How alike are you and your siblings?

Mr Fixit

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Oct 22, 2008
Well considering that I am the youngest of SIX children, with a 13 year gap between me & the next youngest, the three oldest are all old enough to be my parents. M y brothers & one sister run a wide range of personalities. We all do share similar traits here & there, like three of us have our fathers red hair & the other run from blond to black. We do have a few personality traits that match up sometimes, but it's a rare thing.

My oldest brother is a military man & has a son that is two months younger than me, that will tell you the age gap, we get along ok, but he has never really been part of my life he has lived a very long distance from the rest of us all my life.

The next one in line, another brother, has always been around & for a lot of my younger years we really did a lot together. He's the outdoors type, camping, fishing & all that. That's a big part of why I enjoy those things as well, but in the past few years we have grown apart. He like's to think of himself as the "father figure" to the rest of us & most of us can't stand that, myself included. Sadly he is a very right wing "Obama is gonna hunt us all down when he becomes dictator" nut. I personally don't really give two shits about politics they are all crooks to me.

Then we have my one & only sister, she has always been around & to this day still lives with me & our parents, since our parents are both disabled & in their 70s we stuck around & look after them. We get along great for the most part, we have a lot in common, she games a bit & we love going to the movies together. I'm probably the closest to her.

Then we have my "black sheep" brother, he comes around at times, usually to bum money when he fucks up. I'm fine with him in small doses, this one is another "Obama is EVIL!!!!!!, huddle in your bunker" nut. I tune him out when he starts talking like that.

Finally we have the next to youngest, still 13 years older than me, but we are probably the most alike. If you looked at pictures of us when we were each 10 years old respectively, we looked almost like twin despite the age gap. He's a gamer like myself, we used to sit a play games all day long together. We have very similar personalities calm, quiet & mostly reserved unless the mood to goof off hits us then we cut loose. I love hanging when him when we get the chance, but it's not very often anymore.

At times I'll see bits & pieces of each one of them in me & I suppose that is to be expected, none of us are exactly polar opposites & we aren't exactly alike either. We run a pretty wide range of personalities.


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Dec 6, 2010
Bertylicious said:
My sister and I are very similar in terms of how we think and also share certain behavioural traits, we're both lateral thinkers, we're both utterly self-centred (and possess enough self-awareness to not be total dickheads) and we're both slobs although we both lead very different lives and hold different philosophies.
That's funny, I would describe me and my sister almost exactly the same way. Maybe that's why we get along so great now, while we mostly couldn't stand each other in childhood. :p


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Apr 10, 2012
Nimcha said:
Bertylicious said:
My sister and I are very similar in terms of how we think and also share certain behavioural traits, we're both lateral thinkers, we're both utterly self-centred (and possess enough self-awareness to not be total dickheads) and we're both slobs although we both lead very different lives and hold different philosophies.
That's funny, I would describe me and my sister almost exactly the same way. Maybe that's why we get along so great now, while we mostly couldn't stand each other in childhood. :p
I dunno man, being crammed into the same house with anyone is going to make you sick of them. That's why so many folks fall in love, get married and then get divorced in a really bitter and acrimonious way; people are terrible.


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Feb 19, 2014
Incredibly dissimilar.

I'm an introverted good-natured nerdy pleasure seeking aspie.

My sister is an extroverted narcicistic(and I mean that as in full fledged personality disorder) party animal.

My half-sister is a diplomatic, altruistic, generous, all-around good person(and the only one of us who has married, though my other sister is an unmarried "housewife" and recently became a mother).

I guess my half-brother is the most similar to me, he's even more introverted and shy, and also a bit of a pleasure seeker, but I don't know him that well, wouldn't be surprised if he's an aspie as well, I think my father is too.

the doom cannon

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Jun 28, 2012
My younger brother and I have a lot of similarities but also a lot of differences. We are 3 years apart, but were 4 years apart in school since my parents wanted to start me a year early.


