Halo Comes To Xbox One At 60FPS [UPDATE]


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Aug 1, 2009
Another damn Halo? I lost my love for Halo with the third installment, but I'm not going to scream and lash out at this one or anyone who still likes it.

If MS is wanting to play the safe card seeing as their new doorstop is doing badly in the polls, thats fine. But I still think the talent and resources that get poured into Halo could be used to create a really good new IP.

Just look at Naughty Dog and Bungie. They moved away from their popular and established titles while The Last of Us and Destiny are grabbing peoples interests with each new announcement.
Dec 14, 2008
fix-the-spade said:
philosophicalbastard said:
Totally. I mean, corpses are always really slutty. Those dead fish eyes are just asking for it. (Please ignore the fact that a computer program can't have a corpse, which would ruin the joke. Thank you for your cooperation)

At the end of Halo 4 Cortana and Chief were in the Composer, Cortana having been apparently rendered metastable by the process and returned to full control of herself. She uses the little remaining power in the the wreckage of the composer and Didact's ship to return Chief to the mortal plain.

Fast forward to Spartan Ops, it's discovered that the people of New Phoenix were in fact not destroyed when the Composer eventually failed post nuke, but had in fact been transmitted back to Requiem when the ship was destroyed (or may have been transmitted immediately as part of the process).

This raises the very real possibility that some of the Prometheans being burned through Spartans were residents of New Phoenix originally. It also raises the possibility that all the people who went through the Composer could be brought back. The terminal videos insist that people brought back come back wrong, but Cortana managed it with Chief, so it's possible.

Fast forward a little more, Requiem is destroyed, but not before transmitting it's data across the galaxy and leaving a complete index of all Forerunner technology half in the hands of the UNSC and half in the hands of Mdama and Halsey (who has turned her back on the UNSC after they try to kill her, disarming her in the process... literally).

That leaves us with Cortana, several thousand people and the means of their return split between the good andbad guys
I feel that bringing her back would just hurt the story as a whole though, so I chose not believe that theory. If they absolutely have to do a story where chief goes looking for her I'd prefer it ending with him not finding her, but some weird A.I. offspring that was created from all that weird forerunner shit. Not dampening the loss of Cortana at all, while providing some happy ending.


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Jun 12, 2010
Hero in a half shell said:
They already split Halo between two console gens, unless Halo 3 and 4 are coming out for the original Xbox any time soon. (I was one of the people caught out by that. Never got to play Halo 3. Shame. I really love the Halo universe, but console exclusivity can go die somewhere.)
Yeah, that slipped my mind because of BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. I could play all the Halo games on the 360. If Halo 5 and up go Xbox One exclusive, I can't and neither can all the other smart consumers. My point stands.