Is The Witcher 3 overrated?

Sep 13, 2009
Nah, it's quite good. It does a number of things better than I've ever seen from any other game. It manages to make a massive world that doesn't feel horribly empty and devoid of interest like I felt from Skyrim. Also its expansions managed to both be better than the base game. Wouldn't fall into my top ten games, the areas I care about the most it doesn't really shine in, but it's hard to argue it's anything but a very well made game.


Nascent Orca
Apr 3, 2020
CritialGaming said:
trunkage said:
Johnny Novgorod said:
The people who didn't like it are going to say yes, the people who did are going to say no. What are you expecting from this?
Does this help? I think the Witcher 3 is overrated mainly because people blindly ignore all of its faults. But I still think it is the game of that year. It could still be the best RPG. But that doesn't mean it's prefect in any shape or form.
People ignoring a game's faults doesn't make a game overrated. Every game has faults. It's the ability to love a game despite it's faults.

Fact of the matter is Johnny is right. If you liked the game, then no it isn't overrated. If you didn't, then yes.

I feel the same way towards Breath of the Wild. I hated the game and think people way overblow how "good" it is. But to them it doesn't matter. I think Zelda is a trash game, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad game to those that enjoyed it.

Why does it matter what people say about a game. If you didn't like it, then fine. But calling something overrated is just a spiteful way to mock the people that had fun with a game that you didn't.

How about we all let people enjoy the things they like and take opinions as merely individual opinions?
whether you liked it doesn't determine it overratedness. The general populace determines whether it's well rated overall. Your personal experience compared to this overall rating is how you personally gauge overratedness. If there is a bunch of people who use this rubric to find that it's overrated, then a large group think it's overrated. It doesn't mean everyone think it's overrated.

Also, and I'm going to point this out again. I thought it was the best game of the year. I didn't hate it at all. That doesn't stop it from being overrated.

Now, as to faults, we're going to have to disagree. I really dislike people dismissing faults becuase the rest is good (or vice verse). Another example would be Spec Ops the Line. It has a great story but that doesn't cover up the fact that it has terrible game play. I enjoyed it but I can understand someone deciding that it was distasteful. Or Mass Effect 3 with its inerfectual ending which covers up that most of the game is good. IMO, ME3 is only regarded so negatively becuase the expectation of awesomeness was put there by EA beforehand. I would guess that a lot of people who think that Witcher 3 is overrated is becuase the community set a high expectation and they felt it fell short.