Henry & Glenn Forever And Ever Preview Is A Match Made in Metal


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Jan 5, 2013
Henry & Glenn Forever And Ever Preview Is A Match Made in Metal

Recently released pages from Tom Neely's book compilation of Henry & Glenn Forever provide a peek of a world where musicians Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins fell in love.

The world of literature and comics is practically filled to the brim with epic love stories. That said, I'm willing to say that none can be quite so awesome as the one told in Tom Neely's Henry & Glenn Forever. Detailing a hypothetical romance between punk and metal icons Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig. Originally published as a became a comic that, in turn, is now being expanded into a full-fledged book, Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever.

Containing 20 short stories by a variety of comic artists, and featuring a foreword from Judas Priest vocalist (aka: metal god) Rob Halford, the book is being released this August. That in mind, Neely has recently released a series of pages hailing the Buried Secrets storyline, which will be featured in the book. Just taking a look at some of the images, it shouldn't be hard to see why this book has earned so many fans. The cameos from famous musicians alone are a ton of fun and, really, what's not to love about an evil Hall and Oates?


Put shortly, if you're a fan of metal/punk or just general off-beat humor, Henry & Glenn Forever should definitely be on your list of things to pre-order. Or, if you want a larger sample, you can also take a deeper (NSFW) peek of more pages at Spin.

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Premium Gasoline
Jun 23, 2009
Kalle Savijärvi and Jarkko Aaltonen of the Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani have this cute little thing they do on Facebook where they upload images of the two going on various adventures, captioned with "Today Kauno and Jauno have mostly been ____".

Somewhere along the line, some of the fans were claiming to be putting together a Frog and Toad style children's book chronicling the adventures of Kauno and Jauno. To my knowledge, this hasn't surfaced, but for some odd reason this comic book reminds me of that, despite the fact that it is in no way, shape or form similar to this comic book.