League of Legend Dev Responds to Greed Accusations


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May 28, 2011
ShakerSilver said:
Strazdas said:
just like one doesnt need all champions. find 5-10 champions you enjoy playing with and your set.
It's not always that easy to do that when you're at the mercy of whatever champions Riot puts in free rotation at the time. Can't really try them all unless you do that grinding.
Another thing to note is that in online multiplayer games 1 year is a short period of time.
This is assuming that this is the only game you play for the whole year. Which again, sort of goes with your point about Riot wanting to be "the only ones".
Well, my favourite champ is actually Ache, the one newbies get for free, so it does work out quite well sometimes. And i meant 5-10 champions to buy not just use free rotation.
ALso no, 1 year being little does not need to make you play only one game. I play 3 MMOs and damn how 1 year flies by. In fact, 5 years flew by in what looked like half a year in case of Eve.


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Apr 1, 2010
I agree with another user. Riot isn't exceptionally greedy, but definitely very douchey about the way they sell their goods. I think a primary example of this is how Limited Skins came back. Now I don't have a problem with them re-releasing those skins, as there were a few I very much wanted. I just didn't like that they framed the re-release with the idea that they were only doing it to make the new users who didn't have a chance to buy them happy.

They wanted to make mucho money selling those old skins to the huge amounts of new players willing to buy them, don't try to frame the choice as being made purely out of the goodness of your heart. There have been plenty of decisions made by Riot that aren't user friendly but lucrative and they have no problem rolling out those changes. An increased cost for new champions to promote the use of RP? It's a reasonable choice, one that still allows for users to pay IP but encourage players to pay with RP, but that change is still more negative to the player-base than good, but it was made because Riot is a business. So please, don't pretend you're a charity.

Pedro The Hutt

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Apr 1, 2009
Well, yeah? Just because they're not -the- most greedy doesn't automatically imply they're not greedy when you've got much fairer F2P systems like those found in Dota 2 and Path of Exile.

Just the mere fact that LoL's shop is basically like a supermarket where you'll never, ever get your change back and that they'll instead hold on to it as "store credit" (except there isn't a single item that costs as much as the store credit you've got left) should tell you that they're being greedy to a certain extent.


Aug 25, 2013
I would like an applause for all the people discovering now that companies want money, not your sole entertainment.


Sure, Dota 2 gives you all the champions on release. LoL on the other hand has extra motivation for people to keep playing forever, and I anticipate that it will be the later the one lasting longer. Why do they want 150 champions if they probably can't play more than 2 or 3 anyway?

Seriously calling Riot greedy because they don't give all the champions makes only one image to come to mind: That of a spoiled brat crying to his mother because she won't buy him whatever.

Oh and people claiming that they've been playing for X years and yet don't have enough champions. What a pile of bantha dung. They even give IP boosts for free if you've been more than 1 week away from the game. If you don't have enough champions you're clearly too new to play ranked, so who cares.