How do you deal with these VERY COMMON gaming situations?


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May 10, 2008
These are hypothetical and random -_- Don't take them seriously!

Also, there is FAACTUAL proof that these happen all the time to gamers....I just don't have those facts with me at the moment :| And I can't find them'll just have to take my word for it. :D

1) Your baby sister / brother has beaten you in a game you have been playing for a long time by button bashing and is showing you up.
2) You are in the middle of an epic battle of which you would have to start all over again if you quit and you can't save at this moment in time, mother comes in and says you are going out with her, NOW! Switch off!
3) Game freezes during a crucial moment.
4) Family member switches off you console during a crucial moment somehow.
5) All your saves and data have mysteriously been deleted on your harddrive :O
6) Another online gamer is beating you hands down, laughing hysterically and insulting you and your family.
7) Your controllers have myseriously become inverted, up is down, left is right, A is X, O is triangle, start is select right in between an FPS tournament with $10,000 as the prize, going to options seems to have no effect.
8) Your favourite game is scratched rendering it unplayable, you've lost the reciept AND the one you had was a rare copy.
9) You've been banned from online for being antisocial, whats that? You weren't? Tough luck!
10) You find out your console has been hacked and someone has been watching you via your kinect / eyecam all this time, who knows what they've been doing with those clips, but there doesn't seem to be a way to trace back to them, the next day you find clips of yourself all over the interwebs :D


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May 15, 2008
1) Swallow my pride and teach them technique
2) Tell mum to go F herself this is important
3) Leave the game in a state of frozen hoping it will thaw and continue play
4) Leave the console switched off, clearly no other solution
5) Sell hard-drive hoping it will take the wizards curse with it
6) Assure him he is much more skilled and that yes my mother does take it several ways at once
7) Put Controller down far away from me, so as to not damage it mid-seizure
8) Buy a plain copy, I still have the collectables and case
9) Deal with it
10) Find out where the hell the Kinect came from, it's not mine.


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Dec 25, 2008
1) Doesn't come up, I gave my brother a chance to play portal. He couldn't even walk forward or move the camera even after instruction.
2) Calmly explain the situation and remind her of her tendency to call three times in fifteen seconds and expect it to be the same as calling once and giving me time to wrap things up.
3) Throw controller (Probably why the left analogue stick is loose)
4) subtly fuck up their day
5) It's a good chance to look at the games and which ones I really like. sell the others.
6) Mute/ play something else
7) never happened, Google it?
8) use some of that resurfacing stuff.
9) appeal/incite a riot
10) I put a piece of tape over the cam when I thought of that possibility. What would they want with a somewhat bored looking guy anyway?


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Feb 21, 2010

Basicly that reaction. Mostly silent though.


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Oct 4, 2007
1) Give up when it stops being fun.
2) If it's epic, it's fun to play again. Switch off.
3) What is there to do? I take it as a signal to stop playing at the time.
4) If it was an accident, get passive-aggressive about it and expect positive treatment in compensation.
5) Determine which of my games are actually fun to replay again, and go for those. As for the others...would I really have played them again?
6) If this is a server I know, have them reported to the admin for direct attacks. If not, leave.
7) Wait, controller? In an FPS tournament? Was I high?
8) How exactly does a license to download a game from Steam get "scratched"?
9) This one seems unfortunately very plausible. I would at least state my case to the system and hope for the best, but realize it probably wouldn't go anywhere. I'd still incessantly blog about it hoping someone takes notice.
10) Oh my god! Tony! Tony! You HAVE to look at these pictures of this guy staring blankly at his computer screen! They're SO funny!!!


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Jan 5, 2011
1) Slap him. Then beat him at something he can't just buttonmash.
2) Pause it and leave it. FF9 used to sit for hours on pause while I went shopping with mum.
3) Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!
4) See above.
5) Check ultra secret backup folder. If they're also gone, see above.
6) Leave then go have sex or go drinking or do something they're probably not old enough or social enough to do to make me feel better.
7) Try and make do. Also, see answer for 3)
8) I had this problem with Soul Reaver. Luckily since you are allowed to own a digital copy of anything you have bought I found a decent ISO to emulate and just decided to start playing again. Also get a lockbox for my games to stop them getting scratched again.
9) Appeal. Spam moderators. See answer for 3)
10) Start getting sexeh!


