Live-Action Halo Dawns This October


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May 18, 2012
Korten12 said:
Muunokhoi said:
And the Halo cow keeps pushing out cash. Honestly are they truly incapable of moving foward in the storyline of their own universe instead of going back to aliens = bad, humans = good. Also most adaptations of anything into movie form does not mean it will be good eg Last airbender cartoon = great, Last Airbender movie = sucked the big one.

You aren't well versed with the Halo lore are you? The story has progressed A LOT. This is simply a live action series to get people familiar with the characters of Halo 4 and bring new players up to date with the lore.

Also it has shown lots of times that humans (ONI specifically) can be just as big as a bastard as the aliens are.

Have you even looked up the lore or anything? Get informed about the universe before you go insulting it.
Alright here is the bare bones of the Halo games that the movie will be based off. Halo 1 Super soldier fights aliens, defeats aliens save humanity. Halo 2 Super Soldier fights aliens some aliens join humanity, Soldier defeats aliens saves humanity. Halo 3 Super Soldier fights aliens with other aliens, Soldier defeats aliens saves humanity. Halo Reach Super Soldier fights aliens, Soldier saves Master Chief to save humanity. Halo ODST worthless minigame that should never have been sold as a full game but the story Soldier fights alien. I fail to see any MAJOR progression of story and remeber this is from an average gamers view there is probably other fluff like books and comics but the game failed to engage me so I wasn't going to fork out more money.