Has anyone else played Gemini: Heroes Reborn?


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Sep 22, 2014
I picked this up off Steam the other day on a recommendation. It's a first person action game set in the "Heroes" universe (which I have no familiarity with) where you jump back and forward in, and slow down, time. Plus you have telekinetic powers. It is supposedly developed by former members of the Psi-Ops team from Midway, which explains the gameplay and subject matter, I suppose.

The game reminds me of Life is Strange in some ways, but with more gameplay. (And no choices. It's a very much a stylistic and writing similarity.) You fight and use your powers to progress through the game. Typical puzzles and jumping back and forward between the past and present day, often during fights. You can grab a chair in the past and hop forward to shoot it at someone. You pick people up and throw them as projectiles, stop bullets and toss them back -- stuff like that. It's a gimmick, or a mixture of gimmicks, sure, but it is entertaining, and it is an amusing throwback to the genre of games we saw around 2004-2010 with Timeshift and Singularity and Psi-Ops and Second Sight and even Half Life 2's gravity gun. Plus that Doom 3 gravity gun thing.

The acting is decent, even if there is some really hammy dialogue, especially in the opening minutes which are basically "DID I MENTION HOW MISSING MY PARENTS ARE AND HOW I HAD THIS ACCIDENT WHEN I WAS A KID AND CAN'T REMEMBER STUFF?"

For a $15US game, it's pretty good. I'm probably getting near the end of the game after a few hours, so I don't think it's especially long, but at the price I think that's reasonable.

It doesn't seem to be selling many copies, which does seem to be a shame, since people often rave on about how Psi-Ops was so great and there should totally be a new Psi-Ops. I didn't even know this game existed until it was mentioned to me by a friend, so I suppose they failed badly in the marketing department, and maybe the fact it's an Unreal 4 game based on a TV show license didn't help its image.

It kinds feels like a mix of Life is Strange, Mirror's Edge, and all those games like Psi-Ops and Timeshift put into a vaguely hipsterish blender.


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Apr 16, 2009
For a brief, glorious second I thought you were talking about something relating to the underrated classic Jet Force Gemini. Anyway, sounds like a fun time for a tie-in game. Might give it a check if I have the cash.