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Mar 29, 2010
1-9 I would just be annoied and probably not log on for a while but with #10, I would just wonder how they got a kinect into my house and set it up so I didn't notice it.


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Mar 3, 2009
Not sure where you're going with this, really, but these do happen all the time. Most recent for me, in order:

1) Not button mashing, but while I tend to do better in action games than my brother, I am continually and inexplicably schooled by him in any of the DBZ Budokai games.

2) I tend to go to the pause button for this kind of thing, but up and outs happen often enough. Less of an issue than it used to be with longer games often using autosaves.

3) Mass Effect 2, last week.

4) Been a while, but a memorable one was when I was quite young and my brother (somehow) managed to accidentally hit the power button on the nintendo with a Bebop (sp? from Ninja Turtles in any event) action figure. I'm not being cute with wording either. It fell off the TV after he put it down, clipped something and its nose spun into the button.

5) RRoD, irritating, but what're you going to do?

6) Constant. First part I can handle, second isn't worth my time. After a while I just stopped bothering with subscriptions and took up Yahtzee's philosophy that if you're playing multiplayer with someone you should be close enough to smack him.


8) Monster Rancher 4. Pulled it off the shelf a few months ago, didn't work. Took it to a place that does repairs. Cost me 4 bucks.

9) See above for the 'not worth my time' answer.

10) Aside from keeping microphones, etc, unplugged when I'm not using them to avoid exactly this and having little to no interest in video-controllers (call them what you will), anyone who wants to watch me sitting in a chair for a while has problems beyond the norm.


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Jan 8, 2011
1. Challenge them to a series, whoever wins the most wins overall, they can't be lucky all the time.
2. "If you let me just finish this i will go quietly, even clothes shopping."
3 - 10. Either/combination of NOOOOOOOOOOOO and Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
6. "You won, don't be massive douche" *report abusive behaviour*


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Jun 8, 2010
1. I'm the only one who plays video games.
2. Never happened.
3. Game has frozen but never during a crucial moment.
4. No one in my family even knows how to switch off my consoles.
5. Never happened.
6. Never happened.
7. This has happened, but the options menu was the fix.
8. Spyro the Dragon!!!!!! *sobs*
9. Never happened.
10. I would never buy any motion gaming product.


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Sep 10, 2009
1. I'm an only child, but hypothetically I'd probably get frustrated and tell him/her to press more than one button.
2. Pause button is your friend.
3. I'd probably get frustrated for a minute, but then just restart the game.
4. If they did that, it means they're incredibly mad at me, because this has never happened before, so there's more important things to worry about.
5. Restart Portal 2 for my PC, and then recover gamertag on xbox.
6. Rage quit
7. Well, given the $10,000 prize, I'd just buy another controller.
8. Buy another copy.
9. Complain to mods.
10. I have neither kinect (it's dumb) or an eyecam.


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Jul 24, 2009
1. FUCK!
2. FUCK!
3. FUCK!
4. FUCK!
5. FUCK!
6. FUCK!
7. FUCK!
8. FUCK!
9. FUCK!
10. FUCK!

Then continue on with my life.


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Jan 14, 2009
1) My sister did that all the time to me in Tekken. Never bothered me, I was just happy to play with someone.
2) Turn off the game. I can come back later
3) Restart the console.
4) Whatever.
5) FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU.....whatever.
6) Mute button
7) Try to adjust. I'm going to lose anyway.
8) Wait till my next payday, then buy a new one.
9) Meh. I'll just bombard Microsoft with emails until they give me back my account.
10) Reap profits from videos.


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Sep 22, 2009
1) My sister has only ever beat me at one game, and it was a Need for Speed race. Half way through she said, "let's swap" so I did, then she turned me around and drove me to the start line and said "swap back".
I didn't see her go flying past me as I was just dodging all the traffic due to it being, you know, need for speed. She holds, to this day, that she can beat me at racing games. She cannot.

