Halo 2 Players Refuse to Leave Xbox Live

Austin MacKenzie

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Jan 26, 2010
Halo 2 Players Refuse to Leave Xbox Live

Microsoft may have shut down the original Xbox Live, but that hasn't stopped some gamers from keeping their connections alive.

On April 15, Microsoft officially closed the doors on the original Xbox Live service, blocking internet access to all Xboxes. A number of gamers elected not to log off at all, and are instead remaining connected and playing Halo 2 [http://www.gamefly.com/game/xbox/Halo-2/110205/]. These stalwart few have been online for the entire week since Live shut down and have vowed not to disconnect until they can no longer remain online, be it when their internet connections drop or when Microsoft manually kicks them off.

A number of the gamers have streams (NSFW) of their final stand against Live's closure. While the numbers are dwindling there were at least 24 players hanging on at last count. For now it's unsure if their dedication and fortitude will outlast their internet connections, but at the very least Microsoft doesn't seem to be making any move to kick them off. Small victories, right?

Source: <a href=http://www.games-inet.com/news-dozens-of-halo-2-players-keep-original-xbox-online-gaming-alive_369.html>Games-Inet.com



The British Paladin
Jul 14, 2009
I suppose they are at least been given the opportunity to fight for the last moments...it will all end soon, but, they can say they had at least tried

Baron Khaine

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Jun 24, 2009
Its like the thing that happens to people in prison, I forget the name, where they can't make it on the outside because they've been on the inside for too long.

Those poor lost souls.
Aug 25, 2009
There's comes a point at which you just have to say:

'Dude, let it go, it's a game!'

I may be a fan myself, but this is so far beyond the normal it's not even heroic or brave or anything.

It's just monumentally stupid. Ah well, their life, their choices.

Rusty Bucket

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Dec 2, 2008
This is awesome. I get a great image of 20 odd guys just constantly playing Halo 2 togeher. Made even better by the fact that they're literally the only ones in the world doing it.

Edit: Except for people on the PC version, which I forgot about. Great post...
Apr 28, 2008
Wow. Now thats dedication right there.

I remember hearing this on Bungie.net a while ago, but I assumed that everyone got off by now.

Actually, just checked Bungie. Apparently there are no more people online in Halo 2 anymore.

link [http://www.bungie.net/Projects/Halo2/default.aspx]

Top left it says the players. Doesn't seem to be anyone left.

EDIT: Straight from Bungie:
Bungie said:
[HEADING=2]This is the End[/HEADING]

Sometime in the middle of last week, while a handful of devoted Halo 2 players were still valiantly slugging it out over Xbox LIVE, our direct feed to the mother ship was unceremoniously severed and our Halo 2 player count fell to zero.

Once again, we?d like to thank not only the handful of stubborn ass players who supported our studio and our game until the bitter end, but also the thousands who showed up for our final hurrah and the millions who, at least once, picked up controller and threw down in Halo 2?s multiplayer. We hope you had fun. We know we did.

If you?re looking for a more tangible reward, you?ll have to wait it out a little while longer. Tantrums won?t help your cause. Private Messages, either. We do have a small number of Friends and Family codes that we?re planning on granting to a select few players so they can have early access to the Halo: Reach Beta (it?s super awesome), specifically one for the player who came closest to guessing the final game, one for the player who snagged the final kill we have on record, and one for a player who kept on keeping on, well after our connection was severed. If you?re one of these three, we?ll let you know it. Please don?t bombard us with PM?s and emails. (We?ll get cranky.)

We?ll also be compiling a list of players whose April 14th stats impressed us enough to warrant some other sweet prizes. Those folks will be getting stuff like Bungie Pro and Render Minutes for use in Halo 3, ODST, and the Reach Beta (it?s super awesome), and a few might even receive a select handful of other sweet and more tangible prizes depending on their individual mettle. More on that when we have it all sewed up.

Of course, anyone who played, ever, will be getting some visual love once Reach rolls around, as long as the gamertag you?re currently using tallied up an online game of Halo 2. We know you want to know exactly what it is, but to be honest, we haven?t finalized the flair just yet. It won?t be something as grand as a suit of armor, but we?ll make sure that other players are able to pick you out of a lineup based upon your Halo 2 loyalty. When we hammer out some more details, we?ll get in touch to hammer them home.
>link< [http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&link=BWU_042310]

You'll have to scroll down to find it, but its there, and its official.

Yep. Its over.

Onyx Oblivion

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Sep 9, 2008
I hope their Xbox 360's Red Ring! Or their original Xbox's get hit with a nuke. Seriously. Those originals are TANKS.

Since you can play it on both...

Armored Prayer

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Mar 10, 2009
xXSMaC 123Xx said:
Anyone who still plays on an orginal Xbox needs to get kicked in the nuts.
Hey hey now I still play on my original Xbox, a kick in the nads seems unnecessary.


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Apr 22, 2009
I know its depressing to see the Live go but, come on guys.
Its time to let it go.
Halo 3 is fun too!
I promise!


Citation Needed
Nov 28, 2007
xXSMaC 123Xx said:
Anyone who still plays on an orginal Xbox needs to get kicked in the nuts.
You do realized there are a lot of poor people, and even more than usual despite the alleged recovery of the economy (according to the stock market). Some day it might be you who can't afford a new generation console.


That said, I think Microsoft is in the wrong here. Simply put I feel those people are entitled to play the games they bought online indefinatly. That's part of the product they puchused. To me the only way Microsoft should be turning off their servers or support of those games should be if it goes out of business entirely.

I understand other points of view on this, but to me this pretty much summarizes why I am against the idea of games going digital, or relying on digital connections in general. Right now we're seeing exactly why buying a game that is dependant on the company in any way is a bad idea.

I imagine in 10 years or so we'll hear about how Assasin's Creed 2's support servers are going offline and nobody will be able to play their copy of AC2 anymore. Strictly speaking I feel that if I bought a copy of a game, I have the right to just up and play it online 10 years later on an old machine if I get the hankering. By the same token even if the servers are deserted for decades at a time, I feel a group of Octogenerians in an home down the road would have the right to all login to Halo 2 with their antique X-boxs and play a few rounds for nostolgia if they wanted to.

"Cybersquatting" has apparently accomplished nothing though.

The Austin

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Jul 20, 2009
I think they need to just get over it and play Halo 3 like the rest of the frat-boy society.

(This was not meant as an insult, it was meant as I joke. I happen to like Halo.... Sorta.)

Omega V

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Apr 21, 2010
wow, how tragically heroic, holding the line in the face of impossible odds...