Have you ever fought with a friend to the point you never talked to them again?

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Nov 11, 2011
I had a friend in primary school, whom turned out to be an MRA, we stopped talking because I don't like conservatives and bigots, and he was arrogant too. I first picked up on this early on, when he accused me of being gay.


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Dec 31, 2009
Yep..happened to me with a friend of 4+ years that I used to play WoW with.

I considered him a friend since we skyped every day even outside of wow (even though we never met in real life because we were living in different cities). Then we'd had a falling out 2 years ago in Mists of Pandaria when he decided to join another guild because he wanted to progress in heroic mode and the guild we were in for the past 3+ years wasn't putting the effort in doing what he wanted (he was raid leader).

Then we started to slowly talk less and less because our raid times stopped coinciding and he found another grp of people that he was playing DOTa 2 with (I quit playing mobas a few months back because they were too nerve wracking). We got to a point where we had a fight, because there was nothing else we could talk about (he wasn't playing any singleplayer games..only DOTA 2 and I didn't..so there was barely any talk on Skype). That lead to an heated argument that filled my cup and I uninstalled Skype and we haven't spoke since.

We do give ourselves messages on Facebook when it's holidays (EAster, Christmas and birthdays) but other than that we are just almost like very distant aquaintences.


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Jun 6, 2013
Yeah, one asshole told a girl he was glad that her mom died of cancer. It's true she bullied him, but he was still out of line. He was creepy anyway.

Another guy was just annoying and immature. I almost punched him once. Instead I got up and left. Then my best friend followed me. And then everyone got up and followed him. In the end he sat alone for the rest of the semester. He could have sat with us if he'd swallow his pride and stop being an asshole. I think he was stunned by the outcome, so he just sat there.


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Jun 18, 2012
My sophomore year roommate and I got along really well. End of the year, he stole my project and I learned on the last day I was accused of plagiarism. I took all the evidence I had and I got it sorted on my end. No idea what happened to him. He added me on steam over the summer after I removed him and did reject the request. Never bothered with him since he was kind of a terrible human being. For his sake I hope he got better as a person.


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Oct 26, 2014
I haven't really gotten into a serious fight with a friend, although i have severed ties with problematic people.

The case that jumps out to me its when a friend (with who i was friends since i had memory) got the social-fever in high school. She suddenly had the urge get along with the popular crowd, something that didn't bother me at first, because we still talked and had a good relation ship, but a year after the social bug bite her, she started to talk bad things around the backs of my group of friends and myself, which again i didn't give a shit about it, although it did hurt a little. That continued until the day that she came asking me to help her with a high value project for biology class (i sucked at biology T-T), so we reunited after class and gave her the guidelines for the project, then i had to go to the bathroom, and after i got back, i just saw my backpack ransacked in the floor, with my wallet and my project missing (in which i pulled my ass to get it well done). After that i went to her house, retrieved my stuff, and severed all ties with her, in the end she failed the grade and moved away.

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Aug 26, 2009
Yeah once, but it was less of an argument and me being an asshole (Depending on how you look at it) in primary school.

Long story short, I lent a dude a book and I asked for the book back which he told me he finished, continued the discussion into P.E class where the bastard got extremely flustered and agitated to the point that both me and my other friend backed away to let him cool down. Until I got the bright idea of pulling his strings by pretending to run to class to pilfer my book back but in actuality went to the bathroom, asking my teacher to further vindicate myself if he tried to say anything to the teacher, though in retrospect i'm not entirely sure if I did this was deliberately or just needed to go to the bathroom. Regardless, whilst I was releasing myself he had apparently thrown a tantrum and was accusing me of going through his bag, stealing his stuff which was swiftly wavered away when the teacher told him I was going to the bathroom, I think he had to sit out of the class since he was so miffed about it.

Other than that, I'm one of those people who's not much of a social instigator so I lose old friends as soon as I stop seeing them routinely unless of course they are willing to keep it up, and in that case i'm happy to continue along my merry way with em'.


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Jul 10, 2013
Once... with the first ever female friend who was the same age as me at the time... Not-so-long story short, she thought that I was a pervert for trying to pull up her skirt as she was jumping off the playground structure since I was behind her at the time and, since we were playing "Tag" and I was "It", had the perfect opportunity to do so "accidentally"... This was untrue since while trying to tag her back right away, her skirt went up to her back as she fell to the ground and I ending up touching her skirt instead... After a heated discussion that could only come from a couple of 9-year-olds, not only did we not speak to each other again, but for the rest of that particular school year before she moved away, she would tell her other friends to "Stay away from the pervert!" and/or "Don't touch me, pervert!" if I was ever within ear-shot of hearing those particular phrases... And to think I was crushing on her bubbly personality before any of that shit went down...

