Jimquisition: Xbox 360 and PS3 Are Just Very Crap PCs

Pink Gregory

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Jul 30, 2008
Rabidkitten said:
Remember when console games could not be patched. When a developer couldn't release a horribly buggy game because there was no way to fix it after release. Guess those days are gone.

That said, I bought a PS3 to play Demons Souls because I loved Dark Souls that much. So all it really comes down to for me, whose got the games.
I could say that it's a good thing, that console-release-specific bugs have the opportunity to get fixed, but then I'd shoot myself down by realising that those bugs shouldn't be in there in the first place.
I can understand in the current economy how release dates are important, but publishers do seem to hinge their business on the idea that relatively major things can be fixed post-release (apparently without complaint, in their coo-coo land minds), when such a thing shouldn't have to happen.

PCs are superior, but I'm still firmly a console gamer, I do both, I feel no pride or shame.

In reference to Jim, jimmy jim jim, Jaaaaaymes...
It's true, seeing that publishers and certain developers have made it so that consoles no longer have the advantage of convenience, the hardware is looked upon as the main selling point, and as various sources prove, the hardware pales in comparison to even a mid-range PC.
That being said, it's not even like they're purely for gaming anymore, what with Microsoft/Sony realising that there's more money in the 'multimedia centre' market than there could ever be in the market for actual games. At least with a PC its owner can choose its priorities.

Would it be so much to ask for a console that is only for GAMING? Apparently so.


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Jun 18, 2012
While I don't doubt that consoles suffer from corporate greed, I do doubt I'll be converting to PC gaming anytime soon, if ever. Most of the games I want are console/handheld exclusives anyway, plus I already have a Mac, and I don't have the money for a PC.

The Last Nomad

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Oct 28, 2009
Monxeroth said:
The Last Nomad said:
"some console games are geared towards online activity"
Yeah, the most succesfull ones (not saying good), yknow, the one that brings in the dough :L
gee these [email protected] xD

You cant exactly judge one ONLY based on your very personal experience with SINGLEPLAYER
Don't take this the wrong way but I don't really know what your trying to say in that last sentence.

Of course I've played multiplayer games, and I prefer single player experience most of the time. If that is any help to you? I don't play games to be better at them than other people. I do it to have fun.


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Jan 25, 2010
Are people really having *that* much trouble getting games to run? I've yet to buy a title on steam (And I'm in the triple digits.) That didn't run after the download/install process.

The only thing consoles used to have (prior to this generation) over PC's was that they were easy, reliable, and needed no extra work.

Now considering my 360 had to be shipped in 4 times in the few years I had it, while my PC only was down for two days while I upgraded... And my PS3 is still unserviceable because Sony decided that it'd cost me the same price of a new console to repair my old one... I have to say that they're just not convenient. Without the convenience, I'm just buying a ridiculously expensive box, and the privilege to overpay for all my games.


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Jul 10, 2012
MrDeckard said:
Poisoned Al said:
MrDeckard said:
1) The PS3 is the only console that isn't convenient. With my 360, I can pop in a game and be playing within seconds.

2) Consoles (at least in my experience) are far more reliable. No dicking around with settings. VERY few crashes. Will always run the game.
> 360, doesn't crash.


I have a 360. It's a crash happy pile of crap you lying fanboy scum!
I'm really not sure how to even respond to something like this...

First of all, I said that [i/][b/]IN MY EXPERIENCE.[/b][/i] This has nothing to do with [i/][b/]YOU'RE[/b][/i] experience.
Second, I NEVER said that my 360 "doesn't" crash. I said very few crashes.

Third, nice 4chan green text and 9gag meme response you got there.
Fourth........ really? Is even one iota of your post the least bit serious? Because if it is, I think you're on the wrong forum. And if it isn't serious..... You sir, need to lurk more.
In my experience, PC never crashes. In my experience, I'd say xbox crashes more often. It took me 4 days to get Assassins Creed Revelations running because my gamertag was corrupted on xbox. Doublestandard you have there; people can say can say whatever they want if they say "In my experience"


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Apr 2, 2012
I'll say what I've always said to this. Nothing will ever beat walking home with a new Xbox game, popping it in the disc tray, setting back on the couch, and relaxing without having to worry about whether my computer has the right graphics card.

As for the PC master race people (more specifically the ones that are assholes) I agree with what Yahtzee said at the end of his Quantum Conundrum review.


