Let's Play Pokemon Sapphire: Monotype Challenge!


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Dec 7, 2009


Okay, I've had in my tiny little mind, the drive to make one of these for a long time, and after reading the story of "RedCommi and the Nuzloche Challenge" I thought it would be a fantastic and utterly original Idea to make one of my own, but this time, it too will have a twist of some kind! Also, I want everyone to know I am infact not very good at pokemon! I will probably end up failing somehow, but I will persevere, for the sake of this lets play!
The Monotype Challenge!
What this means:
1: I can only use one kind of pokemon. (If the evolution does not have the type I am supposed to be using, then I cannot let it evolve, similarly, if the evolution of a pokemon has the type I'm looking for, then I can use it but I MUST evolve it when it hits the evolution threshold.
Well guys, I have already chosen my type. It's gonna be hard, that's right, I've chosen, BUG TYPE. This is pretty much a suicide run, so I have messed around with the game a little. Don't worry, its nothing too major.

Also, go checkout chromewarriorXIIIs [http://www.escapistmagazine.com/profiles/view/chromewarriorXIII]
Pokemon Fire Red Playthrough [http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/9.187931-Pokemon-Fire-Red-Monotype-Playthrough] He is only using Bird pokemon... go wish him good luck!

Well, there is no use in me blabbing on, lets get started.

Dun dun duun dun duuuuun

Pokemon sapphire wooooooooo

Hey! Prof Oa? hey! You ain?t professor Oak? And shorts? Eww, frankly eww?

Yeah yeah, whatever, just let me go already! :mad:

The guy looks old, seriously, white hair? Time for some cross gender action!

Yeah, dunno were you got that from? that sure is one hell of a weird name. But whatever, LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED! :D



Okay? Can we start now?

Gah! What happened! How did I get here? GASP! KIDNAPED!

Thank god they left the door open. Now for my secret escape!

Oh it was just mom. You know what, I?m a little disappointed.

Wait, what? Oh, little root town, yeah. My new home, big woop.

Okay mom, I'll do just that!

They don't seem to be doing much. Is one of them humping our TV?

You can do that?

It sure is mom, I guess I'm a neat freak. Or something.

Ah! A guard spotted me! Run Snake, run!

Gah! I've been playing metal gear for too long? Okay mom, but I don't want to go near that TV, that Machoke was pretty intimate with it?

Okay, blah blah blah, long story short, your dads a gym leader, he has a friend that lives in this town. Go see him, in his lab.

Oh joy. He isn?t here.

No, that?s the guy I?m looking for.

Great. Sigh, let?s get this adventure started then! I?m getting out of this sleepy place and on to somewhere cool! Oh yeah, I talked to his son. He?s a jerk.

See? Sexist son of a gun! Anyway, lets goooo!

Hum, I wonder who that could be?

Har har har, lets see you get out of this one, Professor Shorts!

Gah, I guess I?ll help you. I hope I get something out of this though.
Time to look throught his bag!


Gah, well, I guess I?m gonna have to chose one of them.

Okay, well, I beat him and his Mudkip easy. So yeah... Lets do what he says and get down to his lab!

But on the way I'll take down some Zigzagoons.


Hi Professor Shorts!

Yeah, seriously, a level 5 Midkip? Pah, nothing that Dr.McNinja can't take care of!
So then he gave me a pokeball our of shame.

:D Now lets go on mah pokemon adventure!

Oh, hi mom. Running shoes? Awesome! Time to DAAAAASH!

Ooooooh, a Worm thingy! Looks pretty good. Lets catch a slightly stronger one!

That will do nicely.

Damn straight. That worm is a GOD. You will see why later...

Lets go take on some trainers with my new pokemon! Go go go Worm!

Damn straight I am, now lets see you fall beneath my mighty Dr.McNinja!

Well, I guess I can send out my Worm to lower its speed or something, whatever, GO GODOFWORMS!

A growl hey, well that wont stop me! Go my cannon fodder!

*5 minutes later*

Well fuck me. Yay, level 4 Worm!

GASP! A fellow bug pokemon collector!

*Heated Battle*

Well fuck me again. My worm is awesome!

Well, after that, hum, I think I will go searching for bug pokemon.

Not a bug.

*5 minutes later*

YES! Finally, another bug type pokemon!

Your mine *****!

Still Looking for a name by the way!

Woot! I've got 3 pokemon in my team now! Time to train up Strider!

Take down that Zigzagoon, Strider! What move should we use...

Wow. Killer move set there, Strider.

At least you level up fast.

Really fast... (I can't be bothered screen capping the battles with wild pokemon)

Yay! I think its time to take on a trainer!

Yeah, but I am awesome! Your going down!

A Pooch? Nothing can beat my Strider! Use bubble!

Ha, didn't even break a sweat.
And then...

AHH! MY MORTAL ENEMY! Go Dr.McNinja! You can take the sucker down, I hope...


Awesome, I knew I could count on you!

