lollipop Chainsaw is a terrible idea.


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May 8, 2009
TaintedSaint said:
I for one and not normally one to cry that games have too much sex and violence but this game is blatantly spiting in the face of all the hard work game developers have fought for for so long.
I beg to differ, if we censor ourselves to compile with the politically correct we would be spitting in the face of those hard working game developers. What would be the end result of bowing to those people? a better medium? more respect? forget it, they would find another reason to disrespect gamers and we'd yet again feel the need to censor ourselves, again and again until we realize the respect we so need from people will never come.

The fact that they don't recognize different games and different genres in a wider medium is also an issue, thats like saying Carwash Babes 3 degrades the movie industry, or Playboy degrades the print media. There are games like Portal or Mass Effect, and then there are games like Lollipop Chainsaw (which I assure you isn't the worst gaming has to offer as far as sex goes).

Andy of Comix Inc

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Apr 2, 2010
I used to think Lollipop Chainsaw would be pandering and lowest common denominator popcorn action game with a hot chick protagonist. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Not exactly what Suda51 is known for, but could be a weird trip regardless.

Oh, except, it's scripted by James Gunn. If you haven't, go and watch his latest film, Super. Right now. I'll wait for you., what Super does really well, is take tropes, ideas, logic from the genre its trying fit itself into, and then completely deconstructs it. It turns the idea of the genre on its head, with a critical eye. The last scene especially. Our main character kills everybody in a building with a machine gun. The scene starts out glorifying violence; blood splatters everywhere, men scream and fall down, and its timed like a comedy. By the end, it is actively - and purposefully - making you feel bad about laughing at the "funny" deaths. It's painfully subversive and cutting satire. And it's why James Gunn's inclusion in this project convinces me it'll be deeper than it appears on the surface.

Art is often inward looking. The artists involved with Lollipop Chainsaw make me believe that this will be one of such pieces.

verdant monkai

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Oct 30, 2011
Yes it is a bit.. well... base, but I dont see what people have to complain about when they say games have too much sex in them, the most I have ever seen is some brief arse and a flash of tits. I dont think I have ever seen a dick or vagina in a game, and certainly not in action. Films and stuff have full on sex and no one complains, to be honest games are rather refined in that area, yes there is sex but it is all sort of suggested, not shown.

Maybe we are a bit guilty in the gore/violence department, but as I said films and tv get away with a hell of a lot more, without half the upset.

As for Lollipop Chainsaw I dont get the school girl fetish (maybe because I'm not 30 yet) + pigtails turn me off. So the sex wont sell it for me. As for the violence it just seems if I wanted violence there are better games out there for it.

This sort of game will not set gaming back as a medium though because no one expects it to be cultured and deep, it is a boob/killing game not Alan Wake or Silent Hill. Even the most annoying of critics of gaming can see it is something which is deliberately trying to appeal to an audience who enjoy base pleasures, which is not something all games do.
(I do not dislike base pleasures btw just using them as an example)

Corporal Yakob

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Nov 28, 2009
Strange, I always thought you could have both intelligent and mature artistic games that challenge the players and stupid mindless games good for a giggle without either representing the whole of gaming by themselves......

Captain Anon

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Mar 5, 2012
this is suda 51 we're talking about here he can do whatever the hell he want to because he is so batshit insane and get away with it and i think this is a great idea


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Sep 28, 2009
Jack and Calumon said:
By your logic, Quentin Tarantino should give up film making and all R&B stars should just stop.

Games don't all have to be arty show-houses, or stories driven by epic narratives. Sometimes someone thinks of a crazy concept for a game (In this case it comes from Captain Crazy Himself Suda51!) with one purpose, to have some fun, something many devs are missing. House of the Dead: Overkill took itself about as seriously as Lollipop Chainsaw and that game was cooler than a cucumber could ever dream to be.

Not everything someone draws has to be the Mona Lisa or has to be put on the roof of the Sistine chapel. Sometimes you just draw a man's pork sword.

Calumon: Why would you draw a sword made of Hot dogs? :S
The mighty sword of pork shall smite all evildoers!
Sounds like something Death Spank would say.

OT:, just no. Most books and movies should just stop being made as well then.


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Jan 30, 2011
It's a Suda51 game, we can assume that all the sex and violence is supposed to be satirical. Have you played No More Heroes? Yeah, it looks a lot like mindless violence but it's actually a hilarious parody on video games in general. Suda51 usually tries to make an artistic statement with his games and i'm sure Lollipop Chainsaw Massacre will be no different, no matter how over the top it is.