Taste in music, at least for the most part. He got me into certain heavy metal bands, I got him into various House and Trance groups
Sports- We played the same sports when we were younger, and even now we both ski and mountain bike, though I'm a better skier and he's a better mountain biker, both by a long way.
Relationships: We have both had long relationships. He's been with his girlfriend for like 2 years. I've been with my fiancee for 4 years, and the girlfriend before that for 1.5 years.
University degree: We are both pursuing engineering degrees


He's always been popular, because he was always taller than nearly everyone his age, he lost his baby fat in like 5th grade at the latest, and he generally gives off "one of the cool kids" vibes. Me on the other hand, despite being tall for my age, being a year early for my grade at a school where the kids were a year late meant that I was nearly 2 years behind in growth and maturity for grades 1-8. Definitely not one of the cool kids, and I had my baby fat until grade 9. I'm just happy I didn't get picked on too much for being the baby of the class.
He's definitely more of a risk taker. I've never done any sort of drugs, and only started drinking my 1st year of university. Him on the other hand, has been doing all manner of drugs and alcohol since at least his 3rd year of high school, probably earlier too.
That being said, he still managed to basically get straight A's, got his IB diploma, and took several AP classes, and has a 3.5ish gpa after his first semester of university. I didn't get straight A's until the end of my 3rd year in high school, and I've come dangerously close to flunking out of university.

So yea, we are basically polar opposites


Sailor Jupiter Woman
Jun 10, 2011
I have 2 sisters (both older) and 3 brothers (all younger).

So I'll just stick to my sisters for now or this would be far too long, and I still think all my brothers are developing as people.

- While not particularly masculine in personality, I'm not overly feminine either (sort of in the middle), my sisters are more feminine than me, with one of them being a lot more feminine than me. She likes make-up and shoes and dresses and gives me advice on what to wear for my body shape which is good because I have no fashion sense at all.

-We're ALL extremely strong-headed and stubborn.

-Our nerdy interests vary, if it were a scale, I would be the extreme end, my oldest sister would be in the middle and my middle sister would be at the end with low-level geekness (she's more into tabletop, doesn't play any games, doesn't associate with the `nerd` label).

-We're all into women's rights for pretty self explanatory reasons but politically we're all pretty similar (bleeding heart liberals).

Overall I have a few key similarities to my sisters but many differences in personality but I get on great with them. I respect our differences (I didn't always, we fought like cats in a box when I was a kid).
I'm lucky that I get on so well with all my siblings.

an annoyed writer

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Jun 21, 2012
I'm not much like my brother, who is two years younger. We share a few similarities, but not many. He's much more healthy, athletic, and less complicated than I am, while I'm a socially withdrawn transgender kid with issues to deal with like Asperger's syndrome, weight issues, slight paralysis, and a ton of anxieties. Naturally I'm much more feminine in appearance and mannerisms than he is, with the sole exception being my interest in automobiles(I love a wide variety of them, he drives a boring old Honda Accord and doesn't care about getting anything more interesting or exciting). We both do play video games, but our interests are extremely different. I like a wide variety, while he only likes things like the occasional RTS, COD, Battlefield, Madden, and Fallout, little else. Our interests cross over more in music as of late, with us both enjoying electronica and orchestral music, though he branches out much more into rap, hip-hop, and some other stuff of that nature, while I branch out into Metal more than he does. He's also the spitting image of my dad at age 20, while I'm closer to my mom in appearance and general gearing towards academia(I enjoy studying and learning much more than he does). I'm also much more white-collar than he is, since he's more athletic and physically capable.

Someone Depressing

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Jan 16, 2011
I'll use the brother closest in age to me.

-I'm very quiet, but I can become friendly and rather extroverted if I'm around people I'm comfortable with.
-She's a loud obnoxious bastard.

-I'm lazy, but I try to be punctual.
-He was once three days late for a party. No, I'm not joking. I wish I was, though.

-I'm a nerd.
-He once called Star Trek "Trek Wars" in all seriousness. I don't watch Star Trek or Star Wars, but I genuinely shivered when he said that.

