Killzone 2


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Oct 29, 2008
TheBadass said:
My workmate got a text from his friend who's a gametester, she said.

"I'm testing Killzone 2, I've been playing for three minutes and I've got the shakes because it's so intense."

That's kind of a recommendation in my books. I was non-plussed, now I'm interested (or plussed if that's a word).


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Nov 26, 2008
Apparantly the multiplayer is sex on a stick.. a cross between team fortress and cod? HELLO!

Ps fanboys of all sides.. please just drop it and enjoy gaming.. being a drama llama makes no one but you look the fool..


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Mar 10, 2008
Frank_Sinatra_ said:
Eggo, Jumplion can we please stop this pointless debate.
But it's so much fun debating with Eggo! It's a normal occurrence, really, don't be worried.

Eggo said:
Jumplion said:
Christ, you need to calm down. Maybe I should have put an [/console-tard] at the end or something, hm?
Err, I'm calm. You're the one who was using caps :I
Where...? I'm afraid to ask...

And what do you use to play Killzone 2 and/or PS3 in general?
You can't make a reflexive equivalent to my point unless you're actually assuming that the default method to play Killzone 2 is the most efficient.
Yes, it is quite. Killzone 2 doesn't have auto-aim, which shows that it's approach is more tactical and patience based rather than reflex-based and twitch-related which is what Pc games tend to be. Couple the fact that that sniping in KZ2 uses the sixaxis (the steadier you hold the controller, the better you aim) while exploshuns are going off, the cover system being heavily integrated within the game, and various other sixaxis controls intergrated in the game, then you should see that this game was meant for console and console controls.

Then again, I'm not denying that M+KB wouldn't be fine.

Don't start this argument, please, or we'll all need to take a "chill pill".
Why would anyone need to take a "chill pill?"
Then you want an enragement pill?


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Jul 30, 2008
The movement looks a little weird to me, like the running would feel strange. I'm thinking about picking up Fear 2 instead of this.

shadow skill

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Oct 12, 2007
Richard Groovy Pants said:
The movement in that GIF really seems to be clunky instead of fluid like in a proper PC shooter.

Damn Eggo, nice catch.
Couldn't that be because of the person controlling the game? Sure looks to me like the person stopped and started moving on his or her own rather than a flaw in the game.


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Jan 14, 2009
Now, I am a 360 are you ready for my bias comment? Yes?

Well, sorry, you won't get one.

It looks actually amazing and the graphics really made my jaw drop. However, I don't think it will bring anything that new to the genre, unless the developers are keeping it a tight lipped secret. To be perfectly honest, whilst reviews might make it appear to be a better game than say, Halo 3, I don't think it will be.

(I'm really sorry for using Halo 3 as an example but it's the FPS face of the Xbox itself.)

Class multiplayer? Im sorry, CoD on both consoles has already done that and succeeded massively whilst Halo 3's multiplayer has yet to be beaten for popularity. Dark, gritty, amazing graphics? Gears of War 2 has already shown us this. So yeah it's a bit shiny, but nothing new.

What I want, is this game to come out and prove me wrong. Great games do that, prove people wrong and come out amazing.

Now, I loved Killzone 1, I think it was a brilliant game, I didnt care for how slow and clunky it was, I enjoyed every second. I look forward to Killzones attempt to smash the barriers and extend the genre in a good direction instead of acing all the predictable aspects of a FPS.

I still hate Ps3 but I feel myself wanting Killzone 2 to do well.


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Jul 15, 2008
PedroSteckecilo said:
Personally I think it just looks like a good, well produced shooter with a cool realistic sci-fi universe and plenty of great action.

I'm probably going to pick it up for two reasons. The PS3 has built in Wi-Fi and free online play unlike my 360... and there are Bots.
wait what? my ps3 has wi-fi? I never knew that..seriously?


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Aug 27, 2008
Eggo, should probably give you a warning: you aren't meant to be accurate in this game. You can't go into this like a regular shooter, and to some it feels "clunky" when compared to Resistance 2 or Halo. This isn't an accident, it's a design decision, one they knew could turn some people off the game; it's to add weight and realistic recoil. Killzone 2 isn't supposed to be played like other FPS', it's a new beast. Don't go in expecting the same thing or you'll be massively dissapointed.

On another note, just pre-ordered. Hawt.