If you could make ONE change to a game, what would it be?


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Apr 24, 2012
Bioshok: I'd have just one Big Daddy and one little sister that comes up during the course of the game and you are awarded on weather you can defeat earlier or later in the game. And remove the resurrection checkpoints.

Twilight Princess: Remove Gannondorf and just have Zant as the main villain who wasn't a total joke of a boss.

Peace Walker: Have characters do shit. Like other than make weapons and food at Mother Base. (Seriously for a game with so many characters only about three are necessary to the plot.)

Bioshock Infinite: Allow the option for Elizabeth to be killed.

Heavy Rain: Different writer and voice actors who know English.


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Aug 30, 2011
shrekfan246 said:
MeChaNiZ3D said:
Way to take it to the extreme there.

But I guess I don't have a leg to stand on, since I don't connect to the internet when I play. I don't like PvP at the best of times, so combine it with people who hack, dupe, and exploit glitches to ruin low-level players 'for teh lulz' and it's a perfect recipe for me not participating.

I expect people would still manage to find a way around artificial level requirements, though. They always break every other system of gating.
Sorry, I didn't mean to exaggerate. I thought 400 was about what people ended up at, focussing on one character without regard for online. But as far as hacking etc. are concerned, that isn't really a problem on consoles. I'm not sure how game breaking it is on PC. There is no way around artificial level requirements in Dark Souls though, and no way to invade a low level player without being low level yourself (excluding Forest Hunters). The Bottomless Box glitch used to allow people to transfer items across from any character they have to a new character, and in that case it's understandable that we don't want people running around at SL1 with things they wouldn't have been able to get by themselves, but I would like a Bottomless Box glitch for only higher SLs (like 100) or something like that. PC players can make unique builds and mess around because they can edit saves. It also means PC is the only practical way to test weapons of different upgrade paths. But console players have to invest hours in a character, meaning more people are going to go with tried and true builds and the meta is more pervasive. The other problem of course is that we don't want people doing a strength run and being able to transfer items to an int character who couldn't have gotten as far as the original, so even equal SLs wouldn't be a good enough test. I don't know, it's just a shame that I can't make a build around Artorias' sword or something without potentially wasting a lot of time. I made a build around Ornstein's Spear only to find that my faith-scaling lightning damage isn't nearly as good as dex-scaling regular damage and I'd basically kneecapped the build. Similarly, I'd like to play as an NPC and not worry about spending a Titanite Slab on a weapon that is otherwise useless. Ehm...wall of text, apologies.


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Nov 10, 2010
Mass Effect 3: Remove forced Origin requirement.

Yeah, I know the ending is supposedly awful, but I'd be willing to put up with it. At least I'd get to actually play the game in the first place! In the same way I'm not willing to inject a syringe filled with raw sewage into my body, I'm not willing to install Origin on my PC.


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Dec 18, 2008
the hidden eagle said:
soren7550 said:
Don't say ME3's ending, don't say ME3's ending, don't-

Rodin_d said:
Change Mass Effect 3's ending.
Well, I didn't say it, so yay me.

First thing that came to mind (other than that) is to make Pokemon Black/White 2's Elite Four Champion Adler again. I HATE IRIS SO MUCH. She's useless to the story (whereas past Champions actually show up throughout the main story and help you out with the bad guys, give you something to do, give you an item, talk to you about whatever, and so forth, whereas all Iris did was tell you where the sewers were. THANKS IRIS, IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU AND THE OTHER FIVE PEOPLE WHO TOLD ME WHERE IT WAS, I WOULD HAVE BEEN AT A LOSS.), her team theme has been done before, she's annoying and childish, and her Champion design is asstarted.
That does not say Champion. That tells me she is five, and it's time for her to put down the juice box and to go take her nap now.

Her battle theme also sucks balls (then again, Adler's wasn't much better).
Weird because I have Iris'champion theme as my second favorite behind Blue's theme.
Lance's theme is the best theme. :p

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Mar 3, 2010
I would eliminate the shield mechanic from Halo and force the player to use nothing but health packs, just to see how it would alter the course of gaming history.

Oh, and give Deus-Ex: Human Revolution a proper series of endings that show the consequences of Adam Jenson's actions, rather than his useless blathering played over a picture show.