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May 15, 2008
Bah people need to quit this crap... if we really want games to be validated as a potential art form than we need to accept both the revolutionary and artistic as well as the schlock... like movies and books people need to realize that it isn't the medium that is the art form but the products within it that are the art... I.E. not every single movie or game needs to be art... only the few that aspire to be such will achieve actually becoming art... and of course that isn't a bad thing... we need the mindless shlock as well as the intellectually stimulating and emotionally turning... they're two sides of the same coin and we can't abolish one without abolishing the other...

Further more, his is hardly setting games back as a viable art form... for it is not the schlock that sets a precedent for what an art game can be, but it's the art games that do that... I think even the most jaded and cynical movie reviewer can understand that art games aren't represented by something like this...

Besides that doesn't even mean that this game is gonna be bad... it's Suda51... chances are it's gonna kick a whole lot of ass...<.<

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
You do realise that is just one game out of well ten of thousands of the current games out there?

Beside the company Suda 51 is a respectable company despite being bizzare at times so the game should hopefully ain't about the look (they know what they're doing).

Also how is Lollipop Chainsaw is any different from the other outcry games like Dead or Alive, Madworld or Call of Duty? Sure those games may have gotten some bad press but they still get release anyway.

I highly doubt that game will spark any new controversial onto the presses table other than the same old repeated stuff out there already!


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Aug 10, 2011
Well, I personally think it's a terrible idea for different reasons.

But I'm gonna repeat the same old piece of logic that I've always used. Anything can be art, art can be shitty.

Are you gonna say a book like Twilight (loltwilight) sets back books as an artistic medium? That somehow because of it's very existence, it somehow makes other unrelated books seem shitty?

....Don't answer that.


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Mar 25, 2012
erttheking said:
So? Micheal Bay still makes movies but films are still considered respectable.
pretty much this.

though I would argue that the distinction between Michael bay and suda51 is that there is some kind of twisted genius to suda whereas Michael bay,not so much


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May 31, 2009
Art is Art. Games are Games. If I wanted to see Art--- I'll go to a gallery. And as hazabaza1 says, Art is generally shit. I want a game I can play and laugh like a prat while cutting up zombies--- score!


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Jul 10, 2009
TaintedSaint said:
Gaming as a whole in recent years has tried to prove to the world that it is a valid artistic medium on par with film and should be protected under the first amendment I believe games like Lollipop Chainsaw do nothing but hurt the progress
that the medium has made of the years.
People in politics over the years have said that games are too violent and have too much sex in them and this game is blatantly throwing it in everyone face. Sure the game companies can say "its a mature game kids should not play it" But come on its a half naked chick in a schoolgirl uniform killing zombies basically every 14 year old boys wet dream.
I for one and not normally one to cry that games have too much sex and violence but this game is blatantly spiting in the face of all the hard work game developers have fought for for so long.
The film industry making serious films didn't cost it its comedy, serious books can exist alongside paperback trash and joke books, pornography and Cosmo haven't destroyed print media or film.

It has precisely no effect on the artistic merit, or the seriousness, of games, and no matter what, those who don't like them will keep criticizing them "Haters gonna hate" and all that. The creation of this game means precisely nothing, and to those serious about their points of view, it has no effect on the industry as a whole, attitude or legality wise.


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Apr 11, 2012
How can you say a game shouldn't be made because it will hurt the progress of the whole freedom of speech thing because that itself is bad for freedom of speech... if you catch my drift...

Moonlight Butterfly

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Mar 16, 2011
I see it as kind of making fun of the trend and it's clearly meant to be comedy so I don't have too much of an issue with it.

It's at least nice to have another female lead I guess.


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Nov 11, 2009
Why is it always this idea of "X game is the hammer in the coffin for games as art"?
Every time something like LC comes along, it's met with this exact argument over and over. How can games be art when many games really aren't striving for that goal?

Seriously, I don't honestly think I should have to actually explicitly point this out to anyone. It should be OBVIOUS.

Just because that 3 year old's macaroni "art" sucks and totally doesn't look anything like a giraffe and oh god what the hell why would you put that much glitter on there you idiot, doesn't mean that macaroni can't be a medium for art, nor does it lessen the artistic value of others in that medium.
Just because macaroni on paper is the popular go-to preschool craft doesn't mean it can't be, and hasn't been, the medium for some fantastic art pieces.


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Jul 4, 2008
I wish people would go back to the time when people want games to be good and fun instead of wanting it to be "art".

To me, people wanting games to be validated as art and going out of their way to please these "art" "critics"(Never seen an "critic" legitimately criticise a work without being told "He just don't get it", mostly it they seems like "who can kiss the ass of the guy with the most cash) holding back gaming, but that's just my opinion.

So yea, I'm looking forward to this. The trailers are a laugh and it's made by Suda"freakin"51. It promises visceral action-y gameplay and I'm hoping it delivers