Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: The Quest Not Taken


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Nov 18, 2009
Both of those were fantastic!

Playing Animal Crossing, I once got the Hitler moustache and made a t-shirt in the closest likeness I could manage to an SS uniform at the tailor's place, and tried to assert myself as the master race in the little animal town by going around assaulting people with the net, and I still felt pretty neighborly compared to that fucking raccoon.


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Sep 16, 2012
Oddly enough, I was playing Animal Crossing for the Gamecube as I watched this.
May 10, 2013
RodSk8Dude said:
Very good videos. Although I prefered the first ones that were more about the game industry in general, probably because the ones more focused on specific games haven't talked about a game I really like/played.

Let me try doing one too:

Saints Row 2 was an awesome game
that really filled me with joy
But then.. came out Saints Row 3, and now 4
whose trailer, for a fan of the old one like me, was apparently made to annoy

With that statement
I guess you know my feelings for Saints Row 4
Looking at the trailer, full of lens flare and Dubstep
I can't wait for more!

Now you can fly and run pretty fast too
All they changed probably wasn't more than 1 KB of information
Who needs undershirts, overshirts and coats?
No one cares about such an in-depth customization

And don't they even care to change the setting a little
The city looks exactly the same to me
Oh but don't mind about that!
I'm pretty sure they'll release a new map in a DLC!

Now you are the president
who must deffend the planet from aliens invading
I don't really mind the sillyness
As long as they at least try to improve the car handling
What really upsets me is this just Deep Silver desperately trying to cash in. THQ KNEW what they were doing when they just kept to it as DLC. But OH NO, NOT Deep Silver! Not the Gents who wanted you to pay for something in an earlier time you earned by playing the game! OH NO SIR! These guys decided to make it a full retail title despite it looking EXACTLY the same. -SIGH- It truly fills me with dread. Er-MORE dread.