Have you ever avoided something you wanted due to critical response?

The Wykydtron

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Sep 23, 2010
SirBryghtside said:
Hm... I wanted to get Pokémon Conquest on release day, but it got a kind of lukewarm response and I didn't. There were a couple of other reasons like money, but I do want to get round to it at some point.
The Wykydtron said:
I finished Mass Effect 3 about a month after everyone else. I was looking at the endless ending threads like "it can't be that bad surely" well, it was terrible but not as bad as people were claiming at the time. I was scared to finish the last bits on Earth just to avoid this apparently shit ending.

I did that with Skyrim though and i'm not letting that happen to Mass Effect, a story I actually like. I literally walked into the final hall before the final boss, saved and never came back. I have no concrete reason, I just didn't care anymore.
Mass Effect 3 doesn't actually have a final boss :p the bit where you saved was just a conversation.
No final boss? No, there will always be one...

I meant Skyrim by the way, I got to the "oh get hyped" bit before you fight the last big dragon lad then lost interest completely. Odd that.


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Nov 17, 2009
Antendo said:
Not sure if I'm just broken or what, but if a game or a movie gets crushing reviews and for a while all the hate in the universe is going towards it, that makes me want to try it. This is exactly the reason why I'm currently in possession of Deadly Premonition and why I've seen The Tomb [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1039646/] and Dungeon Girl [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1173486/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1].

When something thats getting a lot of hype and praise catches my interest, I can usually tell from a few video reviews (mainly from escapist and gametrailers) if it looks like a game I'd like or not. Or if it's a part of a series I already have experience in I'll probably know already if I want the new installation or not. Aside from series like Final Fantasy that change things up from game to game.

Gee NSA, some discretion please.
For me, I went with Deadly Premonition not because everyone hated it, but because half of everyone hated it and the other half thought it was absolutely amazing. I knew it would make for a bizarre gem of a game, and I was not disappointed. In general though, if something is getting universally awful feedback, I tend to avoid it like the plague. Even more so now that I've gotten burned by the new Adventure Time game on 3DS. (The first one was fairly good, so I felt confident in preordering the new one... bad idea.)

Someone Depressing

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Jan 16, 2011
I was worried about getting The Silent Hill Collection. Eventually, I bit the bullet, and decided to see how horribly they ruined by favourite PS2 game.

The hilarious thing is, if that was intentional, it would've been a well welcomed aspect of the game. It wasn't.

And they changed 3's ambient, disturbingly calm soundtrack into an over the top, punk rock soundtrack, which I hated. The music was, like, the best part of the game.

I still regret buying.


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Oct 19, 2010
Sometimes. Batman Arkham Origins is the most recent. I don't like prequels and seeing the opinions on here as well as some of the reviews I just have not and propebly will not bother picking it up.

Another, through perhaps not exactly what you are talking about would be Mass Effect 3. I loved ME 3 but at the time of getting it I had a full time job. I was just about to goto Earth when I had to stop playing, due to having work in the morning, and during my lunch break the next day I went looking for spoiler free opinions on the ending. After reading the almost universal hate it was getting I went into denial mode and did not finish it for 5 weeks.

Of cause it really was as bad as people said it was but all is well now as in my mind it ends with the cididel DLC and then off screen my shep and friends kick all of the reaper arse after which they then just found the nearest bar and had some beers. The end.


Dec 3, 2010
You could say that. When I was young and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life my mom always bashed me down, telling me how awful that line of work is and how shit the salary is, while never offering any solutions. Gave up that dream, moved to another. Repeat over and over.

Took until I was 23 to learn not asking for her opinion and now I'm gonna be a fucking ground worker.
Unfortunetly I'm late as fuck in the job market and have already had a hard time getting a job due to it(I've applied for tons of construction site assistance jobs for the past six months with only one reply). Wouldn't say it's her fault, 'cos I've had other problems to deal with which has slowed me down, but if she had supported me a bit back when I was 16 I'm sure my life would be different today.

Anyway, three weeks until the education starts! Gonna have to endure 50 weeks of close to no income... and that is if I get hired straight away. Feels really good to finally do something with my life, however the shame of being 24 with no work experience is almost killing me.

On a less whining note:
I avoided Mass Effect after a friend told me it was a crappy game. On this site everyone praised the game as fuck. I kept avoiding it. Eventually caved in and fucking loved it. Thought that friend and I had simular tastes in gaming, but apparently not!

Johnny Impact

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Aug 6, 2008
Didn't buy Colonial Marines, Duke Nukem Forever, or Arkham Origins because of poor reviews.

Almost didn't watch the end of Lost or Battlestar because friends told me they hated them.

I seldom buy a game or see a movie that doesn't do well on Metacritic. I don't consider myself a slave to other people's opinions. I simply think if the great mass of professional critics agree something is crap, it probably is.


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Jan 11, 2010
I was kind of looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls, thinking it might have something in common with Ghost Trick what with the whole ghost communication thing. But then I realized it was David Cage and stood tepidly away until previews and reviews came out. I really dodged a bullet there! For the most part I've stopped buying Harvest Moon games as well, ever since It's A Wonderful Life was the most depressing, boring thing I own for my GCN, and reviews for later installments generally have not convinced me that the games will ever be as interesting as the Rune Factory series from here on out (though RF might not even *exist* anymore...)


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Apr 12, 2011
From time to time.

I generally just ignore criticism with incomplete and/or poor reasons for said criticisms. But if an item or piece of media gets consistently poor reviews concerning a feature that I myself would consider a dealbreaker...


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Oct 26, 2009
Usually I'm not so turned away by negative reviews and such since I think I'm more easily impressed than others. Seriously, I'd be a terrible reviewer! :p I'd be WAY too nice!