-I eat when I'm happy, sad, annoyed, or calm.
-He's borderlines anorexic.

-I believe in many liberal causes: The right for homosexuals to marry, the legalisation of marijuana, ect.
-He is anti-gay, anti-immigration and pro-life.

We couldn't be any more different.. and for that, I'm happy. It quickly told me who was the favourite in my family.


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Feb 12, 2013
I'm exactly like my older brother and sister in mannerisms and such, but we're different when it comes to relationships. Both of them got married and had children pretty much straight out of high school while I'm all about casual relationships.

Another difference I guess is that their career paths were to stay with the family business and they both became journeyman machinists while I'm attempting to become a petroleum engineer. I'm the biggest fuck-up and "success" of the family at the same time ha.


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Apr 2, 2009
My sister and I are about as different as you can get, the manifestation of yin and yang. There seems to be a "golden rule" with very few exceptions where we like what the other dislikes. Here is a list of what I'm trying to say:
(the obvious one first) She's a girl, I'm a boy
She's blond, I'm dark brown
She's short, I'm tall
She's picky, I'm accepting (this applies mostly to food)
She's outgoing, I'm introverted
She's assertive, I'm submissive
She's driven, I'm unmotivated
She's hot-headed, I'm patient
She's focused, I'm borderline ADD
She's organized, I'm haphazard
She likes it hot, I prefer the cold
She looks more like our Mom, I'm like a clone of my Dad
She needs to be busy, I'm fine with sitting around
And on top of that is our wildly different tastes in music, movies, TV shows, and our opinions of what we think is a fun evening, and what we find interesting

Yet, despite being so different, we get along fine


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Sep 5, 2008
I'd have to say that my sister and I can best be described as "extremely, insanely, Winchester-levels-of-co-dependently" similar. We both have the same taste in entertainment, the same generally existential worldview, basically the same hobbies (she loves to draw and dabbles in writing; I love to write and dabble in drawing), share most of the same phobias, are on the same depression meds, and, to top it all off, we're physically similar enough that we constantly get asked if we're twins.

So, yeah. Together we're pretty fuckin' creepy.


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Aug 31, 2009
I have 3 siblings; two sisters and a brother (technically a half-sister and half brother as the two youngest). I'm counting them though because family and love. I'm the oldest therefor I'm the best one of them all.

Oldest Sister is freaking weird. She has a better job though...manager of the floral department of a place. She and I don't like the same kind of music but neither of us listen to mainstream music so there's that. She isn't much of a gamer but is fairly familiar with Nintendo games. She's the only one in the family who is a natural red head so that reduces points and makes it OK for me to bop her in the head. She and I never went to college...well I went for a bit then quit so there's a point in favor I guess.

Younger sister is also really, really weird. Like...really weird...but she's really popular and part of her school's poms team so there's something we have nothing in common with because I didn't do shit until I was a senior and joined the theater group. She and I fangirl a lot but I wouldn't buy a life-sized cut out of fictional characters...I would buy wallscrolls though...and body pillows if I wasn't in a committed relationship...

Youngest sibling: my brother...BROTHER! I don't think he'd get that reference...he plays the fuck out of games though and since he's too young to work he goes through them really quickly kind of like how I used to back before I got a job and job-related stress and whatnot. Apparently he's not doing well socially in school but he's getting great grades so partial credit because I was terrible at school.


I think I'm fairly similar to my siblings all things considered.

Mack Case

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Dec 9, 2011
My older brother is the only one of my siblings I'm going to compare myself to, though I have a younger sister and brother as well.

He is about 2.5 years older than me. He's in college and I'm a senior in high school. We are relatively similar physically. I'm a bit taller, with lighter hair and a heavier build. In terms of personality, we're a bit of a mixed bag, and I've always suspected that there might be some medical issue with my siblings in myself that produces oddballs, because it seriously cannot be normal with any of us.

