Livingstone Takes Fighting Fantasy Zombies Mobile


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Oct 19, 2009
Livingstone Takes Fighting Fantasy Zombies Mobile

Games Workshop co-founder Ian Livingstone's Blood of the Zombies is out now for iOS and Google devices.

A short while back, Ian Livingstone revived his Fighting Fantasy book series [], creating zombie apocalypse mayhem with Blood of the Zombies. It now wants to infect your mobile device, whether Google or iOS.

"They're here!" Livingstone Tweeted. "You'll need big guns and grenades to kill all my Zombies." Fighting Fantasy's mechanics were always blissfully simple, and the trailer indicates that these have been ported into the mobile incarnation. The only problem with this cunning plan is that it seems to negate the age-old tactic of "I don't like that result, I'll just turn back to the last page ..."

Ian Livingstone, with Steve Jackson - both of Games Workshop fame - launched the Fighting Fantasy series with Warlock of Firetop Mountain thirty years ago; it was the first step of a journey that would eventually lead to Livingstone's career at Eidos Interactive. When Livingstone realized that the 30th anniversary of the series was coming up, he decided to create Blood of the Zombies as a kind of celebratory tribute. His collaboration with Australian developer Tin Man Games, creator of Gamebook Adventures, led to this mobile incarnation for Livingstone's Zombies.

Blood of the Zombies is out now for Google [] devices, for about $6.

Source: Tin Man Games []