Girly Violence and Cthulhu's Monopoly Board- Top 10 Comics of Dec. 2015

The Wooster

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Jul 15, 2008
Girly Violence and Cthulhu's Monopoly Board- Top 10 Comics of Dec. 2015

Start the new year right with some excellent comics.

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Sep 6, 2014
I managed to read Hellcat #1 thanks to a friend picking it up. And I've got to ask- WERE WE READING THE SAME COMIC?!!

The criminal gets off with a black eye because he referenced something she liked. Some guy who argued with his girlfriend she wants to beat up before simply settling for intimidating/humiliating him. There's popculture references every few panels instead of original wit and clever writing. She lost her job and lives in a storage closet but some guy she just beat up a couple of hours ago has no qualms about her being able to pay the rent in a fairly fancy apartment. The girl who just broke up with her boyfriend seems more distraught that he just threw some tickets for a play into a drain than that they'd broke up. The protagonists powers or history never explained in detail- and while I can expect later issues to do that we're given so little right now there's nothing to give me intrigue. The writing is awkward throughout and the chibi panels are a cheap trick to cover up for when a scene isn't funny/entertaining enough on it's own merit. It's like a cut away gag.

I was expecting this to be some preaching mess from your description, but it's not even so bad it's good. It's just bad. If this was on Dev-Art I'd be a lot less critical, but all this comes across like amateur hour. It's Squirrel Girl all over again, but at least it isn't as repulsive to look at.

However, I will thank you for letting me know that a James Bond comic exists (and from the looks of the pages you posted- it has the gadgets and wacky villains the new films have been missing), and I am in much more agreement with you on the other comics.