Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Requiem for the Kinect


Hating everyone equally
Apr 24, 2020
United Kingdom
Superb poetry from the both of them. I can't choose who's the best this week.


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May 28, 2011
QuadFish said:
Strazdas said:
its the second most popular search engine after google.
Arguably by birthright as opposed to actual merit though. Anything backed by the biggest OS provider in the market isn't going to just fade into obscurity. That said I don't have much gripe with it. If anything my only complaint is it's hardly any different from using Google.
true it has effect. however for example yahoo is all but dead as search engine. meanwhile i saw people who switched to bing from google after google done of thier their stupid events they seem so fond of doing lately. and some of them even claim better results.

Still, its "A thing" as Jim put it either way, and quite a big one.

p.s. capcha: "I am captcha!"

it has trully became self aware now.


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Feb 16, 2009
after Bing had those commercials, i thought i'd give it a try, after all, in a blind test, those random people chose bing, maybe i was missing out! but that commercial was complete and utter bullshit. bing never turns up the results i want. google is the only search engine i use now, and will continue to do so until Cortana tells me otherwise.

second, i get the kinect hate, but there was a certain punch of hatred for the xbox itself in both of those poems, and to that i wanna say to my two favorite escapist contributors, shut the fuck up. find a fuck, and shut it up. up shut a fuck. in whatever syntax you prefer.

yep, blatant fanboyism coming from me right now, but it love the xbox and don't like seeing it thrashed unjustifiably. yes, insult the mandatory kinect, insult the gold having been required for certain apps. even insult the games for gold switch to the ps plus model, but don't just, as a whole compare the console to ET or say "Xbox go home" although, as i typed that, i realized the clever bit of word play there with the kinect voice commands. be brutal, that's cool, but at least be fair.