Jimquisition: National Kirby Day


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May 13, 2010
PiggyGamer said:
I was having the same problem. Or at least I thought I was.

Just tried it again today for like the tenth time without success.
But then I clicked inside the endlessly loading video, and it started.

Hopefully that helps.

Edit: I swear I'm not trolling. But I can't replicate my success.
I can't even get the Skyrim ad to play anymore.

I watched it on Destructoid, if that helps. But it's the same player, so it shouldn't matter.
Now when I click in the loading video on Dtoid, it links to the Escapist page for this video.

Maybe I'm just not allowed to watch it more than once.
Or Kirby ate it.
Nope, still not working. Oh well