Games you just...stopped playing


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Jan 18, 2013
The Walking Dead. I made it to the dairy farm just after Christmas but then got distracted by the Half-Life series which I picked up cheap on Steam, then X-Com, then Spec-Ops: The Line.

That brings us to right now, where I'm back into ME3 multiplayer with the new dlc.

Lots of people mentioning Dead Space. My first playthrough of that game sat for almost two years before I picked it up again, restarted and finished it. That 'shoot the asteroid' minigame made me want to castrate someone.


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Mar 14, 2010
DrunkOnEstus said:
GodzillaGuy92 said:
Having only played BioShock for the first time less than two months ago (which I enjoyed immensely), my advice is to disable the Vita-Chambers in the options menu (and perhaps start a new game on a lower difficulty level, if you're running out of ammo).
Nouw said:
Spamming grenades works well against them. If you tend to use grenades at any other time, don't. There's also an option to turn vita-chambers off.
Thanks for the heads-up guys, I'll give these a shot the next time I give it a try (gotta finish Dead Space 2 first). I have a feeling that disabling the Vita-chambers could do wonders for the atmosphere of the game.

I'll also drop Oblivion and Skyrim here. Can't get invested in the world, all the NPCs stare through the uncanny valley into my soul, and I have no motivation to continue with either of those games. Daggerfall was fucking epic back in the day (but probably not so much these days, though it is HUUUGE), and Morrowind was decent, I beat it. Change of director, targeted audience...I dunno.
Okay, I just have to add to this, being a Bioshock veteran. I beat the hardest difficulty with no vita chambers, I became permanently used to not using them. As for big daddies, I can kill them without wasting any bullets at all. How? With security bots. Either leave a security camera unhacked,cause an alert, and then use security bullseye to make them attack the big daddies. Or, you can lure a big daddy to a hacked security camera and let it spot him so that bots attack him. Its really easy, effective, and entertaining. They go down very easy to security bots when you get research done on them. Trust me, this works, I've done this many times and its how I beat survivor difficulty.

OT: For me it was RDR, I enjoyed the wild west action and the story was interesting but I just couldnt bring myself to keep playing. I started playing it in 2011, I just beat it a couple of weeks ago.


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Dec 24, 2012
-Dark Souls. The false difficulty and the awful combat irritated me to no end.
-Far Cry 3. Was on my third playthrough and I had a crapload of mods to boot. I don't know why I stopped, just got over it I guess.
-Skyrim. Liked it so much that I bought it on PC and 360. I still have around 100 unfinished quests in my log.
-AssCreed 3. Game just bored me to no end. Not even the naval missions excited me. At least I finished the story.
-Final Fantasy 7. I got to the part after Midgar gets blown up and just didn't feel like playing it anymore. Not anything that the game did (apart from the awful controls on PC).
-Kingdoms of Amalur (PC). Started playing it then I got Just Cause 2... with mods. Then along came Dishonored and I stopped playing JC2. Then I abandoned my "kill everything" run to play Katawa Shoujo.

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Nov 18, 2009
Oh boy, this is going to be quite a list...

Amnesia: the Dark Descent- Too fucking scary! I got to the dungeons and couldn't go any further
Dead Space 1- Just lost interest
Dishonored- (for a long time anyway) I was loving it, then I got to the flooded district level, then I went on a trip and when I got back I started playing AC3, then Dishonored just didnt seem that fun any more ( especially that fucking flooded district). I have since gone back and finished the game
Mass Effect- Other more interesting games came out and I lost interest.
Risen- Was having fun with this game, then Dishonored came out, lost interest (I'm like a magpie, Ooooo Shiny new game! MUST PLAY)
Miasmata- the story dead-ended me somewhere and I didn't feel like having to figure out on my own what I had to do next.
From Dust- Accidentally deleted my save file and couldn't be bothered to repeat everything :(

I guess that's enough for now :p


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Oct 1, 2012
I can't help but notice people saying "Bethesda" games. There really isn't any other way to stop it in my opinion cause the story line isn't the point to their games in my opinion. But I would've said Far Cry 3 roughly seven hours ago, though the "The Games We Played" LRRCast got me back into it. Um, I just kinda stopped playing Metro 2033 after a bug prevented me from picking up items, using my gun, flashlight, or any interaction beyond walking.


