In Last Hurrah, Zucker Vows Progress

Junaid Alam

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Apr 10, 2007
In Last Hurrah, Zucker Vows Progress

In his last interview as CEO of publisher Midway, David Zucker has vowed the company would release a slew of titles in 2008.

Apparently unruffled by accumulating losses, he told an industry publication that the company's demise had been predicted for five years counting.

"It's all about making great games. We've been very focused on building up our technology and positioning ourselves to grow our revenues as we go through this console cycle," he said.

New IPs planned for 2008 included The Wheelman and This Is Vegas.

Despite losses totaling almost $100 million, Zucker dismissed the idea of a buyout.

"Our goal is to grow our revenues and get to profitability as quickly as possible in this next console cycle," he said.

As quickly as possible, if it comes at all, will still have been too late for Zucker, who was replaced yesterday as Midway's CEO by an interim head.

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