Kill Your Friends and Master Time With Icewind Dale's Survival Rules


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Jan 5, 2013
Kill Your Friends and Master Time With Icewind Dale's Survival Rules

The end of the Icewind Dale Survival Rules series is near. Catch them all exclusively at The Escapist.

It feels like only yesterday we were announcing the beginning of Wizards of the Coasts and Beamdog's Icewind Dale "Surival Rules" video series. Now look at us; it's been six whole days. Where does the time go?

Okay, so maybe the passage of a week isn't all that remarkable, but the arrival of the weekend does mean we're that much closer to the release of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. It also means that The Escapist has released another three episodes from the developers' aforementioned video series.

In case, you missed the past few, Thursday's taught us about the benefits of letting your friends <a href=>die for you, while Friday's discussed the role of time in battle and you can become <a href=>its lord and master. Saturday's video discussed the value <a href=>of ranged attacks and how they can give you the winning edge in battle. Today's, in turn, deals with the value of <a href=>shutting the door behind you. Check them out and swing back to The Escapist over the next few days to view the final three!

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will launch on PC, Mac, iOS and Android on October 30th.

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Amazing Mavis

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Oct 19, 2014
It has been forever since I last played this game. (Original Icewind Dale.)

1) Scout ahead under the guise of both stealth and invisibility, and throw a fireball. In fact, it never hurts to throw a fireball wherever you go. Keeps your toes nicely warm in the cold weather of Icewind Dale.

2) Do you suspect that the area dangerously trapped, why not summon a low level goblin to find it out for you? No need to be conserned with the goblin's fate, they really do not have decent life expectancy in the adventuring bussiness. It is nothing but statistics.

3) Do you find yourself facing an opponent you cannot defeat with bravery and your usual heroics? Well, have you thought of running slightly faster with a handy spell called haste? It might steal one year of your life expectancy, but what is one year when you could still get past the esteemed age of 40? Well, just keep one sucker running in large circles while the others throw darts into the opponent's bottocks. The proverbial maids in the tavern will not know the sorry details of your victory, and you will most likely win any game of darts due to all that experience.

And not sure if it still applies...
4) Are you sick and tired of only recovering one hit-point per rest? How about you go over to the nwnini.text file and change the hitpoint recovery from the value 1 to a 100? Sure, you could click the rest button a hundred times, or you could just click it once. It is entirely up to you.


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Dec 17, 2009

Is there any chance we could keep Alvaeus Malcanter around on the Escapist?

It's Jimquisition and How Not to Die for me right now. Seriously. In less than seven days he's become the other fixture I check in for.

Poach him for episodic content. Poach him!