I was so excited for Grid 2... not anymore.


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Mar 23, 2004


Random tracks. What. The. Fuck! "Live Routes" they call it. In the middle of a race, each lap the track can change. Or not.

If this was NFS: Underground/Most Wanted/Carbon/Hot Pursuit etc, I could understand that. But this is Grid. While the original had slightly forgiving arcadey controls, making it no Gran Turismo-like simulation, at least it was focused on the idea of being a professional race driver and making your way through a career of big events. Courses do not ever change in real racing, not lap to lap.

Now, I do like the idea of variations on a course. We've had that for years, play a race forward then reverse then mirrored or with a few slight variations in it. That's all well and good, because after a few laps you can memorize it. Making the player guess what's around the corner, every time, each fucking lap completely defeats the idea of racing and turns it into the equivalence of a quick time event.