Regardless... I'm considering giving Beyond: Two Souls a miss. I haven't seen such "KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!" reviews in a long time... well, for a game I intended on playing anyway. It's sad though :( I may still get it if I catch up somewhat on my to-play list and I find it cheap somewhere. I can't imagine it's a game that would take a really long time to finish in any case, so I can only waste so much time on it if that is indeed what it is.


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Mar 17, 2010
Just once so far, I did skipped on Gangster Squad due to it's reviews.
I wanted to see it and then basically everyone said "yeah... don't".

red ant

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May 18, 2009
Duke Nukem Forever was not nearly as bad as almost the many people on the internet claim it to be. It was a average game and still heads above the constant near shovelware we get in the games market though just not that good.


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Apr 6, 2020
Not very often. Only once that I can think of, not ruling out that it may have happened before. A friend (who like me is a fan of X-Men comics) said "don't bother with "First Class," they ruined it beyond caring about." I usually agree with this friend's assessments, so I didn't see it in theaters. Caught it on Netflix or Prime or some other stream about a year or so after release... and couldn't believe how wrong he was. Did feel cheated out of not seeing it in theaters. (By the way, the argument "changed it too much from the source material" doens't have a leg to stand on in most but especially X-Men's case. If Marvel, the content creators, take so much liberty with the "established canon" then there's no room for anyone else to criticize a screenplay for the same "crime.")

But usually no. I do so much research before a purchase I always know EXACTLY what I'm getting and how usleful it is and how much I'll enjoy it. I never pay full price unless I'll get "full price enjoyment" out of... say a videogame. It's why I like Crowshaw's reviews so much. If HE gives something a thumbs up, there's no question I'll enjoy it. Our tastes in games aren't exactly paralell, but games he actually likes have never failed to be awesome (to me anyway.) And to everything else he picks apart... he explains the flaws so well I know if I'll care about those or not. His review of say... Skyward Sword didn't prevent me from getting it. And neither has any review of anything else either. I've learned my lesson with "First Class."

"The only opinion that matters is MINE."

Imperioratorex Caprae

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May 15, 2010
Honestly, Scott Pilgrim the movie because of the fan hype was really disappointing to me. I don't know what really grated more on me, the pretentiousness that the characters seemed to exude, or the fact that the "hero" was just a really bad version of why I hate the X-Man Cyclops... Cuz he's a douchebag... But either way the "critical" response actually turned me off prior to watching. (Don't hate me, I just couldn't get behind that trash...)
Also Pacific Rim just had so much underlying hype I knew I was going to see a lot of crap filler between GOGO ROBOTS Vs. Kaiju.

Eclectic Dreck

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Sep 3, 2008
shrekfan246 said:
Well, I was flip-flopping around about purchasing Alpha Protocol for a while because, while it wasn't lambasted or anything, it's had a largely mixed reaction from most critics and communities. I've been enjoying it so far, though, and the first few hours have had a minimal number of bugs if it still suffers from them.
I personally ignored the critical response on that one because most of the complaints were couched in the form of mechanical design choices. Often harped upon were the fact that you were all but incapable of using a weapon you didn't invest skill points in and the fact that you had powers that would mysteriously turn your invisible. All told, there was only one often held complaint that I felt had any merit: if you built your character as a stealthy neck-breaker type, the various boss fights were incredibly difficult since boss characters are all but immune to melee and many of them will murder the hell out of you if you dare to get close.

Of course, I don't think even that's a particularly good knock against the game. If you're the sort of person who looks at a massive arsenal of weapons built for covert kinetic operations and then gets told they'll be going deep behind the lines without any hope of support and then, in the prologue is forced to face a foe with using weapons who still insists on bringing their fists to a gun fight - then I'd have to say the problem is the player.

Ultimately, Alpha Protocol was a game that used mechanical ideas that are seen as archaic and that, more than anything else, was the cause of complaint. I personally played the game on two different platforms, the PC and the 360, without ever experiencing bugs that I can recall - a remarkable feat if only because it is the only game I can recall from Obsidian I can say that about.


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Jan 19, 2009
Zhukov said:
Anyone remember that indie zombie game Amy? I remember being kinda interested in it.

Then suddenly, reviews.

Nope. Nope nope nope.
This. This right here.

I've ditched tons of games/movies/etc because of poor reviews. That's what they're there for.

Sarah Kerrigan

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Jan 17, 2010
Personally, it was Beyond Two Souls. I really wanted it because I loved Heavy Rain, then I heard the reviews and the scores and what people said and I was suddenly like 'no'


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Apr 8, 2020
United States
Amy is one, and so was Beyond Two Souls.

I was interested in both of them, and with Beyond I was mildly curious to know how it was gonna be, and to know if it was going to be any good.

SH HD Collection as well. Yeah, I remember bitching about the change in VAs and the upscaled graphics, but I thought that maybe I shouldn't be such a bastard about it and just wait to see what the reviews said and hopefully be surprised that my bitching was just silly.

Well, let's just say I'm glad I still own the originals.


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Apr 10, 2020
United Kingdom
Dark Knifer said:
The silent hill hd collection for me. I don't posses the games and it seemed like a great opportunity but they seemed to have ruined that so I haven't touched that.
This is the same for me. Though, its not so much avoid as 'wait till its at a price where its not a painful loss of money if it does turn out to be drek'.

The same went for Front Mission Evolved, though I think its fair to say my wanting it went from a 'MUST HAVE!' to a fairly cool 'er... wait and see' after watching the trailer and finding out who the developer was, and the reviews were just confirming what I had deeaded. Still, at £2, I did get to go through it eventually.