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Nov 20, 2008
Anget Colslaw said:
Fix combat in the Fallout games. I'm talking about 3 AND New Vegas. Seriously, it pisses me off I can't use cover, enemies can snipe you with a nearly broken 9mm pistol across the damn desert on NORMAL, companions only being good for drawing fire or, in Boone's case, killing everything before it even shows up on the radar and more. As great as the games were, I just didn't finish them because the combat was just so irritating.
I'm confused. These games are famous for things like laser-proof trees. The rest of your comment is your mileage varying from mine in terms of experience, but what do you mean by cover? Do you know how many enemies I've killed just by waiting right around the corner and blasting? Granted, I'm very into Fallout, so this stuff is my bread and butter, but I do not understand.

OT: Okay, let's see...

{1} Let's start with Skies of Arcadia being multi-platform so that I can get it on Playstation.

{2} Change the title of the DMC game to something else so it stops trying to be Devil May Cry.

{3} Give Gordan Freeman an internal monologue like the guy from Freeman's Mind.

{4} Cameo Ash Williams (Evil Dead) in a Mortal Kombat game.

{5} Make Tim Curry the voice actor for all the Mr. Handy robots or give other robots the voice of some of the Portal Spheres for laughs.

{6} Reverse the mechs and the pilots in SRW games so that the mechs are piloting the peoplel and the people are doing the super attacks or getting blown up on-screen.

{7} Reverse humans with zombies in such a game so that the zombies are fighting humans whose infection can make them alive.


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May 2, 2013
Give Dead Island a actually good and emotional story.

Techland still didn't do that for Riptide though.


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Jul 6, 2011
Mass Effect Franchise - Consistent weapons and special abilities throughout the entire series.

In the first game, your choice of ammunition mattered (choose chemical/polonium), it wasn't locked to your choice of specialization. It makes no sense that an engineer can't have incendiary ammo. Being an engineer, he or she could probably figure out how to load incendiary ammunition into their weapon.

Also, why go to the trouble of explaining why the weapons work the way they do - a large block of metal that bb size pieces are shaved off of and fired at extreme velocity by mass effect fields, eliminating most recoil and the need to carry clips - if you're just going to stick people with a clip system in the next two games. Are you really going to tell me that a properly modified assault rifle that can fire an almost infinite amount of radioactive projectiles was LESS effective than an assault rifle that requires special powers to load with any interesting ammo and can only fire around thirty shots before "overheating"?

Mass Effect was an RPG, the sequels went too far into the shooter model. The universal cooldowns made cover and gunfire more important than they were. From a story standpoint, it makes no sense that Shepard (and most of the rest of the universe) became dramatically weaker once the Collectors showed up. Think about it. In Mass Effect one, Shepard could fire off all of his/her powers, if need be, in a matter of seconds. You could lift one group, singularity another, put up your barrier, and launch a carnage blast as quickly as you could access your radial menu. In the subsequent games, each of those actions has between a 3 to 12 second cooldown during which you can't use anything else. That would have made Chora's Den or Ilos a lot less fun to play through. Did the Reapers getting closer effect all Mass Effect technology? Biotics must now wait longer between power uses? Why do engineers have to wait between overload and sabotage?

Mass Effect 2 - Remove planet scanning, or offer an exchange market where I could trade some of the elements I was overloaded on for ones I needed for important projects. (Or just bring back the Mako, I actually enjoyed drive/jumping the little tank around)

Mass Effect 3 - I would have preferred an ending that followed what the series had indicated up to that point. I saw obvious parallels between the Reapers and the Shadows of Babylon 5. The ending(s) they pushed could have just been a way to try and write around the similarities, but it just didn't fit.

Or, go back and force failure in Mass Effect 2. If you play your cards right, nobody has to die. In Mass Effect 1, someone was dying - no way around it. In Mass Effect 2, the game taught you that you could overcome bad situations by relentlessly combing the galaxy for resources. In Mass Effect 3, there should have been a "perfect" outcome for players who took the lessons of Mass Effect 2 to heart. My Native American Soldier Shepard should have been able to build a damn house with Tali - not get absorbed by green light because some uppity ancient computer program decided it would be fun to joybang the universe every 50,000 years.

