Giga-Chad Omni Decehydron Aqua Man vs Tall Krillin


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Aug 26, 2017
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In the well respected world of the VS community, in which mentally and emotionally healthy adult debate the outcome of fights between fictional characters, no two franchises have ever been as hotly contested as DC and DBZ. Is superman stronger then Goku? Can the flash eat as many hot dogs as Arale? Is Bruce Wane a bigger fascist then the Red Ribbon Army? These questions have raged forever. However, none of them are as interesting as the most powerful characters from each universe. I am, of course, talking about Giga-Chad Omni Decahydron Aqua Man (superfriends version) vs Tall Krillin. To understand who is more powerful, we must, as always, look at their feats.

Giga-Chad Omni Decahydron Aqua Man started out in a humble position in the animated series, the superfriends. His ability to talk to animals gave him some unique benefits when saving people in the ocean. However, during the early runs of the show, he was never a main leader of the group. Superman was stronger, batman was richer, gleek was smarter, and wonder woman was better at talking to fish. However, sometime around season 18, when the wonder twins settled down to raise their child together, aqua man really started to come into his own. After realizing that friendship and faith in jesus christ was the greatest power of all, he was able to utilize his new strength the utterly destroy the planet of al-katez. While some people criticized him for his war crimes, aqua man understood that his militent approach was the only way to keep earth safe. As the season continued, his power only grew. Realizing that the universe was itself a vast ocean, aqua man was able to tap into the consciousness of the universe, and attain omniscience. Using this ability, he was able to combine with every version of aqua man across the entire multiverse. This gave him incredible new abilities that, to any sentient being, would appear godlike. After cucking superman prime by sleeping with his wife, all of superman primes powers transferred over to aqua man, awakening his ultimate form: GIga-Chad Omni Decehydron Aqua Man. GCODAM is powerful enough communicate and control anything across the DC multiverse, and is strong enough to destroy entire universes with a single arrant thought. He has done so on several occasions by accident. Furthermore, his intelligence has brought upon ego death, destroying his sense of self as his conciosness now emenates across all of time and space.

Krillin became the most powerful character in DBZ after transforming into Tall Krillin. Tall Krillin has all of the abilities of a full ultra instinct form warrior, but is also One dectillion to the dectillionth power times stronger then gohan blanco and shaggy doing a triangle fusion with Celldorado. His speed has surpassed the concept of time and space, allowing him to exist in all places and times simultaneously. He is stronger then any character in the DBZ multiverse, even kevin.

Verdict: While some people will point to GCODAM's obvious strength, intellect, and speed as major advantages in its favor, there can be no denying that Tall Krillin is 6'0, while GCODAM is only a measly 5'11. Given the obvious difference in stature, it is inarguable that Tall Krillin is the strongest character in either fictional universe.


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I think Arale could definitely eat more hot dogs than The Flash.

So is this thread the product of your burgeoning new alcohol addiction?


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I am not versed enough in DC and DBZ to be able to tell which parts are complete lies. I'm only familiar enough with them to know that all of it is pretty credible.


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Lose 1d20 sanity points.
I am not versed enough in DC and DBZ to be able to tell which parts are complete lies. I'm only familiar enough with them to know that all of it is pretty credible.
All of it is true, obviously.
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