International Strategy Game Tournament


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Sep 13, 2006
International Strategy Game Tournament

Noble Master has just announced an online tournament centered on their free online multiplayer strategy game, Aevum Obscurum.

Set in the 14th century, Aevum Obscurum allows players to guide their budding empires to victory in multiplayer turn-based strategy games for free and charges a monthly fee for access to multiplayer real-time strategy games.

According to Noble Master, the tournament is geared toward casual gamers with an interest in strategy gaming, although elsewhere the gameplay is described as challenging. Most impressive is that a single game can be host to 50 or more players.

Tournament games will be capped at 32 players with the winners moving up the tournament ladder until they reach the top spot and claim their prize: a Noble Master Beer Stein. Interested players should download the cross platform Java based client software and get some practice in this month. The tournament begins on July 1, and registration is free.

Download the installers for Linux, OS X and windows direct link [].