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May 5, 2011
Fallout 3 - Let you have Fawkes as a companion at the start of the game (not counting the vault, obviously)
He was my absolute favorite character and companion in the game and you don't even get to have him follow you around until after the second to last mission

After all, who doesn't want an eloquent-speaking super mutant with a laser Gatling gun following you around?


Apr 24, 2020
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Skyrim - I would add custom hair colors OR a questline where you can have The Dragonborn be High King of Skyrim. respectively, because I miss the custom hair color from Oblivion and because Dragonbron being High King is, I think, the best way to end off the game.

Saints Row The Third- I would change Shaundi back to being a friendly stoner/Hooker with a Heart of Gold instead of her being an always-angry action girl. seriously Volition, what was up with that?

Alpha Protocol- I'd make the boss fights easier, or at least provide more practical ways of beating them, 'cause they're frustrating as heck.


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Feb 21, 2011
Medieval 2 Total War/Rome Total War: The ability to have mounted troops dismount either prior to battle or during. Really irritating at tiems to have to buy 'dismounted' versiosn of units you already have because of this, when logically they could just get off their horses to fight on foot. It would have added a great deal of flexibility to cavalry as well.

Breath of Fire 3: Needs Breath of Fire IV's combo system. Combos with hundreds of hits, using wind magic after fire to create an explosion spell, etc etc. Really fun and in depth system.

Breath of Fire 4: Needs Breath of Fire III's dragon transformation system. There were hundreds of different dragon forms in Breath of Fire III, from that IV's limitations seemed rather...noticable.

Blade of Darkness: A bow option that is not horrible. After the first two or three levels it is completely useless, even with poison arrows.

Medievil: Some way to recharge lightning. Too weak and too limited to really bother with bringing out at all, IMO. Magic longbow was better in every considerable way, and you could buy mroe arrows for it.

Colony Wars 1 & 2: Hardpoints on capital ships like in Colony Wars 3. Alternatively, 3's ship customization.

Colony Wars 3: A branching storyline like Colony Wars 1 & 2.

Icewind Dale I+II: A meaningful evil option for evil-aligned parties. The Baldur's Gate series had this, why not Icewind Dale?

Geneforge III: I wish the Shaper ending was canon. The Rebels are just such colossal losers it's painful to think of my character joining them, particularly considering the mentally and physically deforming 'modifications' do to themselves with Shaping magic.

Avadon: A proper rebel option! So much buildup, so little payoff! I'm keeping my hope up that Avadon 2 will be better in this regard.

Baldur's Gate II: What happens to the protagonists from the first game is disappointing and irritating. They deserved a better sendoff. Or the ability to play as them.

Star Wars The Old Republic: What happens to the protagonists from the first two games is disappointing and irritating. They deserved a better sendoff. Or the ability to play as them. Alternatively, make it a single player game, not an MMO.

Lords of Magic: A notification when someone occupies one of my barracks/thieves guild/mage towers would be nice. I get notifications when someone siezes one of my garbage production faucilities churnign out 1 gold a turn, it would be ncie to get notice for some of the vastly mroe important faucilities. It gets hard to spot the parties of marauders when you start getting more than two cities.


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Jul 28, 2012
Monster Hunter Tri: turn the online servers back on.

Animators, cool your tits. If it doesn't need animating, don't animate it because the hunter's animations give me a feeling that the person has a severe lack of urgency.

And another, dodge where I direct not where you're facing, I feel like you have a terrible sense of direction.

For fucks sake only one big monster to a zone. I have enough trouble with a Lagiacrus without a fucking Gobul trying to blindside me.

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May 5, 2012
Mass Effect 3:
Make the Reapers the main bad guy's instead of Cerberus. That annoyed me almost as much as the endings. Supposedly there is a big Reaper invasion going on but i spend like 80% of my time shooting at those idiots, and their emo anime cyber-ninja.

Dragon Age 2:
Tell one main-storyline interesting and fleshed out, instead of three unrelated, boring and totally rushed ones. In between wich everyone apparently just sat on their hands. I mean really, who was the genius who thought that would be a good idea.