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Jan 19, 2009
1. Jewels of the Oracle, a slice of my childhood. :D

2. Pretty much every single part of Jewels of the Oracle works for this. Now I remember why I never beat the damn thing, the puzzles are brutal (but fair).

3. I'm not really looking forward to anything, specifically. :/

I suppose I'll pick up Dreamfall Chapters if I have time.


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Jun 30, 2014
[li]What was the last game you played? How are you finding it?
Mass Effect 2 (yeah, I'm a little late in that IP). I just finished the last mission (lost Professor Mordin and about half of the Normady's crew becuase I took to much time).

[li]What is the last thing in a game you had difficulty with and overcame?
Hmm... FTL: Faster than Light. I took too much time in reaching the exit in a sector (man, I'm beginning to see a pattern here), and when I reached the exit, the rebel flotilla was already waiting for me. "Attack? Screw that! Redirect the weapons energy to the shields and engine and GTFO ASAP!" I don't know how many holes and fires the flotilla's weapons caused in my ship, nor how many times I had to send all my crew (except the pilot) to repair the shields and engines. Finally the FTL charged up and got out of there alive... on fire and with more holes than a swiss cheese, but still alive.[/li]

[li]What games are you looking forward to?
I've plenty games on my TOPLAY list, so I don't think about it very much. Maybe the next Zelda or Mass Effect 4.[/li]


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May 14, 2009
1. Currently playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Pretty nice game. It's a big step up from 3U which was a very good game in it's own right. I'm over 130 hours in and at the end of G3

2. Right now, I'm stuck on the Urgent for G3. Haven't got past him yet. He doesn't seem too hard, it's just that he has a lot of HP, so there isn't too much room for error. Plus, apparently there's a few quests I gotta do to have access to ammo that can do a ton of damage to him. Not really sure how someone would know to do that on their own, but eh. But I guess the last major challenge I got past in the game was Chameleos. He's not too bad, but he and everything else on G rank hits like a truck and it's common to experience your group getting wiped.

3. Well I've found out Skullgirls will be coming out to the PS4. So once the PS3's lifespan ends, I'll be happy that that game and it's community will still be around. Overwatch also seems pretty cool. By the looks of things, a few things could use some tweaking, but it definitely looks like it has potential.


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May 13, 2010
Currently juggling between Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Darkest Dungeon, and just started playing Hearthstone this weekend.

I'm enjoying them. I've heard a lot of talk that Darkest Dungeon is super brutal, but so far I've found a team combination that just roflstomps every fight I go into. They're level 5 and I've killed the various bosses multiple times without any real issue, with no casualties except one fight with the Swine King.

Dragonfall is pretty fun, though I'm currently playing it just to try a different combat build as a Physical Adept instead of a Decker. Since the story is still basically the same, I'm not too hyped to play it.

Hearthstone I'm enjoying, as it's very different from most games I play.


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Jun 10, 2011
Lovely to see all the responses.
Thanks for everyone reminding me that Bloodborne is coming out soon, for some reason I thought that was next month. I can't wait. I'm in one of those moods where I just want games to try and kick my ass.

Raggedstar said:
Phasmal said:
2. The reason I made this thread- I beat the third boss on Rogue Legacy after dying on it way, way too many times. I have no idea how I'm going to beat the secret bosses.
As someone who beat all the secret bosses, I can tell you it won't be a pleasant journey. They're all difficult and on a completely different level to the regular bosses (who were no slouches themselves). The 2nd one is a particular thorn in my ass. Regular bosses you can technically grind forever for, but not the secret ones. Good luck.
Ugh, yeah. I just beat the fourth boss (on my first try- yaaaaaaay- though it seemed a walk in the park compared to the first three) so now I have nothing to do but go for the last boss or do all the secret bosses first so I don't have to do it on new game +.
I'm not looking forward to it. I spent about an hour on the first secret boss and I can just about get him down to half-health.

gmaverick019 said:
Are those just re-release ports to the ps4, or are those the HD versions?
It's the HD remaster.
Can't wait. Especially for X2. I think I dismissed it unfairly back when I first played it, even though I found the combat system actually quite enjoyable.


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Jan 9, 2012
Oh Jesus, I will admit I play a lot of Videogames and I keep even a whole file with evevry single game I played [well, the ones I remember anyway...].
So here is my recent "Videogame Status":

Recent Long games I finished playing:
-Hand of Fate. Awesome game mixing cards and real time combat and very atmospheric thanks of great voice acting of the Dealer. 10/10.
-Bioshock. Yep, the first one. Even I knew somehow what it going on at the end, I didn't excpected a specific moment in the whole game. It had a few problems, but other than that, great game. 9/10.

Recent Long games I still play:
-Everlasting Summer. First of, don't judge me. I play "worst" games and you know them. Second, I really like the mystery the game have. I only played one route and I felt satisfied so far. I will play 3 more route to disover the real ending.
-Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. I really like the humor and the puzzles it have, but I am not a big fun of the old controls and and weird artistic style. I will try to play for few hours and then I will decide if I stop playing it.