2) Had this happen a lot as a kid, my parents simply didn't understand/care. I even said to them a number of times "If I was on a soccer pitch playing football would you call me off right as I was shooting a goal?" Dad was like, of course not, but video games aren't important. I use to also get, "Off the computer now" but I need to say good bye (was on MSN or whatever) no, it's just a computer, hop off. I tried to draw parallels between phone calls and IM programs but Dad must have assumed I was sending emails or something.



5) Cry.

6) So basically I'm playing on XBL. Yeah, don't really do anything particularly.

7) This has never happened to me. I would grab another controller/reboot the PC.

8) eBay.

9) Call customer service.

10) Lol, images of me playing DA2 naked. Even better, images of me getting angry at games while playing naked, shaking my fist at the TV etc.


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Jun 6, 2009
1. Get a little frustrated and try harder. If he keeps beating me (or I him), we stop playing that game (for now).
2. Reason with her. If that doesn't work, I would leave it on pause. If she says I can't, because it's wasteful (and I can't reason with her), I will just have to deal with it. (Actually, I'm old enough for this to never be an issue, but I answered as if I was younger.)
3. Depending on how frustrated I get, I'd either restart the game or go do something else.
4. Same as with 3, although I'd probably get a little mad if they did it on purpose.
5. Be really sad. Depending on the game(s) I might give up on them, or restart. But unless it's really good, I'd probably give up, because I generally dislike replaying games.
6. If I wasn't already muting all other players (as I always do), I mute him, so I don't really care about the mockery. If the battle gets too one sided however, I just go on another sever.
7. I played an FPS on a console twice, and it has been a while, so it would probably not affect me as much as others since I don't know the control configuration anyway. So I'd just play and lose as I would anyway.
8. I can't say what I'd do on this site.
9. I would be extremely pissed at such a blatant display of abuse of power and exact revenge on the guilty mod if I can (but probably not, so I'd probably do nothing except maybe stop visiting the site).
10. I don't really do anything worth watching so it wouldn't really be that bad, but I'd still hate being on the internet. Maybe I'd try getting the videos pulled if it wasn't too much trouble.


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Nov 20, 2008
{1} Button mashing is a legitimate tactics/skill.

{2} Pause game, switch off TV. They never figure it out.

{3} F-Bomb, then pull the game out to see if it's damaged.

{4} "Hey, I don't sabotage your car, computer, or electric razor. Lay off!"

{5} Time to get a new harddrive, 'cause this one's defective.

{6} Funny story: I don't use a mic/headphones for gaming...

{7} Tournament rules commonly state that control options are kept manditorily at default settings. If this is not the case, they WILL understand your conundrum and try to fix it or give you another chance.

{8} The hunt begins for a new one. I have that power! ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH!

{9} This is not a realistic situation. You CAN explain/appeal your case. Most people don't realize this, including here on the Escapist. (Don't argue with me. It's the truth.)

{10} This is thoroughly impossible. Hacking/virusing commonality is according to how common a machine is. If a virus is, for instance, put out there, it will be mostly designed for PC and Windows. Not so much Macs, Linux, or gaming consoles. The more uncommon a thing is, the most unlikely that it can even BE hacked in any traditional format. The chances of your console being hacked in some unscrupulous way is tiny, like you'd need Bill Gates to help you do it. You'd have to tailor your action, viral or active hacking to the software, and without ALL the compatibilities, you get nothing, stonewalled by the product's difference from a computer. But let's say you DID somehow manage to get into my console during the second coming of Christ or something. Guess what I don't have. Right! A camera or sensor of any sort. Again, you get nothing.

See, most of these I could see happening, but towards the end I imagine you were running out of ideas, right?


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Sep 10, 2008
1) not worry since i suck at those sorts of games and stare in awe at thir superior button mashing
2) gaah ***** where did you come from **smacks her with a shovel** now stay in that grave i thought i poisoned you better than that last time you did this 8)
3) meh excuse to replay from the last save
4) ditto
5) yay i get an excuse to restart and make less mistakes this time
6) wonder what the hell im doing playing that game and makeing a samwage
7) oh well i make that in a week no worries $10000 is not much
8) there is always another disk or i get the noCD crack
9) ohwell i dont play online anyway except for that 1 mmo but thats not a big deal
10) crap people can see clips of my bad hair days nooo my boobs are on the internet my life has ended **cue violent rampage **