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Apr 8, 2011
So one game makes him wait 15 minutes for an update and now the flaws from that 1 developer are now inherent to every console developer out there? Nice logic jim.

consoles are good for one thing: they require minimal upkeep to stay viable. I've never had to upgrade my graphics cards to play the game, install some 3rd party VOIP software, or spend a few hours trying to figure out what got fucked up during installation before playing a game. That in itself is a very big appeal. The software side of it (updates and online passes) just comes across as generic bitching, you get the exact same thing from PC's. If they're really that big of an issue... go back to playing your damn super nintendo. I wouldn't fault you for it.

Then there's community. the difference between PSN/Live/PC community is apples/oranges/grapefruit. PC community has modding, it also is way more prevalent with hacking. 360 streamlines online/social gaming pretty well... but you may not like the people you play with. PSN is free, the social gaming aspect of it is a little clunkier, but the playerbase seems to be a bit more mature. Yes I do get hate mail, but nothing nearly as bad as what you'd see in a youtube video.
So for the above 3, it's a matter of picking your poison, your mileage may vary, blah blah.

At the end of the day, I don't fault anyone for the choices they make. It's their damn choice and doesn't affect you in any way.




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Jul 18, 2011
Danial said:
my point was some of us don't want too/care too.
Which means they will be the future workers on public sector that make me wait 30 minutes in line because their anti-virus is flashing.

Might be a little drastic, but everyone is kind of required to handle a PC anyway, so hiding behind lack of knowledge is not worthy of any respect.

Because I respect personal opinions, as they don't need justification. I don't respect half-assed justifications.

jthm said:
I never worry that a virus is going to turn my game console into a brick. happened to my friend's PS3 once, lol. The thing is that I haven't had viruses in years, and even if I did - they don't leave me inoperable since you can fix it yourself instead of sending it to MS or Sony. If your PC has a crippling virus, then it's gaming you have to worry the least about - it's a tool for work.

I never worry that the software won't be compatible with my console. another friend, another PS3. Apparently the update went bust and he had to patch and update a load of shit because of compatibility issues

My xbox doesn't need the latest DirectX whatever to play. But it still has updates, and I have been running 9.0c for years

My ps3 is backwards compatible with my ps2 and 1 library (I know, this isn't applicable to everyone). A PC is retrocompatible with pretty much anything, even older consoles like the PS2 and PS1

I Max95

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Mar 23, 2009
Crono1973 said:
I Max95 said:
the doom cannon said:
I Max95 said:
i can think of a benefit to console gaming, simplicity, every time i've ever played a game on PC i've had to tweak the settings, go through the installation process (which sometimes does not work for older titles) and hope to god it works.

the details for buying a new computer are endlessly complex same thing with graphics cards and if i play a game with incredibly toned down settings it's rendered unplayable not just through graphics but lag and frame rate.

plus all of my computers are pretty much piss poor, because i'm not at all well off with money. i work minimum wage and my parents don't have much in the way of disposable income, they bought me an xbox and a ps3 only because they were on sale at the time and i didn't already have either of them, but with computers if they were on sale i would'nt even know which computer to buy because of all the complicated details like graphical quality and processing power

and don't tell me my computer can handle it if i tone the setting down, no it fucking can't, i toned the graphics down COMEPLETELY for the free copy of Mass Effect 2 i got through some deal bioware had, and not only did it not work, it didn't even start, the game crashed before it made it to the main menu

with consoles you buy it and you know what it does, it plays games, you put a game in there and it WILL work, because that is specifically what the console was designed to do, there isn't a single chance it won't because all games created for it were designed with it's limitations in mind
You just validated Jim's point: that consoles are no longer JUST gaming devices, and are trying to become more like do-it-all computers and failing in the process.
i didn't say that at all, i was actually saying that the biggest benefit of console gaming is that it doesn't try very hard to be anything more than a gaming console, sure it has a DVD player in it but it never gets in the way of the gaming aspect of the technology

with computers, no, they have other functions than just gaming and odds are when a company makes a computer they don't entirely have gaming in mind and as such the gaming aspects of the rig suffer for it, there are gaming rigs but even those still have to deal with the keyboard, a device clearly not designed for gaming (the mouse works just fine, i just hate that i have to use the keyboard for everything else) and i haven't the slightest clue how to hook a controller up to my computer and i've been trying to for a while now

Maybe you have missed the 360 becoming an ad supported cable box? Maybe you missed the dashboard being changed to suit the ads and tv shows to the detriment of games?