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Mar 16, 2011
Assassins Creed 3...

There wasn't any real reason to stop playing it... I just... Stopped...


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Apr 10, 2009
Metal Gear Rising. And I've stopped on the final boss. See, none of the bosses were fun to me. Monsoon for example was as fun as low pay job where you get harassed. And final boss was just a spit in the face.
I think that's the only game I've even stopped playing completely since 1998.


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Aug 23, 2009
Farcry 3. I'm not even sure why. I really enjoyed it when I did bring myself to play it. I just couldn't bring myself to play it. As arse backwards as it sounds, it's possible that I just prefer a bit more linearity to my First Person Shooters

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Dec 30, 2010
Hmmm...the list is virtually endless for me. Time tends to be an issue and I tend to vary between running through perfectly and losing patience and trying to force through.

FFXIII - way too linear and got tired of endless cutscenes and what to me was a boring combat system. Also the only FF I didn't get through.

Dragon's Dogma - liked the concept but for me always online consoles gets tricky. And sometimes I just kept getting the worst luck at the worst times.

Embarrassingly enough...Diablo 2. Still don't have a good reason, got to Diablo and stopped caring.

Zombie U - made it just shy of the end and died and just did not feel like doing the whole thing over again.

Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne - and I really feel bad for not finishing this one and should go back to it. Don't know why either, just never turned it back on.

Oh well, that's it for me right now.


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Jun 5, 2008
Oblivion was alright, but the game play was average and so were the quests and dialogue, it just bored me after awhile.

Pokemon Pearl I found as easy as the previous games so I lost interest.

Bioshock is great but I encountered two game breaking bugs and I couldn't be bothered going through it all again. I just watched the rest of it on Youtube.

That's all I can remember right now.


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Sep 9, 2011
A fair few for me, I just seem to have a massive problem with seeing a game through to it's end. Sat on my shelf waiting to be finished I have:

Dishonored - I really enjoyed this when I first got it but I seemed to just get distracted by other games, I'm constantly telling myself "I'll come back and finish it off soon" and it just hasn't happened yet. I got through one other level the other day but haven't done anything on it again since.

The Witcher 2 - Another game I was really getting into but then was distracted. I believe I started back up on Dark Souls and that just completely ate all my time right up for a few months. Then when I came back to the Witcher I found I absolutely sucked at the combat and couldn't seem to get back into the rhythm of it, dying often and forgetting what was going on. I'm on the last city hub thing and know I'm near the end so I will take the plunge on it soon and finish it off.

Borderlands - Me and 2 other friends played this co-op every sunday night and were getting far in it but then people weren't available for a few sessions, got other games and then we changed to playing FIFA on sunday nights and this hasn't been touched since. Tried to play it single player but it just wasn't anywhere near as much fun.


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Dec 31, 2010
It is actually rarer for me to complete a game than to leave it unfinished. Most of the time i will be halfway through a game and I will just set it down to take a break from it or something and then not pick it up again for months, if not a couple years. And then when I do feel like playing it again, I start all over to remember what was happening in the story. And then about halfway through I set the game down again. Etc, etc. It is a stupid cycle that I go through over and over again. I only beat Ocarina of Time about a year ago and I had to force myself to keep going after the Water Temple.
Other games I have yet to beat that I still actually want to beat:
Kingdom Hearts
Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Pokemon: White
Red Dead Redemption

And that is just off the top of my head of games that I am still interested in playing. I am sure that if I dig through my shelves I can find other games that I still want to beat and many that I just stopped playing.


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Mar 8, 2010
GTA 4: even after modding them the handling of cars was awful and on the very last mission i just gave up after my bikes fish tailing caused me to fail the jump into the helicopter. Also the lack of checkpoints in a game with really long multi stage missions is a bad idea.

