id's Carmack: "Visually Stunning" Wii Games Possible


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Mar 7, 2008
ok for those, which is most of the doubters in here, don't realize is this is The Carmack, he's not just a programmer, he's the God of Coder's God

he made crap hardware run games beautiful before anyone else could, look at wolfenstien, doom, quake and so forth and then look at the hardware it ran on. he's a man who has nvidia and ati come to him and ask him how they should change or adjust his card, he frequently uses dev boards of their cards to test and benchmark and then have the card built around his engines.

so if anyone could make a wii game look great, it would be him


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Oct 24, 2007
Indigo_Dingo said:
laikenf said:
Three words (and one number): Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. That game looks extremely good on the wii. If that game where to be HD, even with the same engine, it would blur anything the 360 or PS3 have seen so far.
Thats saying that if a worm were a giant, it would crush all the worlds armies. Um, so?
Nope, that's saying that if it where HD it would look as good (or even better) than most PS3/ X360 games. The game runs very smoothly at 60 FPS and you can see the attention to detail that Retro put into the levels (the amount of layers applied to the textures is quite impressive). The game just looks amazing, and it's very polished because I never encountered a glitch even if some complain about the loading times between rooms (something that never really bothered me).