I have to use the search function to find games on the Marketplace now but if I want to see an ad or watch something, that's easy to find.

LOL, this is a joke right? You hook a controller up via USB, the same way wired controllers work on the 360 and the same way the PS3 controllers work. I call BS on this, you know how to plug in a controller.
yeah well my xbox controllers are all wireless, and even if they weren't i see no reason why it would work with ANY game, maybe games made for the Xbox as well, but why would it be compatile with all of them.and even if it is that simple why should i care? my entire gaming setup is pretty much entirely console oriented for many reasons other than controller support

none of the ads bother me, and i have no trouble finding games, especially new releases for DLCs as those have ads on the dashboard right next to the video ads. and even if i have to use the search function, so what? it's typing something into a search bar, you've probably done it fifty times this week alone on your computer and tons of other devices, its a large game library, and a search function is as good a method of navigating it as any


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Sep 14, 2011
clippen05 said:
Long time lurker on the escapist, first time poster here.

This thread makes me laugh. The things people say that are "Flaws of PC." People who say we only like graphics and not gameplay... we have minecraft for gods sakes (But at least we have texture packs unlike the dumbed down xbox version) And even if people like graphics as their main draw to gaming, how can you question them. All of you console gamers have been saying game how you want to, what if I want to admire the best possible graphics my system can offer is that not gaming my own way?

Then theres people who say the cost is what turns them off. While PC's can be expensive (You're not playing Skyrim on medium for $200 i'm sorry but that's a lie), consoles are indefinetly more expensive. Lets take todays xbox. $200 bucks, not that bad. Until you add your hardrive (That is horribly overpriced, a 120 gb harddrive for the old 360 costed more than 100 bucks. For that same price you can get 10x the storage on pc) Xboxlive for 2 years is about $60 bucks. This is where people start going "But clippen, thats still less than a $1000 dollar PC. Yes, but you're forgetting the most important part: The Games.

Have fun with your hard copy disks that you love ever so much: They're 60 bucks. (And they rarely include what I would call manuals these days) Boxed pc games are only $50 dollars to start with, but then you forget digital distribution. Give me $100 dollars on steam and I'll buy more games then your whole xbox collection will ever encompass during steam sales. If you regulate your purchases to daily deals and seasonal sales, you'll have more games than you can handle in a decade. (Especially if you get publisher packs, where you can spend $60 bucks, the price of one new console game, to get every game a publisher has released... okay maybe not everyone but many.) "But Clippen, only old games go on sale." well... about that... Skyrim was already on sale 1 month after release for $40 bucks, wait a little longer (and finish your backlog of summer sale games) and you could have it for $28 in February.

Lastly, theres those people who say "I can't handle PC's they're too complicated" Well you know what. I recently upgraded my graphics card and power supply. You want to know how simple it is? 1: Take wires out and unscrew old components. 2: Attack wires to new components and screw in. IT's that simple. And I've had no training, no experience, nothing to prepare me for this, I'm 16. And its easier than most of my math homework. I know that's just the hardware component, but I've never faced software issues so I Don't think it would be fair for me to comment on them.

I will concede that DRM can be annoying, and really, its the PC's biggest flaw. That's undeniable.

Despite my undying support for PC, I still have all three consoles (Although the Wii is mainly for my sister, I don't "Own it." And the only reason why is because everyone I know games on there; I don't have a single PC gaming friend and I hate it. If my friends didn't have these consoles I'd toss them to the closet immediately, but I can't. It pisses me off.
Well, you know what? Whoopdie-freakin'-doo.

The games I want to play? On the 360. Sure, they cost $10 extra, but it isn't like I buy a ton of them at a time.

And you know what? I don't want to fiddle with wires, unscrew crap, or any of that. I want to plug in my game and play. I don't want to set up monitors, I don't want to upgrade my processors, despite the better experience. I want to hook up my system, plop in my game, and play. That is it. Right now, with me being on a budget, I do not care to build a computer, or find out how to do one, regardless of how "super easy" everyone says it is, nor do I want to spend the money for a custom built one. I do not want to search for the proper parts.

