Journey to Un'Goro Card Reveals: Warlock Legendary, Elementals, and More

Steven Bogos

The Taco Man
Jan 17, 2013
Journey to Un'Goro Card Reveals: Warlock Legendary, Elementals, and More

We have eight new cards to show you today, including the Warlock and Paladin legendary cards.

Blizzard said that we would see more Journey to Un'Goro card reveals this week and it certainly hasn't slacking, revealing eight cards in one day through various sources. Of the cards revealed, we got the Paladin and Warlock legendary cards, as well as a peek at the new Elemental tribe and how they work.

First, here are the cards:


And if you were wondering, Fire Fly and Flame Geyser share the same token, which you can see here:

You may have noticed that Ozruk and Stone Sentinal get a bonus if you played an Elemental the proceeding turn. Blizzard says that this will be the overarching theme of the Elemental tribe, which will feature predominantly in Mage and Shaman cards.

"In Journey to Un'Goro, we knew we wanted to add Elementals, and we tried about 10 different mechanical designs. By playing with each design and discussing them, we narrowed in on the best ones. Eventually, we chose our favorite and adjusted all the Elementals to match the one we liked best," said the developer in a blog post. There are about 25 new Elementals being added in Journey to Un'goro, and many classic cards are being given the Elemental tag, such as Ragnaros, The Firelord, Fire Elemental and Water Elemental.

Be sure to check out all of the previously revealed cards [] in the set, which is due out April 6.



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Jul 7, 2010
*Sees no Overload on any of the elemental cards* Well damn seems like Shaman is going to get another big boost.