Layoffs Rumored at Rockstar New England

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
Layoffs Rumored at Rockstar New England

Rockstar New England [], formerly known as Mad Doc Software, is rumored to have laid off at least ten percent of its workforce.

Rockstar [] is apparently "not enthusiastic" about its studios having internal QA departments and one source claims the layoffs are part of an effort to have all such responsibilities handled by one dedicated QA studio.

Rockstar New England was originally founded in 1999 as Mad Doc Software and has worked on games including Bully: Scholarship Edition [] and in April of that year was acquired and renamed by Rockstar.

Rockstar has not confirmed the layoffs but according to reports is being "fairly generous" with the former employees and is taking steps to help some of them find other employment.



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Apr 25, 2008
Given the purely crappy job that Rockstar new England has been doing with their ports, I can only hope this is true. The QA work they've done before is obviously incompetent. Maybe this will lead to better work coming out of that studio, but I won't hold my breath. Their track record isn't terribly good.