Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Focuses on Disconnects, Mission Issues, More

Lizzy Finnegan

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Mar 11, 2015
Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Focuses on Disconnects, Mission Issues, More

The second update for Ghost Recon Wildlands addresses a slew of issues, from multiplayer disconnects to mission issues.

The second Ghost Recon Wildlands update [] went live on PC yesterday and hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, and it addresses a number of different stability issues with the game, including multiplayer disconnections, mission issues, and more.

You can check out the complete patch notes below:


We received reports of some players having issues with certain missions in the game. After investigating the causes, we have implemented fixes so they can now have a smooth experience. We also fixed an XP farming exploit related to the "Rebellion Rising" mission, which created interference with the co-op experience.

- Adjusted various missions markers & GPS pathfinding.
- The following missions are now unlocked correctly for players who reported issues:
Gold Rush
Sueno's's proposition
Sandoval Dead body
El Cerebro
- Adjusted various mission triggers in order to smoothen the player's progress and game experience.
- Fixed situations where dialogue and barks would not trigger correctly.
- The following missions are now replayable:
El Cerebro
Boss missions
Sandoval confession
Western cocaine cache
- Fixed infinite XP farming exploit on "Rebellion Rising" mission.
- NPCs now exit the vehicle properly in "Stop the Convoy" missions


We implemented various fixes and tweaks related to trophy and weapon packs unlocking. We also fixed an issue related to the Charactersmith model not being positioned correctly. On top of that, players who love to play with the HUD completely hidden will now be able to select the type of intel they want to collect when they interact with files or NPCs.

- Players can now select what intel they want to collect, even with all the HUD options turned off.
- Trophy requirements adjustments:
The Champion
With a Pistol!
- Fixed some weapon packs not unlocking properly:
Underbarrels & Rails Pack
- Fixed Character hiding behind menus in certain situations.
- HUD now updates when XP boosters are activated.


We detected some replication issues during cooperative sessions between players. This patch should provide a more consistent experience between Ghosts sharing the same game session.
- Corrected various replication issues, such as:
Paint jobs & attachments not showing correctly in the lobby
Rebel Radio explosion not synchronizing
Sniper scope glare effect not synchronizing
Players seen running beside VHC/bike they should be sitting in
Suppressor not synchronizing when removed from a vehicle's shooting position
Burning corpses from systemic events
Explosion not replicating if the distance is too high
- The following achievements should now be awarded to all the players in the two missions below:
A Better Mousetrap
The Cluster Bomber
- Fixed a bug where hits would register with a 0.5-second lag.
- Fixed kick/ban vote notifications.
- Fixed game freezes in 4-player sessions.


We detected and fixed some issues that were causing some player disconnections. The experience should be more solid after the patch.

- Fixed various disconnection bugs.
- Fixed a bug where the user could not reconnect to a previous session.
- Fixed errors when looking for public sessions.


Added fixes and improvements for gameplay-related issues and requests that some players reported.
Players can now select the vehicle they want to spawn when using the "Drop Vehicle" rebel skill.

- Fixed XP awarded when killing an enemy undetected.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes vehicle seats could stay booked after NPC exiting.
- Fixed a bug where the player would take cover too far from certain props.
- Players can no longer teleport to safe houses while being hunted.
- The Medical Helicopter will now spawn correctly in the Tabacal area side-mission.
- Fixed bikes not slowing down in water.
- Fixed flash grenades not stopping detection.
- Fixed an occasional instant game-over when falling off a dirt bike.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the player could not tag enemies after hot joining.
- Adjusted damage caused by explosives in Arcade difficulty.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes pilots didn't die after AI helicopter crash.
- Fixed a situation where sometimes vehicles disappeared when driving at high speeds.


We implemented some fixes and improvements related to some audio aspects of the game, as well as the option to mute radios for those players who requested it.

- Added a feature allowing the player to mute every radio in-game.
- Fixed Car radio not functioning in various situations.
- Amplified the radio voice effects to avoid player confusing El Sue?o's voice on the radio and the one of the Ghosts.
- Introduction video mix enhanced.


We focused on fixing various issues in order to provide a solid experience. For stability and performance improvements, see the section below.

- Fixed player models appearing with twisted limbs if they were killed in certain positions.
- Fixed low-resolution textures appearing while aiming/driving.
- Fixed camera clipping through some textures & props.
- Fixed missing textures in certain environments.
- Fixed drone showing blur effect on objects.
- Fixed the textures flickering when using parachute or helicopter.


- Fixed various crashes.
- Fixed an occasional infinite loading screen after validating settings at first launch.

- Fixed various world building glitches.
- Fixed some world parts where the player could get stuck.



- Added the SMAA anti-aliasing mode.
- Added a notification for anti-aliasing recommendations in multi GPU setups.
- Addressed a series of issues causing flickering in multi GPU setups.
- Fixed an issue with HUD scaling in 4 monitor multi display setups.

User experience & interface

- Added support to bind Home, End, Insert, Delete, Page Up and Page Down keys.
- Added several menu navigation improvements with mouse and keyboard.
- Added a notification if the video driver is outdated.
- Added a notification when the system is low on free RAM and starts writing to the virtual memory.
- Fixed a HUD issue in co-op for users who have already completed the selected mission.
- Fixed the Pitch icon display when using mouse to steer helicopters.


- Fixed an issue with co-op sharing of systemic activities.
- Fixed the use of Push to Talk in the co-op lobby.


- Changed the Enable Controller default option to Only Gamepads.
- Addressed a number of issues with the Steam Controller icons and functionality.


- Addressed a series of random crashes encountered by users.
- Fixed an issue causing framerate drops when the saving icon was being displayed.
- Fixed an issue where the menu was lagging while running the game on a Hard Disk Drive.
- Solved an issue with VRAM bar update when lowering Resolution scaling.


- Fixed a bug on the Medication Air Transport mission in Tabacal.
- Fixed an issue with character poses in Ansel.
- Solved a controls issue where one couldn't sprint from crouch or prone position.