Hall of shame: games that have made you cry


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Oct 26, 2011
I cry every time I play any game nowadays.

What has happened to the gaming world?

Eh... I can't think of any game that I've cried over.

Not that I'm too macho to cry or anything. I welled over a bit at the end of Toy Story 3, and whenever I was Futurama's "Jurassic Bark"

Games just aren't as good as TV shows and movies, I guess.


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Jan 24, 2010
I feel that I cry reasonably often if there is something truly worth crying about. My fondest memory of crying, and even now by the sheer thought of it can summon tears, is in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Damn, tearing up already. Spoilers ahead, but I suppose the entire thread should be a spoiler warning. What is really weird is that MGS3's similar scene bring me close in the slightest.

The scene where you are chasing the Peace walker riding "The Boss' Horse" up until that little QTE where you Euthanize it... Its so beautiful. The creature is just... so fiercly loyal it brim's my eyes with tears watching it try so hard to catch up to the voice of it's Master. The average horse jumps at the sound of a dog barking, even war horses would panic when cannon-fire could be heard. This Horse just charges onwards, explosives and missiles exploding all around it be damned, this Horse is getting to it's master! It slips on a steep decline, slides and bashes its legs, not a problem, it barely even shrugs off the pain as it keeps running and running. Finally it's beaten. The mountain peak was practically vertical when it slips and falls god-knows how far back down. It's legs broken, it struggles on the floor, still determined to do all that it can in hopes of returning to The Boss.
And then I have to put it outs it misery, shoot it the same way you had to kill The Boss in MGS3. It makes the parallel's clear, tries to make me cry because "remember when you had to shoot The Boss? wasn't that so sad?" NO THAT WAS NOT SO SAD! She'd fought Snake as best as she could in hopes that he'd surpass her and he did! She was happy to die, even considered a traitor when she should have been a hero. This Horse though had failed. It must have hated itself so much! No matter what it did it hadn't been able to accomplish what it wanted. It hadn't been able to help at all.
And then you press "r" and the Horse is dead.

It doesn't even have a name and yet I've cried and loved it more than any other character in that series.
I think I have a thing for loyalty and passion, for characters that just refuse to give up. But it has to be done right.

The Metal Gear series has a lot of heart-tugging, a lot of characters (usually boss battles) with a terrible back-story explaining why their lives are miserable and why that should make me sad. I've never once come close to tears for any of them. But that above character, in that short 5-8 minute span, works harder than all of them to make me love them, care for them, cry for them.

Incidentally, a list of games that have made me cry (that I currently remember) :D
-Fallout 3
-Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
-Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (Damn it Master Eraqus, I was on a free-period in a Sixth-form relaxation area, my friends were so confused!)
-Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (oooh, barely, just barely Soren)
-Final Fantasy X
-Silent Hill 2 (Special award because I'd stopped playing, gone downstairs, contemplated and then burst into tears)

Oh, another special award goes to Mass Effect 3. I've never actually played the game, but watched a particular renegade scene including "Mordin" on Youtube brought a tear to my eye. Though it was a bit heart-string-tuggy, I appreciated it.

Incidentally (MarkII), No single game has made me cry multiple times. Neither has any book or film up until I watched Disney-pixars recent endeavour "Brave". Still, I only cried twice but that's one more time than the girl I was with, so I couldn't even claim that her crying had set me off the second time.


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Jan 19, 2009
Katawa Shoujo got me really, REALLY close. (LILLYYYYYYYYYYYY!)

Syberia got me very, very close. (HAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNS!)

The Binding of Isaac got me very close for different reasons (I was having a bad day, and I started sympathizing with the kid a bit too much).

To date, the only game that's made me really cry hard has been... Myst III.

No, I don't have any idea how. Maybe Brad Dourif is a better actor than I think he is.


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Jun 8, 2011
Zhukov said:

Whenever this topic comes up I'm always left wondering whether everyone else here has emotional issues or if I'm just dead inside.

It's strange, because movies, TV shows and sometimes even books can make me tear up at the drop of a hat. Hell, I cried while watching Avatar. But games just cannot do it, no matter how hard they try. They can make me feel sad, shocked or desolate (Yes, HL2: Ep2, I'm looking at you) but cannot seem to induce tears.

