Gunpoint Review - Futuristic, Puzzle-Platforming Noir


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Jan 14, 2013
Owyn_Merrilin said:
Anathrax said:
54.1 MB? Impossible, are you guys talking about the demo or something?
...How long is this game?
It's a 2D indie game, so it's pretty small.
Yes I got the game. It's about 20 missions of varying lengths depending on your playstyle(And whether or not you have gate crashers).

I've done my 3rd playthrough, and now I'm convinced that
Fritz Gessler
is an actual villain. What a bastard. I'm wondering though, is there a way I could
prevent Katie Collin's suicide?

One last thing to note... I think there will be a sequel. In the final mission, the laptop optional mission thingy had an email from Gessler to an unknown person, asking if
the death of Collins was their doing or not.

Finally, any easter eggs or secrets anyone found? I tried using gatecrashers during the
spy on Jackson's call
mission and Jackson did not react. I even fired off all my bullets and pounced around like a maniac.