Im tired of "Better Graphics" being a major argument of PC vs. Console


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Aug 10, 2009
I've seen few people talk about this, but for me, the loading times are the worst part of console gaming. My PC loads levels in a couple of seconds. I often don't have the time to read the the loading time text. On my 360, it can take 30+ seconds to load a level (I didn't count but it feels like that much time). It's like coming back to surfing on a 56k internet connection.


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Apr 16, 2010
Aaaand the Wii U was slammed on these exact forums for not being as powerful as people expected?

Just because you're on the platform with the worse power for once doesn't mean their argument was wrong. If you had the choice between one version of a game, and then one with better graphics, why wouldn't you choose it? It's not game changing but it's still objectively better.

Just like if you had a choice between burger, and burger with fries for the same price you'd take the damn fries, even if you'd only eat a few.


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Apr 9, 2008
Saying that the PC version of something is categorically superior even when comparing incomparable (Things like controller. vouch factor and the like) comes across as petty and fanboyish. However, pointing out one clear and objective advantage is just a statement of fact. Graphics may not be everything, but it is worth noting that graphics are more enjoyable on a certain platform when comparing. You are going to be spending many hours watching these graphics, differences in apperence are not insignificant.

Also, all other things being equal, graphics arn't nothing. The guitarist may be more important then the guitar in a song, but if you have the same guitarist, they will do a better job if they have a nice guitar. Better graphics allows a games aesthetics to shine through more clearly and distinctly. Graphics are a great and worthwhile thing to do a good job at. The problem is when other areas suffer.

In the end, I suspect that you arn't actually upset with the argument that graphics are better on PC. I bet you are irritated with the people who make that argument like a jerk.

For what its worth, I prefer the PC for its more open indie scene, superior digital distribution, customization, mods, user content and mouse and keyboard. better graphics are a happy bonus. But I don't think less of people who prefer the console.


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Mar 17, 2010
Well, presumably, you're getting the exact same game, but with PC what you really get is options.

One of those options is, hey! better graphics. All else being equal, wouldn't you want better graphics over worse graphics? I don't see how this is even in contention. Why wouldn't you want better graphics? Sure, you might want other things more, but, like I said, all else being equal...

Another is controls. You don't even have to use keyboard and mouse on PC anymore (I have an XBox 360 controller for mine), but I don't think I've ever seen an XBox with a keyboard and mouse. Options.

And then, of course, modding. Modding is leaps and bounds more supported on PC than console. This tends to be either an "automatic get PC version" or "couldn't give two shaking rocks" issue for people. But, once again, options.

Consoles by their very nature tend to restrict the availability of options. The OUYA is trying to tout itself as the hacker's console, but with its "every game is free-to-play" stance, most those games are going to rely primarily on micro-transactions, so most those games are going to lock down the modding (and, therefore, the options).

And information wants to be free (or some other hippy crap like that).

Edit: Oh, and sales. While console players complain about spending $50 for a new copy of a game 3 years after release, I bought that same game for $20 the first summer after it was released.


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Jun 25, 2009
Saying the PC is better because of the graphics is a cop out. Consoles are like low-medium end computers (depends on ones point of view) with a very specific interface made for gaming. Personally, I love and prefer a PC but it's due to the controls rather than graphics since in this day and age it?s not like there is a huge difference when comparing PC, 360, and the PS3. It really seems like a pissing contest most of the time like "hurr my dick is bigger than yours so it?s better hurr" when in reality it?s all about one?s game style. I love my PC but with my current set up I can't play it lying down on my bed nor if I move away from the keyboard and mouse. With a console I can lay down on the floor or a couch if I choice and I can play on the move like how I play my 360 while running on a treadmill. Each side has pro's and con's but I choose the PC because of better controls. Microsoft tried to implement a cross platform multiplayer (Shadow Run) so PC and 360 users could play together which sounded great. However, they had to severely handicap the controls for PC players because a mouse outclassed a joystick every time.

Oh and another pro for the PC is that their multiplayer lasts longer than a console. So if you really like the multiplayer for a game then get it for the PC since you'll be able to find people to play with long after the console version had died out.


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Sep 8, 2010
It's mainly the modding and the ability to configure your games the way you want that I like more about the PC.

Also, if the game has a problem, it's more likely you'll be able to find a quick fix for the PC. While on the console, you'd most likely have to wait for the official patch. Take Skyrim on the PS3 for example.

Skyrim is actually a pretty good example of everything I said above.

Also, the PC is capable of many things as opposed to just running games. Which makes it a better choice when it comes to picking between a console and a PC.

And indie games. I don't have to go into detail there.


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Apr 11, 2020
Zhukov said:
Games are a visual medium. If I'm going to be staring at pictures for hours then I'd prefer those pictures to be more pretty rather than less pretty. If I have a choice between the less pretty version and the more pretty version then I'd prefer the latter, all else being equal.

Stop ninjaing my epic posts.

OT: Yes, graphics are important in gaming, because it's a visual medium, however, gameplay shouldn't be forgotten about too.

And honestly, how old is this current console gen? The tech in them is quite literally holding game design back for PCs, and I'm sick of it.

blueb0g said:
zellosoli said:
genuinely perplexed why a lot of PC games make a big deal out of "whether a few pixels are smoother than the console version" when the rest of the game-play feels exactly the same

Most console games are rendered in 720 x 1024, which is 737,280 pixels.

Many PC gamers play on a 2560 x 1440 screen (or higher), and the games are rendered natively in that rez. That's 3,686,400 pixels.