Call of Cthulhu dark corners of the earth: after losing all my weapons for the second time i was like f this.

Red Alert 3: when i was looking at a units stat car the damn thing ctded on me and after that i just never played it again.

Iron storm: got to the last level but bugs kept me from finishing it leading me to drop the game.

Scarface: Shitty GTA clone with non of the GTA charm.

I could go on but i dont want a wall of text.


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May 28, 2011
there is very few games that i do not finish. that being said....

Stalker Clear Sky - not finished due to bugs. i have tried 3 times, ended up with a save that when laoded game crashes within 10 seconds. i even deducted that a sun landing in swamps cause crashes and avoided this region at this time to day. still, after 3 playthrous i gave up near the end.

War and Peace: great game, one i had hundreds of hours fun, but i never reached the end. i play though 2/3 and kidna get bored. doen that like 5 times....

Stronghold (the first original one). i couldnt for thel ife of me beat the wolf fortress. funny that since i though the rest of the game was very easy.

Heroes 3: awesome game but never managed to finish a campaign.

Worms armageddon: loved to play it with my father. then we slowly faded it out and moved into SAMP.

Civilization 4: i have played it for over 500 hours (thats what xfire and raptr says, im not joking) and i still got a plan for another 500, but im kinda busy playing other games now.

Rise Of Nations: Thrones and Patriors: wanted to play this fun game, ended up only playing it online with a friend and compeltely abandoned the SP. after friend moved to other game i just.... stopped having it.

Tibia: oh thats a can of worms. i have played it essentialy for 9 years with breaks. first time i quit and said thats it. half a year later im in it again. second time i went into depression aprtly due to things in that game and quit deleting my character whicha t that time was highest in server. after a year im back and palyed for 2 more years. then i noticed that time i spend on it slowly degraded letting eve on, and decided to call it quits and move onto eve. been playing eve for 4 years now, happy about the decision.


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Jul 7, 2010
Eomega123 said:
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Logged over 300 hours, spent days jumping across the landscape, rose to the top of every guild, fought through a hundred ancient temples, collected all the daedric artifacts, gone through all the DLC, got about half way through the main quest...and got bored. One day, holding the controller, on my way to some objective or another, I just said "I am no longer having fun," turned the game off, and never turned it back on.
I'm kinda the same, as long as I avoid the main story line I'm having fun, but Martin and the whole Oblivion crisis? Boring!

lithium.jelly said:
Fallout: New Vegas. I loved Fallout 3, and although New Vegas improves on the mechanics in some ways, I just could not maintain my interest for some reason. I don't know why, and although I think about trying to return to it one day, I just feel very "meh" about it.
I'm the other way around, FO3 is one big grey snooze-fest, but New Vegas... oh I love it!


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Jan 24, 2008
Guild wars 2, I didnt expect it but I just fell out of it. I suspect I am just burnt out on mmos for the time being.


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Aug 5, 2010
Metro 2033. I played a short way through it and had to stop due to work and school commitments and now that I have time to get back to it, I just haven't. No idea why.

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Aug 9, 2010
XCOM: Enemy Unknown due to disinterest.
LA Noire due to repetitiveness.
Skyrim due to me being a completionist and being overwhelmed with such a open ended game.


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Nov 15, 2012
The Cave. I finished the game with three characters, selected a new set of three characters, and stopped when I realised I had to repeat the in-between puzzles.

I'll return to the game when I forget how to solve the in-between puzzles, eventually. (Even with new abilities I still have a general idea of what I can do. )


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Apr 13, 2009
Star Ocean. I forget which one it was--the one where you think you're coming up to the big climax, and then you find out it's all a big program in the Matrix. Yeah, no thanks.

Final Fantasy XIII, because it was so damned boring. And Final Fantasy XII, for pretty much the same reason.

And more recently, Antichamber, because I guess I simply can't get into first-person puzzle games that aren't Portal. Especially when it seems like they're just trying to fuck with you.