Is this guy a dick or is this ableism?


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Oct 14, 2014

I don't understand. This is an issue? Are you dying of hypothermia?

It's an annoyance but



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Apr 26, 2014
MysticSlayer said:
Zhukov said:
(Dear people who walk slowly in the middle of the footpath, I hate you with the boiling fury of a million suns.)
I've just started walking on the grass around them and may even brush against bushes if I have to. For some reason, they always find that to be rude, as if preventing people from walking around them isn't rude itself. Oh well, at least the feeling of being pissed off is mutual in the end. I'll probably start uttering curse words "under my breath" just to get a slight edge.
Eh. Screw what they think. I'm going around them because I need to be where I'm going and if they don't that fine. I don't have any hard feelings, but I'm going and I don't need their permission to walk around them. In fact I've climbed a tree root and jumped between roots on a nature trail to catch up to my friends before because I'm not going to just drift behind the couple holding hands.


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Jun 9, 2010
It's not a dick move for him to try and get coupons despite having people behind him and having the birth defect. Perhaps a bit selfish, but he's within his rights to do so.

It's also not ableism to be annoyed if someone is taking a shit ton of time when it's cold outside.

It is, however, "ableist" or whatever the word is, to feel like you can't be annoyed at a person's behavior just because he has some kind of defect. Think about complimentary racism. It's still racism, even if you mean for it to be a compliment or associate some weird positive trait to a person simply because of race.