Recent Short Games I finished:
-The Age of Deliverance. Stop reading and go play this game. 10/10.
-Why I am Dead: Rebirth. Someone murder you and you, as a Ghost, must find your Killer. Good mystery. 8-10.
-Space Goddess. You know, I really tried to like this game and I know the developers put lot of work, but I just can't play it....it is so difficult and unfair even in the beginning, which this made me rage quit so many times......4/10. Don't play.
-Subline. Good Unique Puzzle game controlling a line. 8/10.
-WizardWizard. Good platformer with a challenging difficulty. Also cool ending yo. 8/10.
-RUE remix. What the f*ck I am even doing?!?!? Too complicate for me. 1/10.
-Hair Cop. I pass the first Level......the second is impossible and broken I believe...2/10.
-Ghost Coin. Well......it was something to check if you are curious. But not much really. 6/10.

This will sound funny, but even I said I finished playing Hand of Fate, I didn't actually beat the last level. It was FFFAAAARRR difficult for me. However for nearly 10 hours I had a lot of fun with this game, I couldn't had hard not even to hate it. It is SO good.

Well, f*ck me. I have many games and I am lazy to write down every single one......so here are my lists I created for this:
But if I had to choose only ONE...........

Persona 5

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
1.What was the last game you played? How are you finding it?
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. While I am loving the game so far but I do feel back for reverting back to my "comfort zone" as in being back to the Lance user. Yes I did tried out every wepeon including the new ones and despite what this quide say about try to be pro at using TWO weapon, I still suviving using the lance. Sure the lance is still slow against faster monster but I can outwait it as long it doesn't flee...

2.What is the last thing in a game you had difficulty with and overcame?
Fighting Basarios the second time. I don't get his monster since it is literally a draong made of rocks. My lance attacks just bounce of it and only it's feets are the parts that I can actually hit and yet I am still harming it? Does the bounce still count as a hit?

3.What games are you looking forward to?
Hyper Light Drifter. Despite no official release date so far, it SHOULD be coming out this year (I hoped)!!!


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Jul 5, 2011
Phasmal" post="9.871915.21870741 said:
Ugh, yeah. I just beat the fourth boss (on my first try- yaaaaaaay- though it seemed a walk in the park compared to the first three) so now I have nothing to do but go for the last boss or do all the secret bosses first so I don't have to do it on new game +.
I'm not looking forward to it. I spent about an hour on the first secret boss and I can just about get him down to half-health.
I beat all the secret bosses on NG+, so if you want to sharpen your skills a little more before you really buckle down, that's an option. Since the character you play for them is pre-set, there is no scaling in difficulty like the regular enemies (either that or I'm a complete badass). The only hassle is having to beat the regular boss before you face the secret one (your obols carry over through all your playthroughs).

Only tip I can give you for the first one is to take advantage of your manoeuvrability (your jumps and slides) and recognize patterns so you can dodge perfectly. Using magic also helps give you some good hits (as you have a spellsword class and will regen magic with every attack).

It took me 2 hours of constant play to beat the second secret boss. Godspeed.


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Sep 14, 2011
Zelda: Link between Worlds - Most of the way through, really like the world design and powers - feels so much like Link to the Past, but different enough. 3D works really well.
Metroid Prime Trilogy - Played the originals, now playing the trilogy, and am almost done with Prime 1. Still awesome games, really enjoying the Wii controls.
Dark Souls 2 (PS3)- Got between 2/3 and 3/4 of the base game and just stopped - maybe I've played too much Demon's and Dark Souls. My Wii U games got in the way, will get back to it eventually.
Dungeon of the Endless - After dozens of attempts, finally took a party through to the end using the escape pod. Then took a team through with the medical pod in one try. Really like the tower defense/rogue-like hybridness.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, beating the six KONG levels.

Getting all of the KONG letters in each stage of each world (including secret levels) opens up the KONG levels for each world. No checkpoints. Usually just DK. Usually a miss-timed jump or bounce away from death at all times. Half of them I beat in one sitting, the other half took multiple attempts over multiple days but eventually was able to beat all 6. Which opens world 7, which is just like the 6 KONG levels. XD.

Zelda Wii U - An open world HD Zelda - nuff said. Just hope the difficulty isn't too easy (or make a Master Quest mode). Looks absolutely fantastic.


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Jun 19, 2010
1) Technically speaking, Team Fortress 2, which I was playing with friends, but I'm not going to count that because all we ever go is play what is functionally, though not necessarily literally, rocket-tag on an all-crits server. It's fun, don't get me wrong, because a lot of stupid stuff happens on all-crits, but I don't really think it counts for this discussion because I played it "casually", for lack of a better term. Also discounting visual novels; I love Grisaia no Kajitsu, but it's not much of a "game".

