves into a pile of dust because they have no clue how to play against anything that isn't meta.

Actually ran a very fun and effective game with 2 mates the other day, we had Jax/Sona top and I was Brand solo bot. We won in like 15 minutes with a team score of roughly 25/5/30 because they simply couldn't adapt, they stuck to their precious meta too much.

Of course this only really works at higher ELOs, you'll actually have a harder time using this against Bronze/Silver players because they don't have countless hours spent sticking themselves into the exact same routine.


More on topic: I'd like to say I'll try anything, but there's an increasing amount of exceptions these days, I refuse to touch the mobile Dungeon Keeper just out of principal.

Something I've recently decided against is unfinished products.

Buying Minecraft in Alpha was probably one of the best purchases I've made, pretty much a stars-aligned story of how selling development versions should go. Unfortunately I think this has also been one of the largest factors in Early Release becoming standard practice...
And I don't think anything else I've bought early has even been finished... Starbound is doing well so that'll almost definitely become the exception to what I just said, Forge Quest still has potential too.

Lords of Uberdark (Lately people now know what this is because of Jims coverage of Earth 2066, LoU is made by the same developer) was something I helped kickstart, it was abandoned in early alpha in a state with no actual gameplay in it and basic functions missing.

Cube world technically not abandoned but might as well be, there's been one patch since the game became open-for-all a year ago and it was just a small batch of bugfixes.

Starforge development seems to have been halted.

And then ofcourse there's the big public messes like WarZ.

So yeah, in short I spose I'll never play something that's too early in early access again.


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Jan 27, 2014
SourMilk said:
Meriatressia said:

That's some pretty long list for someone who seems to like DXHR. That game had some pretty *safe* content and not even to mention being repetitive as hell.
Really? I've never heard that complaint before. The game is pretty much the opposite of repetitive.

OT: Any horror game. Not for me.