Kingdoms of Amalur's Combat The "Best" Of Any RPG


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Dec 24, 2008
yes, skyrim is well known for its wonderful, realistic and fluid combat.
in related news, it also has better story than pong!
better graphics than tetris!
i could go on, but i think i made my point here.


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Aug 9, 2009
"the art style is also impressive (even though it's more than a little reminiscent of World of Warcraft)"

I really dislike it. If you're going to go that far down the route of a very distinct art-style, then it should compensate for a lack of polygons, not emphasise it.

Anyway, my interest was piqued at one point, but I can't shake the feeling that its just going to come and go with a bit of a whimper (unfortunately). The writing/acting/story hasn't grabbed the interest of any impressions and previews I've read either.

And its made the rather unfortunate connection in my mind to Fable (a game series so stupid you'd need your only brain cells to be in your arse to enjoy)[footnote]Do not care if you like it.[/footnote], which I now can't divorce it from.

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Jun 17, 2009
Well, I'm back from playing the demo!

If the combat is the same in release as in the demo then... no. It worked for the most part, but it was a far cry form the best in any RPG.
Blocking and dodging was simply far too cumbersome, and the charge attacks sent you in the way you were already facing rather than the direction you were aiming.

The combat system in the original Darksiders would've fit in well here, I think.


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Apr 10, 2009
Played the demo... its not better than Skyrim. Its like an alternate Dragon Age world with more varied enemies and some other features "borrowed" from other games.


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Jul 5, 2011
daveman247 said:
NotSoLoneWanderer said:
The trailer looks like it's for an MMO than a one player game. Still have to go try the demo though.
How come? is it the cartoony look?

OP: I enjoyed the demo and think ill pick it up sometime. Enjoyed the combat, and most of the stuff in the game really.

Not sure if its just for other things, but i didnt really run into many bugs in my 360 demo, let alone gamebreaking ones. Just some texture pop-in really.

I agree demons/ dark souls combat is better overall. I think they handled spells better here though, holding down the right trigger and hitting a face button is much quicker than having to equip a "talisman" of some sort. And the fact that there are several talismans for different spells, AND have to to equip it along with swords/sheilds/bows. Not cool.

Then again, i dont play a hell of a lot of RPG games, so maybe these things which i see as impressive are not so much :p

Overall it may not be particulary new/ groundbreaking anywhere but polishes existing stuff quite well. Which is enough for me.
Yeah just the graphics seem...not as good as they could be but for technical reasons than it being unfeasible. Graphics aren't all that matters of course but it just looks like MMO graphics to me. Nothing necessarily wrong with that I must add.


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Aug 22, 2011
Really? That IS long... I didn't know since I couldn't stomach it for more than 15 mins.


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Oct 17, 2008
Zer_ said:
Oh god, I fucking hated that about the combat. I expect combat to be responsive, and Reckoning's combat is NOT fluid.
I can dig it. You can do an immediate dodge after two swings, but you're locked in if you commit to a third. That adds some tactical variety to the game to be honest. It feels better knowing that I have to think about my combat sometimes. It touches on the feeling I get from Dark Souls.
Aug 25, 2009
I don't judge RPGs based on their combat. If I did I'd think most of them were pretty awful. Saying that your RPG has the best combat out of any RPG is like saying your racing game has the best detail on the nitro out of any other racing game. Sure it's a part of the package, but it's not what I look at first.

Saying your game has the best story out of any RPG, now that would get me hooked. Saying it's more open, or has more quests, or more potential endings and ways of characterising yourself. Those are things I look for. Saying it has the best combat? Not likely.


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Dec 7, 2009
The best combat? Are you daft? The combat isn't even noteworthy. The graphical style is dated and reused, the storyline is generic fantasy, the controls [for PC] don't make a lot of sense, the camera is frustratingly stubborn, and if you set the graphical settings to ultra, there's a good chance the game will simply decide not to render anything.

My experience with the demo was wholly unsatisfying and generally unsurprising. Though maybe it's just me - with all the hype this game is getting, I suspect that I may just have something against western RPGs - and Bioware and Bethesda games seem to be the exceptions that prove the rule.


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Sep 13, 2010
well that bar is set pretty low. Yeah the combat is alright, it's no Bayonetta but it's alright.
also, am I the only one a little creeped out by the art on reckoning? the cartoony visuals do not match the dark subject matter and brutal finishing moves very well. It's like if a mallet hit in a tom and jerry cartoon resulted in a caved skull and blood pouring from his ears.


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Jan 25, 2012
Totally agree with the comment that it feels like a tweaked Fable. Combat is very Fable-esque, and the art style is very WoW/Fable-stylized as well.

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Jan 9, 2010
Vault101 said:
Zhukov said:
You can, although it doesn't affect anything beyond appearance.

The game uses the Dragon Age approach to talking where your character silently stands there with all the expressiveness of a fence post while you click your way through the dialogue tree.

Awesome about playing a female, or awesome about a silent protagonist?

While being able to chose gender is always good, silent protagonist just doesn't fly with me in an era of gaming when the only reason a game possibly can't have a voiced player character is because of budget.

The demo was okay, but if I find out that they actually had the money to spend on good voice talent for the player character, I would have to walk over to the developing studio and have a talk with someone.

Granted that the stuff he added doesn't impact the game a large amount but I think Ken Rolston needs to find a new line of work. I vote him the developer that likes to add the most useless mechanics, item wear among them(we all know it had to have been his idea, considering his background).

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Jun 29, 2010
That guy is only asking for backlash saying the game has the best combat ever. But anyway Skyrim doesn't even have that great of combat so saying that your's is better is not a big selling point.


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Jun 30, 2009
It has good action-RPG combat. Kind of the feel DA2 seemed to be trying (and failing) to achieve.

That said, it wasn't perfect. Good, yes, but not great. There were control issues and often times my dive-roll would send me in the opposite direction I wanted.

Also, I kind of think the game should be renamed: Kingdom of stun-locks: Hooray for stun-locks.

Every successful attack interrupts what the target was doing, which counts for both you and the enemy. Given that many of the special attacks take a second or two to execute, and that you'll typically fight multiple enemies at once, I found the best tactic was generally to just mash away at the basic attack until everything stopped moving. Every time I tried to liven things up by blocking, or using a special attack I'd get stun locked and lose some health.

I think the combat was good, and I'm considering getting it now, but calling it "the best" is a serious overstatement.