Mostly I think it's just because the standard of writing is abysmal. For all the arguments of "games are art and a totally legit storytelling medium now", 90% of them are unwilling or unable to go beyond "save the world by murdering everything that looks at you funny and get the girl if we remember to put one in".

The good ol' uncanny valley effect doesn't help either. It's hard to feel sorry for a dead-eyed puppet.
Yeah, really...

I've never forged an emotional connection with a video game, ever, as far as I can tell. I don't understand how someone could. The closest I ever came was with Braid, but even I wasn't even near considering tearing up.

Do I just not get it?


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Jun 18, 2008
The entirety of the last act of Metal Gear Solid 4 was very emotional. The debriefing and Epilogue pushed me over, though. Otacon telling Sunny that Snake wouldn't be around anymore, the gun mouth, CQC hug, FOXDIE deaths. Beautiful game.

Mass Effect 3 pushed me over the edge with Mordin's death scene, had me pretty close with Grunt and Legion, too. Probably why people disliked the ending so much.


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Nov 14, 2011
I don't think any game has actually made me break down, but I am sure there are a couple of games that have made me feel like I had a lump in my throat.

The most recent is probably Nier, there are plenty of moments in that game when I thought about how messed up that world is, but each time I beat that game to get the other endings the game would let you see things from the enemies perspective and I felt terrible killing some of the bosses. By the time I knew what was going on between Kalil and "Beepy" I didn't want to attack them at all and finally being able to understand what they were saying made me even sadder. The same is true for the majority of the other bosses in the game like Hansel & Gretel and Roc

I can't really think of any other game that has punched me in the gut as much as that game did. Maybe it's the decent writing or the amazing music in the game but it is definitely a game worth playing....even if you might need a box of tissues after you start the new game+


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May 3, 2010
I got emotional returning to Fyrestone in Borderlands 2. I had spent so much time in Fyrestone in Borderlands 1, it was odd and strangely touching to return in the sequel. I was only disappointed that it was no longer possible to jump Piss Wash Gully in a runner. I only wanted to do it for old times' sake, but the map had closed it off.

I wasn't expecting such emotion, and I got a little teary. So odd...

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Jul 25, 2011
In ME2 some guys died in my first play through during the end chapter. I shed manly tears for my battlebrothers!
I really liked my Pet-Drell-Assassin :(

Other than that, i can't really remember. I guess i was pretty shocked with HL2 E2, but since this won't continue EVER...

Movies/series tend to push the buttons better.
And only one book made me cry like a little boy who's favorite toy got stolen: The end of the "John Cleaver" books: Holy mother of god, a sucker punch directly into the nuts.
I really hated the writer for a few hours <.<


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Jan 13, 2011
No game has ever made me cry. I cried of my own free will.

Pokemon Blue made me cry like kid, (because I was one.) When my brother beat it and it said 'THE END' we were like, 'no! what about all my save data? Would it just delete it all? Is it all over?'

We were quite pleased to find out we were in the clear, spooked our mom and grandma though, lol.

Recently though nothing is coming to mind, I'm sure there was something... or maybe that was just movies and tv.

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Jul 22, 2010
Katawa Shoujo, Yes I admit it.
I nearly lost it with Lilly, and the entire Airport scene...and then there was Shizune's Bad End...MY FRIEND TOLD ME IT WAS NOT THE BAD END AND I LIKED MISHA, I have seen some tearjerk moments before but that was a goddamn tear.


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Oct 29, 2010
Persona 4 *I've had to leave really close friends behind quite a bit... never gets easier.*
Katawa Shoujo *again*
Hl2: Ep. 2


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Jun 11, 2010
Well, when Mordin went into the tower in Mass Effect 3 I cried. There's also that cinematic in Homeworld where you find out your whole planet is burning.
And then, the first game to make me cry coupled with this song:
I dare anyone who has played Ace Combat 5 to not tear up at this.


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Mar 8, 2010
Final Fantasy X was the first time I cried because of a game. Dragon Age: Origins was the second. Having my warden die after romancing King Alistair, oh god that was so sad.

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Mar 10, 2012
Plenty of games have made me sad, but the only one I can think of that has actually made me cry is Crisis Core. It was a rather sad ending to a game who's lead character I found to be quite likable. The music certainly didn't help my mood either.