Kill The Servers in Gwent's Free Stress-Test Event

Steven Bogos

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Jan 17, 2013
Kill The Servers in Gwent's Free Stress-Test Event

Kill the Servers! is an event design to specifically stress-test the backend Gwent servers.

"Kill the Servers!" [] event for the game, with the aims of getting as many people in as possible in order to stress-test the game's servers.

"Kill the Servers! is an event designed to stress Gwent's hosting backend. We want you to blow out some fuses in the server rooms and, at the end of the day, see how everything reacts to a lot of gamers banging at the doors. The event takes place this Friday, 23.09 from 5PM to 9PM CEST and Tuesday, 27.09 from 8PM to 12AM CEST," wrote the developer in a blog post.

On September 22, CDPR will announce via it's social media channels [] when codes are available for players to grab the game. Unfortuantely for Xbox One gamers, this promotion is for the PC version of the game only. It will also be a rather limited build of the game, and will feature no deck building or level progression. Players will simply fight using pre-built decks.

CDPR also stated that this event is completely seperate from its closed beta [] that will run in late october, and that signing up for the Kill The Servers! event does not guarantee access to the beta.

This looks like it will be the first chance for many to test out the game, even if it is missing a lot of features.

Source: CD Projekt Red []



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Sep 6, 2009
This looks fun. I just wish I didn't suck ass at these kinds of games. Even in Witcher 3's Gwent (set to easy) I regularly have my ass handed to me.