Loadout's Australian and South American Servers Shut Down


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May 28, 2011
Antitonic said:
Strazdas said:
But are the NA servers actually high ping servers or are the internet connection of yours just crap? i remmeber playing on canada servers with bellow 100 ms pings.

Antitonic said:
I'd like to know how people are managing 200-300ms online, frankly. The rare times I play online I'm surprised to see anything under 1500. 65000 is my record. :p
are you on dialup or something?
Nope. Cable broadband. One of the better plans available too, apparently.
never heard of broadbadn having such pings. 200ms i saw from bad ISPs, but 1500, yeah, clearly something is broken on your side or ISP side. this should not happen and they have to provide better service than that.


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Dec 25, 2010
njrk97 said:
okay so the game is losing popularity, that's bad. So its not making enough money, still bad. So the morons decide to lose EVEN more of their audience by dropping server in region in a game that is CRUCIAL to have efficient ping. Why not just allow people to host there own server in the regions then. The devs don't have to pay for these and Austrlian and South America get good pING. Seriously i am so F*cking tired of almost any multiplayer game forcing Australians to join high ping servers. WE ARE A COUNTRY GUYS, WE EXIST,GIVE US A BREAK.
Unfortunately our prehistoric internet infrastructure (looking at you, coalition) means it costs developers a ton of cash for server bandwidth here. I remember this coming up when the APB Reloaded team said they'd consider Australian and Hong Kong servers but it would be have to be a subscription service because of the cost.

(Apologies for chucking in the random political parentheses, I just get annoyed about the NBN very easily these days.)

Strazdas said:
But are the NA servers actually high ping servers or are the internet connection of yours just crap?
The net infrastructure here is partly to blame, but it's mostly the complications that come from hanlding international traffic. Even the best possible server and client will have a hard time dropping below about 150ms just because of that. In a perfect world with perfect servers and fibre everywhere we'd see 60-80ms to the US, thanks to light physics. If only...


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Nov 21, 2009
As much as it saddens me to see, I can't say I didn't expect it.

The gameplay has some balance issues, the visual style and humor can easily be off-putting to many, and the pricing within the shop dosen't exactly stimulate impulse purchases, or any other kind for that matter.

Dropping the servers for regions that don't pay for themselves is the best thing they can do ATM.