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Apr 1, 2010
magicman4443 said:
I'm sure many people on this site consider themselves to be some level of geek/nerd. We all play video games, and I bet some of you even like school. So, what do you think makes you in particular nerdy/geeky, or what is your most nerdy/geeky quality?

I'll start by saying that I drove a total of four hours just to take a chemistry test for fun.
I'll say that I spend most of my time in a fantasy world, trying to remember the best stuff that happended in the stories in said world, and novelize them. Currently, I've got one chapter of one of my character just monlouging and recalling the humourus event leading up to his present predicament, half a chapter of one character meeting two other characters and explaining why he'd injured and in their home, and about a page and a half about one character reaching a goal high atop the Himayalas but then engaging in a fight scene with another character.

I also like pie. Does that make me nerdy and or geeky? :p