Jimquisition: Why So Serious?

Sigmund Av Volsung

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Dec 11, 2009
rasputin0009 said:
I've met some interesting strippers before, so it's not entirely impossible.
I can't help but be reminded of that Critical Miss strip,

This one, to be precise:


To be honest though, it's Hideo Kojima being Hideo Kojima again.

Let's not forget Mistral, and every other female character he has written in recent memory.

(Also, those quasi-creepy tweets about asking cosplayers to dress up as her in a "sexy" way, as if he is going to ogle his female fanbase).

The Squid King

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Jan 19, 2014
Good episode. I wish more people could take a tasteful joke about their chosen fandoms. As a Nintendo fan I do sometimes laugh at the more creative Wii U jokes even now after the quite bad announcements this week, so it is kind of depressing seeing people lash out against jokes made towards well received and respected franchises.

The flaws of a franchise give it character and sometimes those flaws are hilarious. This isn't a bad thing. Would the old 3D Sonic games still be as enjoyable if the voice acting and plots were decent? Probably not.


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Sep 26, 2008
Jimothy Sterling said:
Why So Serious?

Jim makes a point about humor and defensive fandoms the only way he knows how - by dressing up in silly costumes and exploiting tired old film references.

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I agree completely with you about people over-using the term "troll". It's like people forget that the point of the term was to describe someone who something specifically to bait an irate response (or a flamewar, if you will); to try and get under someone's skin. Yet I'm known as "the troll" in my WoW guild because I tend to tell the most jokes and love bad puns.

Something Amyss

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Dec 3, 2008
This doesn't apply to games I like, right?

Racecarlock said:
Saints Row IV and Far Cry 3 blood dragon seem to be the only games last year that actually wanted to have fun.
If "have fun" is a way of saying "hollow clown face," yeah.

canadamus_prime said:
One does have to recognize the difference between light hearted ribbing of something and legitimate trolling. Although that can be difficult sometimes.
The problem is we're so sensitive (overall) that we tend to go immediately to "troll" or "hater" when it's not valid. Ivé been called a hater or a troll for specific and focus criticisms right after praising a product. GTA V is the latest example, but far from the only one. I hate it so much I've spent over a week in online. I HATE IT SO MUCH. I just got called a fanboy--twice-for suggesting that Sony's streaming service would be better received than Xbone's original "always online/no used games" strategy. I'm not sure I even like the streaming service idea, but I'm a Sony fanboy for suggesting others might.

One thing I have to give is that with Jimothy Sterling, it often is a blurred line. But again, I think the overall point is the haste with which we get offended because someone "hates" the things we like.

JoJo said:
Heh, very true, though I wonder how Yahtzee would take your comment about most good jokes coming from a place of love.
Well, he did say most.

C.S.Strowbridge said:
In defense of some of the people you talk about, sometimes it's hard to tell online when someone is joking.
He gives a decent way to parse for context, though.

Mahoshonen said:
If you haven't noticed, some of Yahtzee's best reviews were of games that wound up getting on his "top five best games" list.
On a personal note, some of my favourites are the games he rips into that I like. I mean, I still sometimes think he's off base, but my primary goal is entertainment anyway, and there's always somethign wrong with a game, so....


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Jun 24, 2013
Agreed, though on the internet it is a bit hard (at least for me) to differentiate between trolling and a legitimate, honest post.

Is it weird that the use of the dated reference instantly reminded me of when P!nk made the same dated reference in her song "Raise Your Glass"? Though the dated reference was really out of place in that song. http://youtu.be/XjVNlG5cZyQ?t=34s


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Aug 1, 2009
As has been mentioned before, Pokémon is a series that fits this perfectly. Fans of the series accept the preposterousness of what is going on. There are entire webcomics about how silly things are. We have a shared sense of community because we all accept the silliness.


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Aug 5, 2009
Wait, Jim, what episode did you make jokes about Metal Gear Solid V? I'd have to watch it myself to judge if it was made out of love for the series or not, because it depends on the delivery of the joke. Nowadays, a lot of statements classified as "jokes" are really mean-spirited and spiteful, i.e. Family Guy and recent seasons of Robot Chicken.
We're also in the midst of games that try to be "serious", thinking of "fun" as an afterthought.
Caramel Frappe said:
In the Walking Dead, there is humor to the game. There are jokes here and there, along with multiple levels of emotions flying about that makes the game a masterpiece. If I was not allowed to joke about a character because something happens to them in game later- well.. wow okay. I also know Jim is telling the truth because try making jokes about Spec Ops: The Line with hardcore fans of the game.

Despite you mean no harm, they'll probably rip you a new one.
There are hardcore fans of THAT game? Yikes. I bet they're a fun, easy-going bunch.


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Aug 5, 2009
Racecarlock said:
Saints Row IV and Far Cry 3 blood dragon seem to be the only games last year that actually wanted to have fun.
Have you tried Shadow Warrior or Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance?


