King Leoric Joins Heroes of The Storm

Steven Bogos

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Jan 17, 2013
King Leoric Joins Heroes of The Storm

Just like in Diablo, King Leoric never really dies, maintaining a constant presence on the battlefield even in "death".

eternal conflict [] event. Just like in the Diablo franchise, when Leoric dies, it's not really for good, and his character in Heroes of the Storm maintains a constant presence on the battlefield with his special "wraith" trait.

The unique trait essentially turns Leoric into a ghost upon being "killed", instead of having to wait for his revive timer to come up. While in this "Undying" form, Leoric's attacks do no damage - but can slow his opponents and reduce his own revive timer. When his revive timer is up, instead of reviving at his team's nexus, he instead revives at the location of his undying specter.

Leoric's other abilities are inspired by his appearance as a Diablo III boss, and help accentuate his role in HoTS as an up-close-and-personal melee warrior. Check him out in action in the video above.

Leroic will set you back 15,000 gold for the first week of his availability, after which he will drop down to just 10,000 gold.



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Aug 19, 2009
Wasn't there already a post about this? Do we really need two news posts about a single new hero in a game?

RJ 17

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Nov 27, 2011
Denamic said:
Wasn't there already a post about this? Do we really need two news posts about a single new hero in a game?
First one was him being announced, this one is his official release.

But yeah, it's a bit repetitive. I don't think the previous article had a video that actually showed off his abilities though.


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Oct 23, 2009
Came up against Leoric in a few matches tonight. He can be quite a threat to assassins if he gets up close but is more or less completely countered by anyone with any relative amount of tankiness. I just want them to hurry up and release the Monk. Easily my favourite D3 class and one that I want to try out in HotS.


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Oct 25, 2009
I dont know if it is the player, or the character, but Leoric seems to be a bit... shit. I have yet to get in a game with a Leoric who has died 10. He just seems to wonder around for a bit, do almost nothing, die, slow people, come back alive, then rinse and repeat.

Cant say that I am too much of a fan of his Rs, either. Entomb feels like it would be the more useful of the two, but a whole bunch of characters can just jump over it, and I have seen Leroics trap teammates all too often.

March of the Black King, looks decent, but in reality, is also a bit shit. He walks forward, swinging his mace around, dealing a fair amount of AoE damage, but I have yet to see it actually kill somebody.

It is unfortunate, as the character has a really cool design, but I really do not see him getting played all that often.