Gloom Fan Recreates Card Game Cast With LEGO


Geekdad News Writer
Jan 5, 2013
Gloom Fan Recreates Card Game Cast With LEGO

LEGO builder Dave Kaleta has created brick renditions of the cast of the card game Gloom.

Keith Baker's <a href=>Gloom is easily one of the most delightfully different card games out there. Putting players in charge of a family of macabre misfits, its goal is to keep your family miserable while playing cards to improve the mood of the other players' opposing clans. Since its original release back in 2004, it's won a ton of fans who, to this day, still love its offbeat style and dark humor. The big question, of course, is how you make something as good as Gloom even better? As with all things there are two universal answers: add Oreos or add LEGO. I'll let you guess which one of those somebody went ahead and did.

In a gallery posted to his Flickr in December 2014, LEGO builder Dave Kaleta showcased a custom multi-piece build crafted over 25 days and based on the cast of Gloom. Building one every day, Kaleta constructed a LEGO brick version of every character in the game.

While he was obviously limited somewhat by working with rectangular chunks of plastic, Kaleta (in this humble writer's infallible opinion) still did a great job capturing the essential essence and look of Gloom's delightful morose characters. My personal favorite from the bunch is his rendition of Elias E. Gorr's. The way he replicated the guy's nose? It's a work of art. Take a look at Kaleta's Gloom models and let us know which one is your favorite.

Source: Flickr