Other than that, I don't think I'll count the fight between my rival in middle school since we were never friends to begin with[footnote]Yet, we both have the same set of friends in middle school...[/footnote] and it only got uglier considering that our own moms got more involved in the fight than any of us ever could... and my rival and I got the middle school principle into it since my rival was already "buddy-buddy" with said principle beforehand...

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Jul 7, 2020
United States
No I'm horrible at holding grudges for so long. I did have plenty of friends that I've drifted away from because our lives went in different directions and we failed to stay in touch. I also have my best friends whom I live with. I've really fought with one of them, to the point where I've told her, if she no longer wants to live with me that she can pack her bags and don't let the door hit her in the ass on the way out, but even despite that, I wouldn't stop calling her my friend (and surprisingly we still live together).


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Dec 25, 2008
Not really fought, but more "they did something that pissed me off so much that I have since broken contact and never spoke to them ever again, breaking my rule about always giving a second chance because seriously we've known each other since high school and I expected better from them."


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Jul 9, 2013
To some degree. I dont get into firey fights that ruin things immediately. I wish I did, it would save a lot of trouble when trying to cut people out of my life.

There was this friend that wanted to be more than friends, I said I didnt want a relationship with him. Lets call him Earl. I was currently trying to become romantic with a different friend, Emma. I didnt specify this because I was a nervous twat and that was my downfall. Earl would constantly text me and he would take "I dont want to talk right now" as me hating him. He would constantly want to know what I was doing, getting upset when I didnt reply, and pressuring me to talk more. He would talk about the most mundane things. I told him that I wasnt interested because i was interested in Emma, he got angry at me for leading him on and I cut off communication. I eventually progressed with Emma, and she became my girlfriend.

Emma was still in contact with Earl for quite awhile. I heard from another friend, Jenny, that Earl would always talk to them about how much they were in love with Emma. I, being Emma's girlfriend and still salty from the previous ways he acted, took offense to this. I was angry that he would talk this way about Emma when I told him I was interested in her. I pressured Emma to cut off communication with him and he threatened suicide. We were in highschool at the time, so we told the counselors and then communications were cut off. After that, Earl would constantly bother Jenny and text her constantly, until she pulled communication on her own accord.

That was the only drama I had in my life so far. I didnt really come out on top in this situation. Earl was also going through a traumatic time, leading more to his suicide threat. It didnt help that I was pressuring my girlfriend, who he vented to a lot, to cut off talking to him. I still dont know what to really feel about this situation. I did feel manipulated by him. I feel like there was a lot of trouble with him. But I also felt like a horrible person when I argued with my girlfriend about him. Earl was a pretty cool dude before he started trying to be romantic. He was a nice friend. I felt like I could've handled it better.

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May 1, 2020
A couple of times I have lost friends, not through arguing though.

The first time was when I was 18 I think, I had been playing in a band with a good friend. We were different people but very close and his family were awesome too. After much thought on the subject I had decided I wasn't happy with my life. my mates were all finishing apprenticeships or heading off to uni or just moving up in the world.
I was working full time in a warehouse and was feeling like a bit of a loser/felt I could do a bit better than that.
With a heavy heart I told my friend I was quitting the band because I was getting too old and needed to sort my life out.

My friend took it very badly.
I remember picking up my bass amp from our practice room and saying 'I'll see you around' only to get the reply 'yeah we will see'.
I didn't see or hear from him ever again.
I can understand why the guy was angry but he was just twisting the knife and hurting us both for no reason.

The second time was really bizarre.
I had a friend who I can only say was having a crisis of confidence I guess.
he had just moved back home with his parents after his foreign girlfriend had been caught out cheating.
my friend was pretty broke and spending what he could on nights out. I think he had this strong desire to just get away from things, not just reality but the place we lived too and for that he needed cash.
one day he asked me for a £500 loan.
I was torn. 500 quid is not exactly chump change but then of course he was my friend and I don't like letting down my friends.....but on the other hand I didn't really feel convinced I would see that money again anytime soon, especially with my friends current debts and inability to service those debts.

So I kind of uhhmmed and aaahhhd, feeling bad that the bank of Carlsberg could not approve of such a loan.
My friend seeing how things were going to play out got very angry and started to shout loudly that 'I was a dickhead and a fucking weirdo'
hurtful words considering I hadn't done anything wrong and we had grown up together. After that my friend didn't speak to me for over a year, what made it worse was we were working together, everyday I had to go to work and put up with this childish 'i'm ignoring you' attitude.

Sigh, people are too angry.