I tend to be the one who always says "yes", so I have experience doing chores such as cooking, cleaning, etc. He is always a critic, and is unafraid to speak his mind (to a fault, actually), which means he's the one who argues with people and ends up doing less around the house. He has never, for as long as I have known him, found fault with his actions and apologized. Ever.

We have similar interests, we both are really deep into nerd culture, although I tend to get more gung-ho for things than him, and he really doesn't watch many American shows any more since he discovered anime. I tend to be more comfortable with displaying my personality. I'll fill my room with posters and such, buy nerdy clothing, etc., whereas he is pretty subdued about being a nerd, which is not to say he's ashamed, he just doesn't feel the need to display it.

We're both pretty smart people, although he has always gotten better grades than me (except for the AP English exam last year, where I scored higher and I still can't get over how great that feels). We're both pretty active from an extracurricular perspective, although I tend to stick with things and do a bit more. I am on the academic team at my high school and am planning a year-long trip to Spain the year after high school graduation in June, and he played soccer and was in the fencing club at his school last year for a while.

We both seem to go similar ways in life. He's independently studied Japanese to an astounding level in the last year (I actually think he might be in the neighborhood of having a workable vocabulary) and plans to move there when he leaves college. I'm studying Spanish, but I have plans to go after other languages (German, Arabic, Japanese) and spend my life abroad as well. We're both leaning towards engineering careers, although that has recently started to waver (towards teaching for both of us) on both fronts as we've gotten more interested in foreign cultures.

We're both socially introverted, having a small, close circle of friends that we really don't see outside of school very often.

He's a huge pain to deal with, but he's honestly the best friend I've ever had.

William Ossiss

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Apr 8, 2010
My little brother and I are pretty alike, though we have vastly different tastes in music.
My older sister and I get along, but we're too different to discuss anything that we both enjoy other than small talk and tv shows.

My little sister is the enigma of the family. There's no one like her.

That said, my older sister and I have gone 52 rounds of rock, paper, scissors with it ending in a tie each time, so we sort of think the same. My little brother and I have never really fought. We simply like hanging out.


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Nov 27, 2009
Democrat Catholic mother who runs a daycare business. Three kids:

Pothead who calmed down and is now an accountant, Democrat and Atheist.

Drama kid who is a puppeteer and works for both Disney and Cirque de Solei, Republican who attends Rick Warren's Saddleback (Purpose Driven Life) church.

Military Intelligence veteran who got a credential and teaches high school English, Independent and Atheist.

We're all pretty different. :D


batlh bIHeghjaj.
Dec 19, 2010
We all like music (mums influence as I'd bet as i can remember her exposing me to music from a young age)
We look alike enough to be identified as siblings though there are some small differences like my brothers darker skin and my sister has brown hair not black unlike my brother and I.
We all are fairly impatient and abrasive personality wise though again this is from our mum who herself got it from her dad

Only one of us (me) has any affinity for technology, my siblings ask me to fix their stuff for them.
We have little in common interest wise, beyond small talk we don't talk a great deal.
I am the odd one out in that I don't kids or to settle down ect while they both have.
I am also the weird one of the family in that I speak in a completely different accent to the rest of my family despite being raised by the same parents in the same area.

So yeah while there are some differences we are definitely very different people.


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Oct 27, 2008
In many ways I am quite similar to my younger brother, in that we are both fairly quiet, and we have similar hobbies and interests. The only real difference is that I absolutely love traveling and going to new places, whereas my brother prefers to stay at home, play videogames and read comic books, whereas I am not into comics and superheroes as much as he is. It means that we get along quite well, even more so now that I don't see him as often as I used to, it makes hanging out with him more special.


Oct 28, 2013
TizzytheTormentor said:
Japan? A fascinating place. I envy you!

OT: My closest sibling travels far and wide and is not around as often as I'd like. One of my more distant cousins is the life of the party when you catch him at a good time. My strange and extensive family is somewhat difficult to gather in one place at one moment, making large-scale celebrations problematic.