GRID To Feature eBay Motors Marketplace

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
GRID To Feature eBay Motors Marketplace

eBay Motors []marketplace as part of the game.

eBay Motors will be used by players to buy, sell and upgrade their vehicles in-game, the publisher said, adding that the auction site will also be sponsoring "The eBay Motors Muscle Series" and featuring an eBay Motors Mustang GTR concept race car. "This is an exciting and creative way to reinforce our brand among core auto enthusiasts," said Curtis Kroeker of eBay Motors. "Engage In-Game Advertising brought the videogame channel and opportunity into view. GRID was the logical platform to reinforce eBay Motors as the leading online destination for buying and selling all things automotive."

"It's not often a brand, a game publisher and a common element align perfectly in a videogame environment," added Engage President David Smith. "eBay Motors involvement within the gameplay of GRID is 100 percent relevant to the game plot and offers players a functional benefit."

Known as Race Driver: GRID in Europe, GRID is the latest entry in Codemaster's PlayStation 3 []and PC, and is expected to be released in June 2008.

"The eBay Motors in-game strategy goes beyond simple ad placements in videogames and delivers a whole new level of realistic game functionality for players," said Codemasters Director of Business Development Peter Chan. More information, including screenshots and movies, is available at [].