All I want is a system about 200 bucks that I can plug in and play. That's it. And whaddya know, I have that!

Is PC gaming superior? Yes, undeniably so. In fact, I plan to eventually learn how to build one for my needs once I gather the funds, as the gaming experience will certainly be an improvement. But for now, my 360 covers all of my needs up to this point. If I'm being "cheated" or "fooling myself into liking an inferior experience", then cool, ignorance is bliss. I'll be playing Dragon's Dogma in the meantime, since my 360 plays it well enough for me.

If that isn't explanation enough for you "PC gamers", then tough cookies.


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Feb 8, 2010
trollpwner said:
Well, might as well add something to kick off the inevitable shit-storm.


P.C. gamers, could you please note that consoles are bad now, not because of weak processing or worse controls, but because of how they are being used by publishers. Therefore, they are not inherently evil and wrong, as some elitist minority jerks seem to insist.
I'll back that up. The first consoles were made by awesome people breaking a trail into an unknown, exciting future. I know, I watched it happen.

But "big corporation" consoles have always been inherently evil. They were created by evil people with evil mindsets evilly planning to get money from people in evil ways. I was there when they first came out, was excited about the chance to move gaming over to a console, and only halted when I saw the traps they had set up for unwary people.

Traps like ensuring consoles couldn't use those cheap, readily available input devices that PCs used, so that players would be forced to buy more expensive specialty controller devices instead. Which split console gamers from PC gamers right there by forcing developers to put special-needs coding into console games, ensuring a UI overhaul would be needed on every port.

Or like changing the firmware on common PC components used in consoles, so that if you wanted to fix your console or upgrade it, you would have to buy the same part as a PC uses at double or triple the price. From them exclusively.

Or hey, completely monopolistic behavior like preventing owners of other consoles and PCs from playing the same games together, because having their customers compare gaming experiences is bad for business. Best to keep your customers isolated and in ignorance, because it's easier to shear them that way.

So yeah, I'll back you up on that.


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Feb 8, 2010
Quick question for anyone who might know - what was the last sci-fi show/game in that video that started at 4:30? It looked pretty awesome.

Ken Sapp

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Apr 1, 2010
thanatos388 said:
Um...pcs are expensive and require upgrades to the pc itself to play new games. They are still a bigger hassle. That outweighs anything a pc can do as most gamers wont spend 15000 dollars to have higher definition graphics that add fuck all to the game itself.
You invalidate your own argument with your exaggeration. Anyone that spends $15K dollars on a PC just to play games has more money than sense. I built a high-end gaming rig for under $1K that allows me to play any game I have thrown at it with all settings maxed. But I am not the typical PC gamer, most use off the shelf computers and a graphics card and have a perfectly satisfying gaming experience.

I also own an Xbox 360 and PS3. However, I find myself spending most of my gaming time on PC titles.

SonOfVoorhees said:
PC gamers care more about graphics and physics than the actual game....these things are not important. Making the graphics better with a mod dont make the game better. The game is what it is, the story etc can not be changed. Each to their own i guess. Just buy the games you love to play and you will be fine.
Some PC gamers care more about graphics and physics, that I will grant. And no, improving the graphics via modding does not make the game "better", but a PC gamer has the option if they choose and many of them do prefer the PC for that reason alone. No amount of pretty graphics will make a crap game fun. The real problem is that the industry has trapped itself into pushing the pretty/realistic graphical envelope with each new game to the point that they allow the story and other aspects of the game to suffer. Some of the best games I have played in recent years have graphics that could have been done ten years prior.

Your last point is spot on though. If more people would quit trying to justify their own tastes in games or hardware by denigrating anyone with different tastes then the gaming community would be a much better place than it often devolves into.


May 1, 2020
United States
The only thing consoles still have on PCs is, as you mentioned, the idea that you know your console will run the game. I have a decent PC, but not every game I own works well on it.


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Jun 6, 2010
gphjr14 said:
If it wasn't for the cost of constantly upgrading the hardware I'd be more inclined to use my PC for gaming.
You speak as if you have to upgrade your PC with new components every other year just to be able to play PC games. It's really more of a choice. If you want to play all the new games with the best possible graphics, you're gonna have to upgrade pretty regularly. Other than that, there's nothing to say that a PC must have a shorter lifespan than a console.

I'd say, from hearing how many times my friend has had his Xbox break down on him, it's almost the other way around.