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Jan 19, 2009
Mikeyfell said:
I really like this episode, but according to the new forum Code of Conduct I'm not allowed to have a sense of humor about things I like, because you do, and you're a content creator for the site, and the audience isn't allowed to do anything that a content creator does.

You ruined it Jim, thank God for nothing.
You know, saying such ridiculous things as "I'm not allowed to do anything a content creator does" doesn't demonstrate a point, it makes you look silly.

The rule has been there since I joined in 2009.

Besides, Jim was typing in the OP, and if we're not allowed to do anyth


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Oct 5, 2011
rasputin0009 said:
If you had the chance to influence some really hot cosplay, wouldn't you? Ya, it's pretty blatant that they only want you to admire her high-polygon butt. She could end up being an interesting character. Just that she'll end up being an interesting character with her T and A all in your face.
After MGS4 I'm not sure what Kojima is thinking. The idolized slaughter of dozens of FROGs in the end (who might not have been evil persons per se, but their emotions controlled via nanobots) even during No Kills -playthrough was really disturbing. Also, no male soldiers for Liquid Ocelot, only the Amazon Brigade (check TV Tropes)? OK...?


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May 9, 2010
is this the case for most fanbases or is it mostly a video game thing?

If this is a video game thing I really want to know why so many gamers are so insecure about their favorite games, somebody using shitty character models in a racing game as proof that the game sucks should not be taken seriously.


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Jan 28, 2012
Sarcasm in text form on the internet doesn't work at all though and especially here where every little thing that might be construed as offensive will get you warnings and an eventual ban, you can't afford this if you want to keep your posting rights and are best off typing for someone who will take everything you say 100% at face value.
I'm serious, I've never seen a harsher place than here.

The "you're trolling" accusation is quickly made and pretty much conditions us into being mostly humorless.
If you took a good standup comedian and let them do their thing they do to audiences here in text form, they'd probably be banned.


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Nov 30, 2009
So I went and looked it up and boy I'm glad I did:


Especially the part about Gears of War and shotguns. When Gears 3 came out, man, there was so much bitching about how people weren't just running around playing using only the shotgun. Who cares if a rifle is automatically placed in your hand every time you spawn? Rifles are cheap power weapons because they can kill you from far away and if you use it you suck at the game.

Also those character models for GT6 really are hilarious, especially that guy putting his hands up in the air. That's great.


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Jan 31, 2009
... Wait, this doesn't look ANYTHING like the Early Access video that I saw last week! It's a completely different topic altogether! Jim how could you! After investing perfectly good money I had all my hopes dashed when the final product is nothing like what I initially paid for.

(begins to cry)

Forget you pal, thanks for nothing!

OT: You see what I did there? The reference to an old Simpsons reference at the end? Anywho, yeah it's a sad time when we can't learn to take a joke. I remember a few months back when I purposely misreferenced the Steam Machine with Xbox One, accusing one product of having the faults of another. I even went as far as correcting myself at the end of the jab to make sure people got it, and while most people seemed to get the joke, there were two pricks that couldn't even see the giant "IT'S A JOKE! I'M MAKING A FUNNY!" sign posted afterwards.

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Apr 8, 2008
Thank God for you and this episode, Jim!

There are so many people in some of my other communities that will be getting a link to this video.

Jimothy Sterling

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Apr 18, 2011
Fappy said:
Agreed on all points.

Also, kind of off topic, but is Zhang He your favorite DW character? Every time you show footage of DW you are always playing as him XD

It's because of the dance party he hosted that one time, isn't it?
He is my favorite. I love camp characters a lot, and he is especially cool.

The footage I use is from one monster playthrough I recorded for an old Destructoid video. I recorded so much of it that I hate to think I'm wasting it, hence I use it all the time when I mention DW.


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Feb 27, 2007
An old Troll rationalization, and I mean old as in pretty much originating with the titling of the concept, was that a troll would claim to do the target a favor by finding a topic to vex them about. "I'm here to desensitize you to racial slurs/ Holocaust Denial/ Bronies bro, because it's necessary. My apparent amusement is an unintended but welcome side effect." See also; "conversation hacking."

There's any numbers of problems with that; one is that they shouldn't get to make that choice. Another is that it was an utter lie, of course. But a third was that it could toxify comedy. When the topic is mocking MGS's spastic shifts of tone and bizarre characters it's a small step to go from poking fun at the tropes to poking fun at the people who enjoy those tropes.

But why give a shit? Really? Do we not in the end only allow ourselves to be trolled?

While there are places to go to get pissed off, far more popular are sites to gather around and gush about something excellent. And that's not the problem. The problem is when an unwelcome and uninvited bridge dweller starts rooting around looking for places to get his johnson rammed in ("Sniper Wolf totally broke my heart;" "whiteknight virgin much bro?") and finds a way to get involved. Because he can. Because this is the Internet, where any conversation can be ruined by the least socialized denominator buzzing on the application of GIFT theory.

Why So Srs? Because the line between sincerely comedic and maliciously disruptive doesn't exist, and to laugh is to trust. And trusting and sincerity and vulnerability are weakness when THIS IS SPARTA-ing poseurs make the rules.