Lightning Could Appear in Future Final Fantasy's


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Feb 8, 2011
Mastemat said:
Trishbot said:
If she shows up in Final Fantasy 15, I'd probably self-implode.
You DO realize that FF"XV" is actually a part of the FFXIII fanta nova crysabullshit?
It's why I have TERRRIBAD suspicions about it... You don't just take from that shitfest of a "franchise".... that was so bad that one of the unfinished games got axed... change the name of said unfinished title... and then expect something different from XIII do you?
Cause I sure don't.

If FFXV has nothing to do with FFXIII... as in, they gutted the entire thing and remade the entire world and story from scratch...
Then it will be in the same vein as all the other FFs: each numbered FF is separate and different.
But given how "lol lightning is totes gonna be in other FFs"...
I'm betting that this was a trollspoiler for FFXV...
Cause FFXV is formerly a part of FFXIII.
Nobura (Director of FFXV) did however state in an interview that they officially scrapped all connections and ties to XIII completely and made it unrelated (Therein lies the whole Versus XIII into XV). So no, it is (fortunately!) unrelated to XIII in any way. They are doing their own thing, and it is made by a director who has some incredible reputation and previous work under his belt? so I am sceptical, yet optimistic about FFXV.

The worst thing that could possibly happen is that Toriyama starts creeping around the FFXV development department and goes "So? Lightning huh? Wouldn't it be nice if she was a character in your game? :D !"


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Feb 8, 2011
KingdomFantasyXIII said:
I find it absolutely hilarious that people are whining about this and don't understand what he means. Square already said that single number titled games will not have characters from other universes visit FF games. This explains why Cloud and Squall were never in XIII-2 or LR. They stated that it would confuse the fans and would in turn make no sense. They only said creatures like Gilgamesh, Omega Weapon, Ultros, etc. They could make a reference to her like how Zidane referenced Cloud and Sephiroth in FF9 or they might do skins of her costume to female characters, but they won't plop her into other games.

He's talking about such games as Tactics, Dissidia, Theaterythem, Kingdom Hearts, MMO guest appearances etc. Where it appropriate to see said character.
Well, sure, that was how it used to be; but you underestimate the power of Toriyama:

"Lightning Strikes", an event in FFXIV, in which Lightning appears in this world as a major quest giver and plot character, given her own personal event.

Fortunately it did not stick around, but if we are talking about that extend of "guest appearances", then I am very, very worried.


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Feb 12, 2014
CriticKitten said:
Aiddon said:
Well, the thing is this: she's popular. For now. She's mostly prominent due to being so recent, not because she's a good character. In a few years she'll just fade to the back like her predecessors did, being inevitably being replaced by newer characters. It's probably part of the reason Toriyama is trying to keep her in stuff; the second she doesn't she'll just become irrelevant and vanish into obscurity. Which is the fate of all flavors of the month.
Don't count on it.

Most people still remember both Cloud and Tidus, and those characters were first introduced in 1997 and 2001 respectively. Lightning is constantly being held up as "the female Cloud", so she's very likely to be immortalized in much the same vein as those two were.
Well those characters did have crappy characterisation. Tidus was annoying, he's only upside was his concept, like how he was never mentioned on purpose and other little nodes.
Cloud is very hard to define, for me but he did have a nice bit of character development when his past was revealed but then nothing I can readily remember.

How come nothing (little) FF6 did never got this amount of love? It's one of the more solid gaes in the series, or is that why? Don't mess with a good thing.


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Jan 25, 2011
I don't think people understand what cameos are. I would like to remind people that Vaan and Penelo
I don't understand that choice. Gabranth is popular, Fran and Balthier = Popular. Vaan and Penelo? Meh... It's also why I wonder why Vaan is in Dissidia and not say, Fran and Ashe(Ashe is the one who gets the canon ultima weapon type thing in the story so she's obviously important, she's also a much better character than Lightning). Luckily though the story of 12 was never really about either of them, they were in the main characters party, but not the main characters. Ashe, Balthier, Fran, and arguably Basch, were "Main Characters".


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Aug 24, 2013
maidenm said:
Khanht Cope said:
Though if the stuff like this that goes around is anything to go by:

Then maybe there is some delusion going on.
That... that is just so silly it borders on parody. Hireing prostitutes... just to get them to dress as Lightning? Accidentally calling his girlfriend Lightning? "Seven out of ten is a wonderful score for this game because seven is Lightning's favorite number."

Either there is a lot of delusion or The Onion is branching out.
I'm sure it's a satire site after looking at the other articles they published.

Back to the main topic, Lightning is a terrible character from start to finish. I loved FF as a child and to see it like this today breaks my heart, haha.


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Aug 30, 2010
GamerMage said:
Tanis said:
Rule 63 Cloud is NOT someone I want having a cameo in future games.

Then, again, I doubt it matters.

FF is dead to me.
Love live Atlus.
Agreed, "Ya broke my heart, SqaureEnix...ya broke my heart." I'm sticking with Atlus or Namco-Bandai. Which, BTW, Tales Of Xillia took the Crystarium thing from FF-13 and did it BETTER.


SE just doesn't seem to 'get' how to make quality JRPGs anymore.
It's a damn shame.