ITI Techmedia Reveals Game Evaluation Solution at GDC

Jan 4, 2007
ITI Techmedia Reveals Game Evaluation Solution at GDC

ITI Techmedia announced its session at the Game Developers Conference will reveal a "working notation for game design" that will allow gameplay to be evaluated before a game goes into production, which could save developers millions.

Working with their partner Metaforic Ltd., ITI Techmedia will demonstrate how games can be tested during pre-production, using Microsoft's Halo as an example. "Difficulty graphs" can be introduced into a game's design to show how "fun" a game is, and to give developers visual wiggle room in their attempts to balance a game's difficulty.

ITI Techmedia and Metaforic believe their R&D solution will reduce development cost and lead time and will shed light on whether or not a game is both fun and playable during development.

ITI Techmedia's session will be hosted by Paul Sheppard of ITI and Andrew McLennan of Metaforic and will take place Wednesday, March 7 at 4:00 p.m.



New member
Jul 13, 2006
I'm very skeptical. Sounds a bit like a consulting scam.

I'm a firm believer of best practices and common sense, but this sounds suspiciously like plugging variables into an equation and seeing what the "Fun Analyzer 3000" says. Given the broad spectrum of game genres and design, it's really an art to create a good game... not a science, I'm afraid.

I realize that games have a pace to them and keeping the user engaged is key, but honestly, is there a magic formula to this? I don't think so.