So, with those conditions out of the way, I've been playing Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart. It's a spinoff of the much-loved (by me, at least) series, Hyperdimension Neptunia, which stars the supporting protagonist, Noire, rather than the main protagonist, Neptune. It's the first game in the series to do something really new since Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection, which was an idol-management game, and while I love all of the improvements that they made in the PS Vita Neptunia Re;Birth sub-series, those are just remakes of the first 2 games. The first two games really needed the improvements, but they simply use the battle system from the third game, Neptunia Victory, with the story and characters of the game that's being remade.

Unlike the other games, Hyperdevotion Noire is a strategy RPG. It works pretty well, all things considered; the Lily Points system is interesting, and the characters, stages and gimmicks are varied enough to stop things from getting boring. It's goofy, as well; one of the mage characters has an ultimate attack, known as a "special move", called "Cosmic Banana Rain", wherein she conjures a magic circle in the sky from which bananas fall onto all enemies within range. It's pretty powerful, and it's got a huge range and AoE. "Fill the world with the fruit of life", indeed. Regardless, I'm enjoying it quite a bit, though I don't like how you can't buy any weapons for any of your characters, except to four of them, so you have to craft them from items, but that's not a huge deal.

2) There's a level in Hyperdevotion Noire wherein there is an army of zombies, spiders and Pac-Man ghosts (yes, actually) that you need to exterminate. However, at the same time, the zombies can turn your party members into zombies, and if all of your party members become zombies, you lose. Additionally, there is a line on the map that you have to protect; if an enemy gets past your characters and enters the line, you lose. It's not particularly bad, despite how it sounds, once you get past the fact that the Pac-Man ghosts can petrify your party members, rendering them invincible, but totally useless. Even worse, their petrification attack is AoE, in a large rectangle in front of them, meaning that they can petrify multiple party members in a single attack. Thankfully, one of units in the game nullifies petrification if she's the Leader, but that doesn't change the fact that the ghosts still do a ton of damage with their petrify attack, and the game's mechanics strongly encourage bunching your characters up by increasing damage and lowering skill costs when characters are standing adjacent to each other. It was tough.

3) I'm looking forward to a whole bunch of games, though I can only think of a couple off the top of my head. One of them is the next version of BlazBlue Chronophantasma, because I want to play as Lambda again, and I want to see if they changed her Sickle Storm and Spike Chaser to be the same as Luna-form Nu's, because those versions suck and I hate them and I just want to do all of my awesome sword combos again like I could in Continuum Shift Extend. ;-;


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Jun 14, 2013
Great topic, OP. And congrats on beating the third boss in your game. As for your questions:

1. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is what I've been playing recently. I do the episodes when they come out and then just have fun with Raid mode while waiting for the next. So far, I'm enjoying the game. It's pretty intense at times which I like and there's been some interesting story developments and neat settings. Just waiting a little bit longer for episode 3 (6.5 hours to go!).

2. There is a particularly challenging boss in chapter 2 or Re: Revelations 2. It took me a few tries and, ngl, definitely pissed me off. You have to dodge an insta-kill strike and it just seemed like the dodge maneuver wasn't being consistent. Might be the game or might be me...it's probably me.

3. I'm looking forward to Bloodborne. It just looks amazing. That kind of setting appeals to me so much.
Sep 14, 2009
Dalisclock said:
gmaverick019 said:
Not judging you either way, but do you have your fuel lines setup in asparagus staging? between that staging and not going FULL POWER right off the bat helps a TON in fuel efficiency, I forgot off the top of my head what it was, but there is a certain speed you're supposed to go until you reach a certain elevation, otherwise you're wasting too much fuel trying to tank through the air resistence when you can save it until you get out of the atmosphere.

Look into those if you need help getting out of the atmosphere in a efficient way.

I would HIGHLY recommend watching some tutorial let's plays of CK2 before you hop into the game, the tutorial in game is shit (nice try by the developers at least) and it's so much better watching someone and having them explain stuff, because there are a crapload of buttons and menus you have to deal with when playing the game.
Well, the trick is I don't have fuel lines yet, so I can't use them for rocket building. So either I need to scrouge up some more science to get them or try something else.

Appreciate the advice on CK2. A friend of mine told me the same thing, to check out the forums before trying. I'm prepared for the idea the game is going to very difficult to get into but it sounds so interesting as well.
ah gotcha, well, I would definitely look up some of the more popular tutorials (such as scott manley) on KSP to see what he does before he gets fuel lines, most often it's a "oh, no duh! derp" moment, but sometimes you do get those 'huh, never thought of putting the parts like that.." and it helps immensely. (at least for me it did.)

on CK2, it is VERY interesting, but damn does it take some dedication to not only LEARN the game, but to actually FINISH a playthrough, jesus christ does it take forever to get through the timeline, and by then half your fucking heirs have revolted against you, someone died in about 5 seconds after becoming king, and you end up having incest fuck all stupid vassals -_-

very fun game, just...bloody hell can it get frustrating to KNOW what you are doing.