That's more than a "few pixels". That's over 4 times as many.
Obligatory: My resolution is 3460x1920, I'm pretty sure a PS3 wouldn't be able to handle that, and an X360 would RROD itself trying to run that XD


You'd never get GW2 running on a console, ever. Way too many buttons =D


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Apr 17, 2010
What annoys me most about people talking about PC/XBOX/PS3 being better is that all of their arguments rely on the other person caring about the same things as them. Whether your arguing about graphics, ease of play, controls, price, or availability of games, your argument depends not only on whether that specific thing matters to the people you're preaching to, but that it matters to them in the same way. I actively dislike the high-end graphics for instance, preferring game that are much more stylized. On the other hand, I like playing games on my computer as opposed to sitting on the couch in front of my TV. In general, I play games mostly on the PC, but for none of the reasons cited in the most common "PC Gaming is better" arguments.

Honestly, anyone arguing about how their gaming platform of choice is superior? Probably a short-sighted idiot that can't comprehend that different people find different things beneficial.


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Aug 30, 2011
PC versions having better graphics, if they have no other downsides, does in fact make the PC version the better game, if in a mostly inconsequential way.

However, if I was arguing for PCs, graphics is the last place I'd go. I'd say modding, community and load times are all massive advantages. And I'm a PS3 player, before anyone calls me out.

I'd rather play the same game with better graphics than not, but better graphics does not constitute a core argument for either the PC as a platform, or a game as innovative.


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Jan 19, 2009
Because I, alongside and many others, am a graphics whore.

Were you expecting any other answer?


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May 21, 2010
zellosoli said:
To be honest, if I play a game on my PC< I typically don't turn the graphics above "Medium". Skyrim is still gorgeous played on Low, and I'd rather focus on being able to play a game than see things and go "oooooooh"

Sure, I like graphics advanced enough to let me see what I should be looking at, but graphics have never been a priority


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Dec 28, 2011
ScrabbitRabbit said:
Shadowstar38 said:
A slightly prettier picture isnt really a good enough argument for PC gaming to be superior. And really, that and the "FPS's are better" arguments are the only ones I've heard. spoken ad nauseum.
What about modding and customization? That's the main draw to PC, for me. Well, that and I like PC games...
Agreed, the ability to expand and add your own content and modifications is far more important than graphics imo.


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Aug 21, 2011
It's generally just a graphics thing and your friend is being naive, much like most pc gamers.
Sure, you can get free updates and mods and the like...and you can play most of them for free online but a limited version of that is available on the ps3. You have to pay for the online with the 360 but are much less likely to encounter cheaters.

I gave up on PC gaming because it costs far too much and takes way too much effort to fix all the potential problems. The cost of my first PC is equivalent to my ps1+2 and 2 xbox 360's and it only lasted 3 consoles have managed at least 10. When you factor in trading in games when they are finished then it's actually cheaper to buy games on a console, there are rarely any games-not-working issues and the leaderboards are less likely to be full of cheaters.

It's all down to personal choice. I choose to play the same games for cheaper at the cost of the eye candy that makes not a single bit of difference to the makes sense to me

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Dec 3, 2008
Stainlesssteele4 said:
Name a game. I guarantee the controls can be modified via the config or ini files. I didn't say it had to be through the game, but every game can be modified.
Man, you're really trying to mince things here.

I could also modify a controller hurr durr.


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Apr 4, 2020
The argument of PC vs Consoles changes depending on which game is being talked about. For some games it can just end up boiling down to "The PC has superior graphics", its just in most cases there are other factors like a more accurate control scheme, and mods. Having never played nor cared about Sleeping Dogs im not sure which other factors are relevant here, but better graphics is always a valid point, even if its not a very important one for most people.

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Feb 25, 2010
Graphical differences play a significant role in few games, but when it shines it shines.

PC Gamer in me says:
Mods can massively increase not only the enjoyment but also stretch out the replay factor.
Some mods are able to simply overhaul the game into and entirely new experiences; making the investment of a game much more worth the price.
The graphics are usually only marginally different, but it can make a big difference if you play on a larger screen or simply want a smoother imagine on you're smaller one.
PC has Steam.
Greater choice in control; use whatever controller you personally feel comfortable with; be it an xbox 360 controller if you wish.
Keyboard controls can add a more streamlined input/control system.
Nearly complete backwards compatibility with older games (although some fix's may be required, usually enough you can get it to work)
Greater online multiplayer capabilities.

Console gamer inside me says:
Easier split screen gaming support.
Usually DRM free.
Dedicated machine allows for games to be developed specifically for it, meaning no cut off because you're not 'up to spec'
Few compatibility issues.
A lot of games simply arn't ported to pc or are given cheap 'to shut them up' ports that barely work.
Developer tend to focus more towards consoles; the feel of some games can reflect this. (extremely obvious examples being rts games being drastically stripped to accommodate the console -- i can't help but feel Halo Wars and SupCom2 would have been drastically better had they have been developed for the PC (the audience would have probably been the exact same people; perhaps it would have even pulled in a bit more audience for the halo games. Hell even if the games were ported to PC I'm sure it would quickly develop a modding community determined to see it work).

Yeah I'll admit, i prefer my pc to my consoles. But personally i've bounced around and experienced each of the current gen consoles a lot; and i grew up to the consoles and the pc in equal enough parts; PC for the most parts trumps the consoles when the developers actually give the pc version any sort of attention.


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Nov 14, 2010
First of all, use capital letters at the start of sentences (not entirely sure why that annoys me so much).

But actually on-topic, I don't see graphics as that big of a deal. PC clearly is superior in terms of graphics, but I wouldn't say it's enough of a point to conclude that PC games are better. Consoles are more easily accessible and you tend to play them relaxed on a sofa or bed, and not hunched over a desk.

There's no clear winner, so I just let people play on whatever they want, it hardly concerns me how their gaming experience rolls out.