Ah, my next victim!

Zigzagoon? No sweat.

Awesome! He learnt Quick Attack!

Now, onto the next town, the place where my dad has a gym. Lets go check up on him!

Hi dad! How are ya?

*Fade out*
*Fade in*

Well, my dad told me to take on Roxxane, the gym leader in the next town. I'll do that after I've trained my pokemon! Rocky montage!

Time to leave this crappy town and take on some stronger trainers!

Humf! You and your snazzy blazer, I'll bring you back to reality! Go bug pokemon!

Ha, a couple of quick attacks and his only pokemon is down.

Ah, the next trainer/victim!

:eek: A fellow bug enthusiast! Let see what my main competition will be...

GASP! Six pokemon! This could be a gruelling fight!

Or not...
Just look at that image six times and you'll know how the fight went.


I see...


*One fight later*

Okay. Then, after fighting another few pokemon, I leave the forest, but not before gaining the TM Seed thingy.

Okay, my plan to take on Roxxane goes s follows...

Train up Strider so he can take down Roxxanes first pokemon, Geodude, in one hit, or so he can tank a rock throw or a rock tomb.

The second part, training up BigNinny (my new female Nincada) so she can tank 5 or more hits. She knows 'harden' and 'sand attack', a key feature in my plan.

(During this time I caught a Cascoon and called him Fouter, 'cause I love my Scottish slang)

Okay, I think my team is ready. Stick to the plan guys, stick to the plan.

Those trainers were a piece of cake. Strider took care of them with one blow each.

Cue Dramatic battle!

Okay, all going as planed so far. All I need to do now is kill that in one hit.

DAMN-IT! He survived! Gaaah!

Phew, thank god Strider could take Rock throw.

The second attack finishes him off nicely.

Now its BigNinnys turn to shine.

The plan is going perfectly. I've maxed out Ninnys defence, so now I can work on Nosepasses Accuracy. (Used a potion on Ninny, he was looking a little weak.)

Perfect! Now to heal up Strider and send him in to take down Nosepass!


Strider is hit by a Rock Throw! Come on buddy, tank it!

Phew... Thank god.

Now the sand attacks begin to kick in. He fails to land one more hit on Strider.

And he falls to the awesomeness of Bubble.

Yay! A level up!



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Nov 3, 2009
Scyther the ninja pokemon. You shall call him Dr. McNinja.

Also good luck on your run... you'll need it


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Aug 22, 2008

Don't evolve it either Scizor looks stupid in comparison.

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Sep 9, 2008
YES! A bug type challenge. It's the hardest one.

Pinsir. Be different! Use a PURE bug type. This way you don't get SLAUGHTERED by a 4x weakness to Rock type attacks.

Heracross has a 4x weakness to flying, so he'd get his ass kicked by the most common type in the game.

The first gym is Rock.

I thought I'd click the topic and you'd choose something like Water or Fire.


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Jun 4, 2009
Why would you choose anything but Syther?

I'd be happy with Dr.McNinja.


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Jan 4, 2010
I like Heracross myself I think he looks the coolest and he is by far the most useful of the three unless you evolved Sycther.


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Mar 2, 2010
This could get interesting. I haven't played R/S/E for years now, so I can't really remember how it goes. Do you plan on ending up getting all 3 starters, or are they going to be unencounterable?

Also, get a Beedrill for kicks and giggles. And Shedinja.

Edit: I forgot to say, get Heracross. Megahorn > All.


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Dec 7, 2009
Well Syther I guess its gonna be, but herracross looks like its main competition. Should I add a poll?

I will deffinatly need to not evolve quite a few pokemons if I am ever going to succed. Nincada is defintly gonna have to stay bug/ground... my one shot at the 3rd and 5 gyms!

Also, yup, they are gonna be un-encounterable. Those3 pokemon could take on just about everything, man.

EDIT: Can't get a Beedrill, which sucks cause its part poison, and would have helped me no end.

I'm going to bed now, I'll come back after school tomorow and I'll see who gets picked. I wont add a poll, it takes too long and my old laptop is begining to act up.

G'night all!


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Apr 8, 2009
Get the pinsir, eventually it'll be able to learn a hit-hit KO move called Guillotine. Maybe.


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Feb 25, 2009
Heracross, they're nice, tough and physical unlike Scyther which is powerful and fast but dies after 2 hits...

And names...

Scyther: Slicendice
Pincer: Asspinch
Heracross: Verehorney


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Aug 17, 2009
why a bug type. you have to start off with either a fire water or grass, before you can catch anything.


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Nov 10, 2007
zombie711 said:
why a bug type. you have to start off with either a fire water or grass, before you can catch anything.
Because it's a single type challenge, and that type is bug. Normal rules re: starters be damned. This is bug country.


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Feb 22, 2009
S.R.S. said:
It has to do with a game by naming your metapod after a certain male genitalia, and then using nothing but harden and string shot, and struggle when it gets exhausted.

Scyther all the way, though.