Hello my name is Joshua Curtis and I'm a former Gamestop Customer


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Nov 26, 2008
OK that sounded odd but let me explain...

I was tooling around on these forums like I have been lately and chiming in on some topics of interest when someone posted the link to the "Zero Imagination" video trilogy and I have to say it caught my interest. I knew that the trade in thing that Gamestop was pretty much BS especially when I see how little I get for some games and so when I looked at some of the stores he mentioned my mind went to start looking for some new alternatives and I found two sweet alternatives:

Gameexpress - an online store based here in NJ that would be good for online bulk shopping, which I've a tendency to do. I wouldn't do it for buying single new games but a bulk order sure

BUT then...something magical happened

I remembered hearing about "Game Crazy" in the "Zero Imagination" video and went to go look it up to see if they have stores near my house. Initially I was unsuccessful but then after following proper direction with street addy, town and state I found out that we have FIVE around here! I plan to call the nearest store tomorrow to see if they do anything special for turning in the "Edge Cards" and if they do I'm asking my Grandmom in the future if she knows where Mantua Pike is so we can check out this store.

And this is how I'm 99.9% certain that Gamestop/EB Games is about to lose a customer they had for about 5 years


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Oct 31, 2007
I worked for Gamestop one time, for one single week, before I quit. One week of seeing things behind the scenes was enough to drive me away from them forever.