Hide Your Wallets! Holiday Game Sales are Busting Out All Over


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Oct 24, 2013
Hide Your Wallets! Holiday Game Sales are Busting Out All Over

//cdn.themis-media.com/media/global/images/library/deriv/1369/1369293.jpgIf you've got any money left from your Christmas shopping, you can grab some great gaming deals.

The holidays are here, and for gamers, that means the sales are here as well. Digital games are where all the savings are, and you can find a ton of sales right now.

First up is - of course - the Winter Steam Sale, which kicked off today. If you were around for the Autumn Sale in November, you'll find that many of the deals look familiar. You can find both Fallout 4 [http://store.steampowered.com/app/379720/] for $19.79 each, for example. There are some new additions, and if you missed out on anything the last time around, you've got until January 2, 2017 at 1 PM ET to get your shopping done.

Not to be outdone, EA's Origin store also has its holiday sale going on. This sale has some standout deals, including two popular shooters. Titanfall 2's Standard Edition is just $29.99 [https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/battlefield/battlefield-1/standard-edition].

Console gamers will also find deals in their respective stores. Xbox Live has a number of Origins Edition of Overwatch for $39.59 [http://www.xbox.com/en-US/promotions/sales/countdown].

Finally, you can check out the game stores at the Humble Store [https://www.greenmangaming.com/] for even more deals.

It might be tough on your wallet, but there are plenty of great deals on games this holiday. Let us know what the best deal you find is!



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Aug 12, 2009
Works well for me! I got a giftcard for Christmas from someone for $20 at Target... guess what game happens to be on sale this week for $19.99? Dark Souls 3. Hurray for my family giving me the gift of self-loathing and frustration! At least this year it was in the form of a video game.


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Feb 24, 2016
Guess that explains why I can't access the Steam page now.

Keep getting that "An error occurred while processing your request" page over and over again. You think Steam would be more prepared for this by now.

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Jun 17, 2009
Too bad there's too few games that are actually worth buying and many are still excessively overpriced even after being put on sale. Civ VI I'm looking at you.
Deathfish15 said:
Sadly it is gift GIVING season, not game buying selfish season. That's next month, joys!
Also this.